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Academic and Vocational courses in Ireland

Vocational course and academic course are different approaches to gain and learn information. These two types of course involve various types of assignments and learning project.  The students of Ireland should be clear on both learning process before choosing one. The student must be aware of themselves to that which type of approach helps them in the learning process. There must be many questions arising in your mind. Don’t worry we are discussing all the difference between vocational courses and academic courses in this article. It will help you understand both better and will help you to choose one.

Academic and Vocational courses in Ireland

Academic Course vs Vocational Course

Academic courseVocational course
The vocational courses make the students job ready and are designed to train the student on the specifics of the field.Academic courses does not make a student job ready as the students will require a training before joining a job
Vocational courses are based on the practical approach to learnAcademic courses are based on the subjective approach to learn
The learners are required to spend more time in attending the lectures, classes, seminars and guest lectures.The learners are required to spend more time at workplace or workstation while being involved in some specific tasks or work.
It requires writing and submitting various types of assignment. For example essay paper writing, article, thesis writing, dissertation writing, etc.It requires activity based assignments which involve the student in practically doing an assignment at the workplace.
The duration of these courses are long as it is either based on semester system or year wise education. It is usually 2 years to 4 years.The duration of vocational training is often short in comparison to academic courses. It is usually between 6 months to one year.
This often includes a variety of the subjects in addition with the main subject. For example a psychology subject also includes maths and biology in some semester.This just focuses on learning and acquiring a special skill set. This skill set will help to do a task more effectively.
During an academic course students will be spending too much time in attending classes, doing assignments, etc. They do not socialize often.During a vocational course or training as the students will be spending more time at the work place with their classmates and teacher. This will help them to socialize often.

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Which one you should choose?

We have discussed the differences between both academic and vocational course. While selecting one out of the courses, ask yourself these questions. How much time I have for this course, I want to gain subjective knowledge or practical knowledge. I want a job as early as possible or have time for a training too? Once you answer these questions to yourself and after reading the differences, you will be clear on choosing one.

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