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Academic Stress in Ireland Students

Every student studying in school and college is afflicted with this feeling of “Stress”. Along with their usual studies, every student has to perform many tasks such as assignment writing, extra-curricular activities, jobs, social life and personal life. They have to struggle hard mentally, physically and emotionally to manage everything perfectly.

According to the Survey of Ireland Students, excessive stress can lead to depression, anxiety, low productivity, and some physiological effects. To avoid such situations and overcome with the stress, professional psychological experts at have suggested some effective techniques that can help you to stay healthy and live a stress-free life.

Before we jump further on tips to overcome the stress, let’s first discuss, what does academic stress mean?

Proven Tips to Overcome your College Assignment Stress!

What does Academic stress mean?

Scientifically, stress is a particular state of mind that creates mental tension and strains and affects the body adversely. Academic stress is quite similar to this. This is a type of mental reaction, which is felt by the students about their performance in the exams or assignments or studies. Sometimes the reaction is very wild and can be felt by the other person including friends and family members and the symptoms of it includes sweaty hands, heart-pounding abnormally etc.

In Ireland, the academic stress is on its height, many students committed suicide as they fail to cope up with the academic stress. Here are few indicators to find out, if you’re in a stress:

  • Starts countering the difficulties in concentration.
  • Start doubting your performance.
  • Facing difficulties in concentration on assignments and studies.
  • Start worrying.
  • Couldn’t sleep properly.
  • Become short-tempered.
  • Don’t feel like to attend the classes.
  • Suffering from a headache and tension.
  • Noticing the change in eating habit.

If such academic pressure persists for a longer time then it may turn into acute stress and start affecting your health. So you should try to address your academic stress as soon as possible.

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Tips to overcome stress for Irish college students:

In a recent survey, it has been revealed that 65% of Ireland college students are suffering from academic stress and that is almost double in the last few years. Definitely, the competition has increased a lot in recent year and that is increasing academic stress among the Irish students. If you’re also one who is feeling any kind of academic stress then follow the suggestion mentioned above:

  • Exercise daily: You should spend a minimum of 20 minutes on exercise. Exercising daily releases some hormone which helps to stay happy and feel good whole day. You can go cycling, yoga, running, walking or skipping. If you’re the one who totally dislikes the exercise then you can join the sports clubs in your college or neighborhood.
  • Get a healthy diet: Eating healthy food is key to have a healthy life. Many researchers have proved that eating healthy foods and vegetables provides all the necessary nutrients to the body and helps the body to stay healthy and reduce mental stress.
    Avoid eating fast food, snacks, and excessive carbohydrate. Never skip your meal and take proper nutrients rich diet is a good way to develop a healthy immune body.
  • Indulge yourself in some mental relaxation activities: adding some meaningful break in your daily schedule is necessary. You should do one such activity in a day which helps your mind to relax and happy. It can be anything of your favorite task like meditation, listening to music, reading books, cycling, walking or playing your favorite sport. Indulging yourself in such kind of activities helps you to stay happy and release your mental stress and get some new energy.
  • Stay connected with family and friends: College life of a student is considered to be the busiest life and you will leave your old friends and family member behind. Those students who don’t build their social circle, face lost and loneliness and this can lead to stress.
    So you should keep in touch with your family and old friends and discuss your daily life with them, share your feeling and make some new friends who can support you and guide you in any situation of life.
  • Express yourself: Keep your emotions within you lead psychological stress. So whenever you have something to share maybe it is good or bad, do share with your friends or family or anyone. If you can’t express your feelings verbally then take try to write your feeling or you can use social media to do so.
  • Don’t feel guilty about your past performance: Sometimes it happens, when you try to study but your mind doesn’t respond in a proper way and keep thinking about the last bad performance. Such kind of bad feeling create stress and stop your progress. But you should accept the fact and prepare yourself for the upcoming task.
    It is hard to avoid such circumstances but not impossible. Try to focus your strengths and positive sites of your personality. Never forget your achievements. This will boost your performance and help you to reduce your stress.
  • Stop procrastination: Procrastination is something that creates lots of trouble for the students. Many students leave their work at the last minute and when the time comes they realize that they even don’t have the required material and this will lead their mind over-thinking negative effects of not completing the task and ultimately stress on their mind.
    The best to avoid such kind of stress is to create a planner for your work and manage your time properly. So be self-organized and plan your work schedule and time, you can easily avoid such kind of stress.
  • Never quit your studies: Many students facing academic stress realize that studies are the main evil in their life. Unable to handle academic pressure and stress, they quit their studies. But withdrawing your studies is not a solution; if you do so, you will have to face another kind of deteriorate situations in life because you will feel reclusive from the world.
    Never ever do that and be focused. If you feel such kind of phrase in your life then do take help from academic counselors.
  • Quit your bad habits: Many times you will listen, students saying that they smoke in order to reduce their mental stress. But many scientists have found that cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs have those substances it in which can distract you mentally and physically and can ruin your academic life.
    If you are addicted to any kind of bad habit then better to get a distance from such things as early as possible. At first, you will find difficulties but you will feel fresh and energetic afterward.
  • Get enough sleep: Lastly, take proper sleep in night. Many researchers have proved that getting proper sleep reduces stress levels and keeps you energetic. But many students don’t take the proper amount of sleep and follow an unusable pattern of sleep.
    You should set a bad time and wake up time and take a proper amount of sleep that is a minimum of 7 hours in the night. It will keep your body and mind energetic.
    These are some tips which can help you to stay stress-free and healthy. Always remember that a student’s life is the best part of your life and don’t waste it by getting stressed and thinking unusual things.

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