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Defining Plagiarism and its role in Colleges

Plagiarism is the act of intentionally and unintentionally copying other person’s work without giving him any credit of it and present that work as their own.

Plagiarism is a very serious and punishable act in Ireland and is it considered a violation of someone else’s property.

As the plagiarism checker TCD department, as well as other colleges, don’t entertain even 1% plagiarism in the assignments thus, pupils of TCD College & other Ireland Students have to submit 100% plagiarism-free assignments to their professors.

Alternative of Plagiarism Checker Tool Turnitin

 Plagiarism can occur when:

  • You copy someone else’s quote, phrase, or summarise someone else’s idea without proper citation.
  • When you submit an assignment that has already published.
  • Use material from the bank available on the internet.

Consequences of plagiarism:

The consequences of plagiarism depend on the position and the type of plagiarised content.

If a student’s assignment is caught plagiarised then possibly he will fail the course or he can even face the suspension from their course or university.

For the working professional, committing plagiarism can ruin their professional career and might face some legal ramifications.

How to avoid plagiarism?

There are some steps; if you follow them, then you can protect your paper from plagiarism.

  • Always note down all the relevant information from every source while the time you use it.
  • You should learn how to quote and paraphrase correctly.
  • Always include the citation and referencing list correctly at the end of the assignment paper.
  • Use plagiarism checker software to check every assignment paper for any plagiarized content.

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Why using a plagiarism checker is essential?

As the Turnitin TCD spares none, it won’t let your assignment off as well. It is essential to submit an assignment that is 100% free from plagiarized content. Irish Universities and colleges like TCD have strict policies towards plagiarism. If a student’s assignment is caught with plagiarism then it can injure his academic career thus, it is very essential to submit 100 plagiarism free assignment papers.

This is the reason, students need to check their assignment for originality so they can search out the stolen data and avoid those contents in their assignment paper.

Top Turnitin plagiarism checker software:

Whether you are a student who wants to check his dissertation paper to ensure it is 100% free from plagiarism before submitting it or you are a teacher who wants to check student’s assignment for plagiarism, you will need help from a web-based tool which can ensure the percentage of plagiarism content. So here we are presenting a list of top 10 plagiarism checkers.

  1. Plagiarism Checker X (Free + Paid): Plagiarism Checker X is one of the best Plagiarism checking software after Turnitin. This software scans the paper deeply and comes up with a solution quickly. This software offers a bulk search service where you can explore multiple files online and side by side compare 2 files to find any copied content. After analyzing the assignment paper, it shows the percentage of copied content along with its source with URL. You can get 3 types of different plans such as a basic plan which serves you 14 days free of cost, while pro and business plans are perfect for an advance check which is chargeable.
  1. Copyscape (Free + Paid): CopyScape is another good alternative of Turnitin for the bloggers where you need to copy the URL and get the web result. This is the first tool against content theft. It offers a free plagiarism comparison tool where you can compare 2 web pages by simply pasting the contents. You have free and paid versions. In the paid version, it will automatically send you an alert whenever it detects any copied content on the web page.
  1. Grammarly (Paid): Grammarly is one of the best proofreading software. It identifies the faults in the paper and gives suggestions on the basis of grammatical rules. Besides proofreading, it can check your paper with plagiarism. Grammarly has a free and premium (paid) version.
  1. WhiteSmoke (Trail +Paid): WhiteSmoke is another alternative for Turnitin which is feature-rich software. It is a plagiarism detector that can identify grammatical errors. It is very convenient to use, you just download the browser or install it on IOS/Android or the desktop. This is widely used by the teachers, students, bloggers, and webmasters to check the assignments, blogs, web pages, etc. The vibrant feature in this is that it can translate into 55 languages. This is the best option if you are looking for grammar check and plagiarism detection in one place at a low price.
  1. Plagiarisma (Free + Paid): Another great choice afterTurnitin which can do multiple tasks for you including grammar check, rewrite the articles and originality check more accurately as it supports the Google, Yahoo, Google Books, etc. so it is the best tool for students, teachers, bloggers, and publishers.
    The best feature of this tool is that it supports more than 190 languages. You can get your document scanned by just pasting the text in the box that appears on its site. It is available for the Android app, windows users, and blackberry software. It has the free and paid version and also has a warning barrier to warn the content thrives.
  1. CopyLeaks (Free + Paid): CopyLeaks is another fine alternative of Turnitin, to check the originality of the contents. This tool has its own database cloud which has more than 60 trillion pages in it. CopyLeaks offers different-different versions according to the need of the customer such as if you are a student, a teacher, or a faculty member, you can choose its educational version and if you are a blogger, publisher, or consultant then the business version will be the best choice for you. You can check the similarities between 2 files and documents by comparing them. This is a totally free tool; you don’t even have to sign up. This is a simple tool to use where you just need to click on the version, add the URL, and get the answer. You can scan multiple files with this tool without adding one by one file. It has a mobile app to give comfort to the customers. In the free subscription, you can check 2500 words total in a month. You can buy the paid version for further usage.
  1. PlagScan (Trail + Paid): Plag Scan is another tool that is a good substitute to Turnitin. It is perfect to use for business and education purposes. According to the figure, 1 million documents are tested by this tool every year. You can use the trial version for the experience; it is a simple tool where you will find every feature available on one dashboard. You can paste the file or upload the file from the cloud or you can even compare the documents to find the similarities. PlagScan offers different plans for different uses such as schools, universities, companies, private, and bloggers.
  1. Plagium (Free+ Paid): Plagium is another alternative to Turnitin to check the duplicate contents. Here you need to paste the contents or thesis and click the search button and you will find the answer in a few seconds. You will get the result with a window that highlights the words which are similar to yours. You can check the file free of cost but if you want to upload the files or check the URL then you have to sing up with using a paid account which is also quite cheap.
  1. Unicheck (Free + Paid): Another sophisticated alternative of Turnitin to detect the similarities in the documents is Unicheck. It searches the document through 16 billion pages, so it can effectively detect the similarities in the paper. It is free for very rear usage as it checks only 500 words for free; you need to sign up for further usage. It supports multiple languages. You can save the files on the dashboard. It offers a simple pricing plan for 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month usage.
  1. Plagiarism Software (Free + Paid): Plagiarism software is another good alternative to Turnitin where you can scan the documents instantly in competitive pricing. It offers a free account but that is the use for just one search per day with the limitation of 1000 words. You can paste the contents or upload the DOCX. The best thing with Plagiarism Software, that it offers 3 simple plans for the customers.

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