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Argumentative Essay Definition & List of Top Argumentative Essay Topics

Selecting a topic of the argumentative essay is the first and the most crucial task in writing an argumentative essay. So here we have come up with a great solution to your problem.

This is so common that you will spend a couple of hours staring at the ceiling trying to figure out a topic for your next assignment that is argumentative essay writing.

Whether you haven’t written an argumentative essay before or you are trying to find out a fresh idea to write an argumentative essay, here, at custom Essay Writing, we offer you a list of top ideas which you can consider for selecting a topic.

Before we jump further on the perfect topics of the argumentative essay, let’s first figure out what an argumentative essay is?

What is an Argumentative Essay? List of Essay Topics

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a formally written paper where an author tries to convince the reader with his point of view through providing the evidence, facts and data to support his argument and persuade the reader into agreeing with his opinion.

An argumentative essay is one of the most common assignments assign to the Irish students in their school, college and universities, which is given to the students to analyse their research skills, analytical skills, writing skills and moreover, their knowledge on the subject.

Though writing an argumentative essay consists of many steps such as selecting a topic, evaluating the data, present your argument and supportive argument to support your stand, but selecting a topic is the first crucial step, encounter when you start writing an essay.

So before we discuss the list of argumentative essay topics, let’s first know how to select a perfect topic for an argumentative essay?

Tips to select an excellent argumentative essay topic:

You can find thousands of topics to write an argumentative essay as we see many conflicting issues all around us every day. Choosing a topic is the first and the most important step while writing an impressive essay paper. So here Essay Expert Writers have presented some tips which you should consider to select an appropriate topic for your essay paper.

  • First, zeroing your interest area within your discipline; what area you are most interested in? Deeply think and decide one area that appeals you the most.
  • When you decided the area you wish to focus on then ask some basic questions such as what, when, how and why you like about your discipline. If you get some answers to these questions then the chances are those you should shed light on these specific areas through your argumentative essay.
  • Finally, research intensely and find out the topics where you think that you can find the most sufficient data and brainstorm a list of topics. And later on, narrow down your choice to one topic.

Once you have decided a topic, you can further move with the rest essay and use a guideline to write an essay introduction.

We understand that finalizing a topic is a tedious job; this is why we have suggested a list of argumentative essay topic to you so you can select one topic for your essay paper.

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Engaging Argumentative essay topics:

We have listed intriguing argumentative essay topics for your convenience. You can pick one topic or follow the frame to compose your own creative argumentative essay topic.

Middle School/High School Level Argumentative Essay Topics:

  • Should studying high school be compulsory?
  • Should teenagers be required to take their parents’ permission before taking contraceptive pills?
  • Should children allow changing their name, if they don’t like it?
  • What are the benefits of classical education?
  • What is the importance of wearing a school uniform?
  • How education is helpful in mental growth?
  • How can teachers punish their children?

College Level Argumentative Essay Topic:

  • Can your academic grades define the intelligence?
  • Is it ok to blame parents for a crime committed by adults?
  • Is academic achievement only consideration of college students?
  • Talking admission in Dream College becomes a tough task?
  • Should parents monitor how their children use the internet?
  • Can a standardised testing procedure analyse the children’s abilities?

Classic Argumentative Essay Topics:

  • Is physical punishment a good practice in raising children?
  • Is fashion really important?
  • Are girls are too mean in their relationship?
  • Is competition really good for learning?
  • Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea?
  • Is it true that life was easier 100 years ago?
  • Should working mom be given more privilege?

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Argumentative essay on Legal Discussion:

  • Should abortions be made legal to save women’s lives?
  • Is single parent have a right to adopt a child?
  • Should there be a worldwide ban on using nuclear bomb and weapons?
  • What is an appropriate age of drinking legally?
  • Can companies market the children for their benefits?
  • Are prisoners being allowed to give a vote?
  • Should marijuana be legal?
  • Is it true that rich people more tax?

Argumentative essay on Information Technology:

  • How technology has changed higher education?
  • Do human is becoming a slave of technologies?
  • Is it true that technologies have made people less creative?
  • How human imagination power is lowering down because of technologies?
  • Are using cell phones is dangerous?
  • Are students getting depended to computers?
  • Are reading e-books is worse than reading a paper book?
  • Does using more social media sites make people lonelier?

Argumentative essay on Social Concern:

  • Do social minorities equal justices as other people?
  • Is divorce affecting the children mentally?
  • Are teenagers are becoming more isolated despite having more friends on social media Courses?
  • How beauty pageants affecting the teenager’s life?
  • How should the decision be taken in the family?
  • What are the drawbacks of a democratic society?
  • Is there any quota for minor people?

Argumentative essay on Media:

  • How do advertisements affecting society?
  • How do social Media are affecting the relationships?
  • How does violence in media affecting the society?
  • Impact of the internet in the advertisement?
  • Why social media companies should need strict privacy policies?

Argumentative essay on Society:

  • Is e-cigarette a better alternative to tobacco?
  • What are the effects of domestic violence on children?
  • Do teenagers who got pregnant have the rights to keep their baby?
  • What are the impacts of same sex marriage on society?
  • How racism has changed over the time?
  • Are girls are too mean in their relationship?
  • Is camera placed at public places infringing the people’s privacy?

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Argumentative essay on Education:

  • Is using technologies ensures proper learning whatever is taught in the class?
  • Is education is the only way to develop the country?
  • Effect of alcohol advertisement on the growing children?
  • If homework will not be compulsory then how it affects society?
  • Should school teachers and staff allow being friends of a student?
  • Is taking a standardised test is a good way to analyse students knowledge?
  • If school education will become free for every student, how it affects the learning?
  • At what age sex education is introduced in school?

Argumentative essay on Economics:

  • Which is the best economics system for society?
  • Do student’s loans affect the growth of the economics?
  • What are the business outsourcing benefits for the country?
  • How the country’s economy has changed in the last 10 years?
  • How recession has affected economic growth?
  • Is patent war affect the sales and pricing of a product?
  • What economic policies should be adopted by the country?

Argumentative essay on Sports:

  • Do video games leave a negative impact on a child’s mind?
  • Should use animals in sports be banned?
  • Betting in sports should be legal or not all over the world?
  • Is weightlifting an unusual sport for women?
  • Are videogames considered as short?
  • Is basketball a dangerous game for school?
  • Should home-school students be allowed to take part in sports activity in public school grounds?

Argumentative essay on Fitness and Healthcare:

  • Should the government provide the primary healthcare treatments free?
  • Should a physical class be mandatory for every student?
  • Should human cloning be acceptable?
  • Is it true being vegetarian is harmful to health?
  • Should cold drink be banned in school canteen?
  • Should corporate wellness be mandatory?
  • Are performance stimulants affecting the health of a person?

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