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How To Select Place to Live in Ireland

Ireland is becoming a prime location to study. Thousands of international students choose Ireland for study every year. Not only an international student is showing interest in moving to Ireland country but also many of Ireland’s students are changing their cities for study.

Ireland is having a huge list of renowned colleges, University of Dublin, Dublin City College, Trinity College, NUI Galway, University of Limerick and University of Cork and many more. It is a dream of every student to study in such prestige and renowned college of Ireland.

When a student plans to move to other cities, there are a lot more things other than a good college, they look for. The lifestyle has changed so much that the necessity of living has changed. Whenever a student is planning move out in a new city they look for so many things:

Best places for Ireland Student to live
  1. Location: The location is a primary concern when it comes to the student. If they get a chance to select a city they will choose the prime location where they will not miss even a single thing as in terms of best college, modern city, and better lifestyle, easy availability of cafes, pubs, restaurant and other entertainment options and supermarkets etc.
  2. Safe city: This is an important concern of every student when they are living without their family.
  3. Public transport: When moving in a new city a student wants that they can easily get public transport. A larger city is always better equipped with it rather than a smaller one.
  4. Cultural advantage: Whenever a student goes to a new place he wishes to enjoy that place’s culture and tradition.

Other than these things a student looks for many more things like: a city should be advanced, he should get all the facilities nearby like a supermarket, medical hospitals, and he can buy essential items nearby and many more.

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As we all understand whenever a student plans to move in a new city or country he chooses the cities so wisely. Here we have created a list of the best Ireland’s cities for the students, who are planning to move in Ireland for their studies:

    1. Dublin: This is the most attractive destination to study in Ireland. Dublin is a capital of Ireland, means this is one of the biggest city of Ireland, where a student gets a lot of option to study like University College Dublin, Dublin City University, Trinity College of Dublin, NUI Maynooth and Dublin Institute of Technology and many more. Even if a student wants to study medical then again Dublin is a hub of specialized royal medical colleges.

Being a student there is a lot more to do in Dublin. Dublin is rich in culture and history and always welcomes diversified people. People of Dublin are very friendly and it’s the biggest city of Ireland so the student gets so many entertainments and vibrant student life and a great night life in Dublin.

    1. Cork: Cork is one of the famous destinations for students and tourist. It has bustling cultural nature and historical architecture. The University college of Cork is the biggest university of Cork where a student finds so many activities within the campus including a student centre, sports centre, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. Other to this Cork institute of technology is famous for its technical course.

A student can find a number of things to do in the Cork other than studies like Cork have a number of day trips; it has a very famous sport around the city. Cork is a foodie city so the student can find a verity of food at a very cheap price, so many pubs, clubs and restaurants are the most attraction of the city.

    1. Galway: It is located in the west coast of Ireland and probably is a most underrated student city in Ireland. A student can get the benefit from the both scenic beaches and a vibrant city centre. Galway is a hub of the art, culture, tradition and it has a huge range of festivals covering different topic celebrated each year.

This city attracts many international students every year because it is a slightly cheaper city to live than the others in Ireland. A student can study in GUI Galway or Galway Mayo Institute of Technology if he wishes to study in Galway.

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    1. Waterford: Waterford is the fifth largest city of Ireland. It is located in the South-east region of Ireland. Waterford Institute of technology is the best place to study in Waterford.

Waterford has a rich culture and history. So many students’ event and bulks take place every year in the Waterford. A student can go for surfing and many beaches located near to the Waterford. A student can find so many cafes, restaurants and pubs in the Waterford.

  1. Limerick: Limerick is an Ireland’s 3rd largest city located in mid-west region. Limerick is a vibrant and buzzing city with top universities to study like the University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of technology. There are so many things to do and to see in the city. Kayaking is the most famous activity for a student to do apart from studies. Within the city there is a huge list of clubs and societies to choose from and so many activities from skydiving to bowling and shopping to roller skating, a student can do anything.

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