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Care Skill Modules Assignment Types, Ireland

The care skills course covers the necessary knowledge and abilities for taking care of customers. Students from Ireland who are interested in taking this course must complete assignments. In the care skills course module, there are various types of tasks.

These assignments are designed after various research and checking the relevance to the course. The students learn better about the various approaches to taking care of the clients. The students learn to encourage positivity in the clients by respecting their needs and engaging them in the activities to keep them happy and healthy.

Care Skills Modules Assignment Types, Ireland

In this article, we are discussing the different types of assignments for care skills professionals. This article is also one of the care skills assignment samples which are being provided.

Care Skills Module & Assessment Structure

The goal of the Care Abilities module is to help you build the skills you’ll need to recognize clients’ care needs, respond effectively to those needs, and acquire practical skills in client personal care. You’ll also keep clients in a safe, healthy, and sanitary atmosphere. Demonstration of Skills (60 percent)
Two Assignments (40 percent)

Care Skills Assignment Types for QQI Students

There are 7 types of assignments in care skills, and some of them are as follows.

1. Learner Record

The students or the learner are asked to write a record of the learning experience in a particular amount of time. The students write down the daily activities through which they have gained knowledge. Keeping the track of the learning and its methods, help the students to learn in a better way. They remember and apply the methodologies regularly. Writing learner records have been seen to improve the remembering power of the students.

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2.Skill demonstration

The purpose of the Skill demonstration assignment is to teach students the way of presenting the learning. The students are required to present the assignment orally to the tutor. The presentation can be supported by components such as images, video, audio, infographics, etc. The student researches the topic and most importantly understands it in-depth. Complete and in-depth knowledge is important as they will have to make it understood by others.

3. Reflection writing

Reflection assignment writing involves the student writing about their experience. The students are required to write an experience from which they have learned something. The lesson of learning from the experience is shared. It also includes how you would react to the situation now. How you can change the situation or what could be done better. The cognitive skills of the students are improved with these types of assignments.

4. Activity-based assignments

The activity-based assignments keep the students involved in the activity and the learning process. The student learns through activities rather than subjective research. It is more effective as the students are learning the subject practically. They learn the difference between the knowledge in the books and the actual work in the field. When students have involved in an activity-based assignment they tend to take more interest in the learning process. When they experience the actual working in the field then the knowledge will retain for more time. It includes working in the field, interacting with the workers, etc.

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5. Essay writing

Essay writing assignments are the simplest type of assignment. They are one of the oldest methods to engage and assess the students in the learning process. The students are given a topic or a question that they are required to write within the word limit. Sometimes our students are also allowed to choose topics on their own. The essay assignment writing consists of writing the introduction of the topic in some words. The body of the assignment includes the description and a discussion of the topic or question. The students are also required to conclude the essay with the support of key findings and results.

6. Report writing

Report writing assignments are given to get the students involved in the experimental process. Report writing involves experimenting with some possible outcomes or new outcomes. The results and key findings are then analyzed to create a result and a concluding section. The report has a format that is either defined by the teacher in advance or written in a general way. The report consists of a brief explanation and results. The methodology of the experiments is also explained in the report. Sometimes the reason for choosing the methodology over the other is also defined.

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7. Work experience diary

The students in Ireland are required to write a work experience diary. It is written when the students go to work placement for a limited period (usually five weeks). They are required to write and maintain a proper diary. In this diary write about the daily observation at the worksite, new learning, and gap they feel in the field. The students are also asked to write suggestions for the fieldwork.

Maintaining and writing the work experience diary is very beneficial for the students as well as the teacher. The students keep a track of their learning which helps them to learn and retain better knowledge about the subject. The teachers can check what and how much the students have learned. Work placement is an important part of academics and required special attention.

So these were the assignments in the core skills course. Each type of assignment is important in its way. The assignments are used to assess the students on different levels.

These types of assignments help both students and the teacher.  The students improve their cognitive skills and retain power while writing and doing these assignments. While the teacher gets a chance to assess and evaluate the students in different levels and ways.

The Irish students are required to focus and concentrate on these assignments as they are an important part of the core skills course. After the completion of the course, the students get a QQI level 5 certification. The certificate can be used for further studies or to apply for a job position in the respective field.

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