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Ways to cheat on an Online Exam, Test or Quiz

Nowadays, most of the exams are conducted online. But, it is also a reality that students indulge in cheating practices in online exams as well. Before starting we wish to issue a disclaimer, that, we do not promote any kinds of cheating methods. Rather, the intent of this article is instructive. We will dive into the Ways to cheat in online Exam.

How to Cheat in Online Exams: Proctored Exam, Tests or Quiz

There are different categories of exams in Ireland. Now, the one’s which do not have surveyor’s are easy to cheat in. But, what about the proctored exams? To our surprise, children find plenty of methods to cheat in these exams also.

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How to Cheat in Online Exams:

Here, we are going to know about some ways used by Irish students to copy in exams that are conducted online. Now, we shall be at first, talking about the online tests where no examiner is appointed to keep a check on students in Irish colleges.

Hiring a professional:

Students today, get their work done from a professional. They give money to the expert writers, ask them to go through the entire syllabus, and, share the student credentials with them. In this way, the experts help you with online exams of the student who paid him.

Sharing Screen with the Friend:

The second method that students often use is the share their screens with another person. Often, in online exams, students operate from remote areas. Also, they can log in in more than 1 computer at a time using a set of login credentials. Hence, using the screen-sharing technique they can ask their friends or any other person to write the answers for them.

Use of Mobile Phones, Smartphones:

Smartphones have made cheating process much easier for the students. They can promptly use certain applications in the phone that serves the purpose for them. Moreover, in colleges despite strictness, students tend to carry their phones along with them. Also, they can make use of calculators in the phones, and write important formulas in their phones.

Asking a Friend to Give Exam:

In such cases, students present at remote locations ask their friends to give their exams. Since there is no survey or check on this kind of exams, one can easily impersonate a particular student and give the test online.

Cheating in Multiple choice quiz:

 In MCQ’s, students tend to copy the entire question and google the answer for the same. This is a common method that is used by almost everyone today. The answers for the questions are easily available on 2- 3 sites, and hence, the job of the student is done.

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How to cheat and not get Caught?

Now, in the scenario where a person is appointed to monitor your activities, you need to be more careful. Cheating in online exams with cameras can be a risk. Moreover, in the worst cases, your exam can be cancelled. Keeping all these points in mind, students tend to cheat in the proctored exams also.

They use a virtual computer, in this technique you can open a system within a system. Hence, two operating systems can work simultaneously. Secondly, students make use of the projectors externally keeping them away from the reach of the camera. Also, some students tend to carry small laptops and books in the examination hall. They hide their stuff so that the invigilator does not come to know about that.

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Now, all these practices should be strictly monitored. Because cheating in exams is not a good practice. Nobody can learn anything by cheating. Moreover, if one gets caught in this process he/she might get suspended or in major cases get rusticated from the college.

So, to summarize we do not encourage the students to cheat in any manner. Rather, they should utilize their time studying in a better manner. They can take help of experts writers who can provide assistance to them in doing their homework, assignments, project work etc. But, all this should be done before exams so that one need not indulge in bad practices like “CHEATING IN EXAMS”

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