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How to choose a Dissertation Supervisor

Choosing a good Dissertation supervisor is very much essential to get proper guidance throughout the course. A student pursuing a Ph.D. often faces an issue in finding the right supervisor for themselves. In this article, our professional will provide you with techniques that you can utilize for making the selection of a Ph.D. supervisor.

Before starting to write a master’s Dissertation it is very much essential for you to find the best potential supervisor for getting guidance through the dissertation writing procedure. Before choosing the dissertation supervisor you need to develop an understanding that it is the Ph.D. supervisor who will influence your academic life.

How To Choose Dissertation Supervisor

The dissertation supervisor plays the role of mentor and advisor throughout the dissertation writing process. Choosing a good supervisor is very much essential for achieving success.

The procedure for choosing the thesis supervisor

It is a tough decision for many students to decide on the right thesis supervisor. A good way of deciding who you should work with would be choosing someone that resonates with your interests and goals, but it can also depend on what they specialize in or if there are specific topics or fields you want to study.

A) Make a list of possible dissertation supervisors.

Now At this step, you might have a question about how to identify a Fantastic supervisor? Below is the answer to your questions.

You need to perform some preliminary research for gathering information about potential Ph.D. supervisors. You can seek assistance from your professor in choosing a good Ph.D. supervisor. As the professor of the department has much knowledge about the field and they would have the potential to help you in identifying suitable Dissertation supervisors for writing a dissertation on a particular research topic.

After preparing the list of potential Dissertation supervisors, it is very much important for you to gather information about all of them. In the next step, based on the information that you have gathered you can choose the best Ph.D., supervisor. It is also very essential for you to collect information about the admission process in a university or college where a particular Dissertation supervisor works.

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B) Examine the supervisors’ educational backgrounds.

In the initiative of making a selection of supervisors, it is very much important for you to have clarity about the field in which you intend to perform research. At this step, you need to identify the field in which you are interested to execute research. Before selecting a Doctoral Dissertation supervisor you should ensure that they have expertise in a particular field. For example, if you want to perform research in the social science field then you should first write a research proposal or design a few research questions before contacting the potential supervisors.

C) Send an E-mail

After preparing the list of supervisors, students often have a question about how to approach them?

At this step, you need to approach the people whom you choose as a potential Dissertation supervisor. You can send an E-mail. After writing an E-mail you should make sure that you have to use professional language. It is also very essential for you to ensure that the content in E-mail is concise and personalized. At this stage, students have a question that is what to include in the E-mail?

The information which you need to include while writing an email is

  • Demonstrate a clear interest in pursuing a Ph.D.
  • You also need to describe your academic background and interest in research
  • Provide explanations about why a person is perfect for supervising you.
  • You should also highlight the funding requirement
  • The researcher should ask their Thesis supervisor for time for a meeting and discuss the thesis supervisor on the phone.

D) A face-to-face meeting is required.

If you receive an e-mail that a particular dissertation supervisor is interested in providing you with paper guidance throughout the writing process you can have direct meetings with them. It is the meeting that will enable you to determine whether you want to work with them or not. Before choosing a Dissertation supervisor you should ask the following questions yourself such as:

  • What are the characteristics of a good dissertation supervisor?
  • What expectations do you have from the thesis supervisor?
  • What is the working pattern of the person whom you have chosen as a Ph.D. supervisor?

After getting answers to all the above questions you will be able to gather information about their supervision style. Collection of information about the supervision style of the dissertation supervisor is essential for determining whether they suit you or not. Choosing a thesis advisor is a personal choice and each applicant will value different qualities over others.

E) Your relationship’s foundation is built on shared interests.

It’s difficult to choose a supervisor because you won’t know anything about them until you start working with them. You must be interested in your supervisor’s work to get the best out of them. My boss will take advantage of any opportunity to talk about something he cares about, frequently for a long time. Anecdotal conversations can teach you just as much as your studies.

F)A good boss says all of the right things.

Make sure your supervisor is someone you want to hear as a mentor, friend, confidante, counselor, and voice of reason. It’s critical to have someone who can encourage you when your experiments fail, challenge you when you get cocky, and guide you toward successfully presenting your thesis over three years.

G)Select a supervisor who truly reflects your interest.

Researchers are made up of different types of people — intellectuals, dreamers, practical workers – all of them are vital, but you must find someone who thinks as you do.

H)Take a look at your favorite professors and lecturers.

Sometimes the topics you appreciate are not always the same as the teachers you enjoy having. This also works the other way around.

When choosing a thesis supervisor, students frequently focus on their favorite topics first – but you should also consider the relationship you will have with your supervisor.

You will be accompanied by this individual for the full year. Consider someone you’d like to meet with every week (someone with whom you feel at ease), and explain your difficulties.

I)Examine their published papers as well as their research methods.

So you know what you want and who you like – which professors at your university meet some of these criteria? Look over their published research to see where they might lead you. This is simple to perform using Google Scholar.

It’s critical to examine their project style: what research methods do they employ? Is this something you think you’d be interested in doing?

J)Examine their workplaces/offices

If you chose that boss, where would you be working? Some supervisors are members of a bigger research group. If you ever needed assistance, you’d have access to a bigger group of people. It can also provide you with an office to work in during your Honours year, exposing you to a larger range of research topics.

Because some supervisors aren’t part of a research team, you won’t be able to mingle with many of their coworkers. You may be left more to your own devices than you would in a larger study group. This might work for you, but it all depends on your working style.

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Advice on Selecting a Prospective Thesis Supervisor

Below is creating important advice that you can apply for choosing a good Dissertation supervisor.

  1. You should choose such a person as your thesis supervisor whom you can easily approach.
  2. A scholar should choose such a person as their supervisor who has a good publication record and are enthusiastic about your Dissertation.
  3. You can choose someone as a Thesis supervisor with whom you have already worked. You need to avoid the selection of such a supervisor who makes you feel nervous. At the time of writing a dissertation, you should be able to express your ideas openly and confidently.
  4. It is always suggested to choose such people as a Ph.D. supervisor with whom you have a strong working relationship.
  5. You should choose such a Ph.D. as a supervisor who helps you in exploring your full academic potential.

How to approach a good dissertation supervisor?

Most scholars and University students approach the thesis supervisor who has a high profile in college or university. They choose such a Dissertation supervisor who has to achieve a good position in college. But you should approach supervisors who have expertise in the field in which you are performing research. When choosing a Dissertation supervisor, you should also confirm that supervisor whom you are selecting has time to provide guidance.

You can also choose less senior people in college or university as your dissertation supervisor. These people might have less knowledge about the field of your study, but they can motivate and help you in achieving good marks for your Dissertation.

Before commencing your dissertation, here are some questions to ask a possible supervisor.

  • How many students do you have under your supervision, and how frequently do you see them?
  • Is there any money set out for conferences, publications, and other research costs?
  • Inquire about speaking with some of their current students.
  • What is the nicest part about being a professor?


From the above article, it has been concluded that Finding the right dissertation supervisor is crucial for achieving academic success. Another fact that has been found from the above is that an expert Dissertation supervisor is more preferred by students.

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