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Courses Offered By Limerick University And Suitable Help for University Homework Writing

The University of Limerick is an individual, well known and associated university that forms the prospect through refining and authorizes the public to meet the real confront of the future. This is a very popular university among Irish scholars. At a time of deep and fast communal change and a major development in the role of the University of Limerick has provided ground-breaking teaching, created superior learning familiarity for our scholars, undertaken first-class research & stronger assistance to meeting Ireland’s requirements.

We can presently brag the top achievement rates in the nation and, even higher in these current times, UL has the most excellent service rates following graduation, a record of which we are incredibly proud. UL also magnetizes a major number of global scholars every year contributing to the internationalization of our university grounds.

Courses Offered By Limerick University

We present outstanding educational programs, diplomas which are balanced by our Cooperative Education program, full- and part-time programs & research prospect. We are broadly recognized for the top in the commercializing of study success and providing the value-added advantage to the great society.

Why study at the University of Limerick in Ireland

The University Of Limerick (UL) is a self-governing, globally focused academy with over 11,000 scholars and 1,313 staff. The University has a pompous record of novelty in education and quality in study and learning.
UL provides 72 undergraduate programmes & 103 taught postgraduate programmes across four faculty: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Kemmy Business School; Education and Health Sciences; & Science & Engineering.

UL has an outstanding scholar Support Network with numerous supportive initiatives in place including a dedicated global student support officer, a programme and free educational support centers. The University of Limerick has made its research unique through promoting a study ethos characterized by the convergence of separate disciplines working together to attain fundamental breakthroughs. The following priority areas have been recognized:

  • Materials & Surface Science
  • Study of familiarity in Society
  • Energy and Sustainable Environment
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Bioengineering & Biosciences
  • Applied Mathematics

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Courses Offered By Limerick University

  1. Master’s Programmes
M.Sc.Economic AnalysisM.A.Sociology (Applied Social Research)M.A.EthnochoreologyM.A.Ethnomusicology
M.A.European Politics and GovernanceM.Sc.Psychological ScienceM.A.Festive ArtsM.A.Gender, Culture, and Society
M.A.PsychologyM.A.International StudiesM.A.Irish Traditional Music PerformanceM.A.Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
M.Sc.Occupational TherapyM.A.PoliticsM.Sc.Psychological ScienceM.A.Psychology
  1. Business & Management
M.A. Business ManagementMaster International Entrepreneurship ManagementM.B.A. Business AdministrationM.Sc. Human Resource ManagementM.Sc. Computational FinanceM.B.A. Corporate MBAM.Sc. Financial Services
  1. Law
    • LL.M.Human Rights in Criminal Justice
    • M.A.Ethics in International Affairs
    • LL.M.International Commercial Law
  2. Faculty of Education & Health Sciences
    • BSC in Physical Education
    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Graduate Entry)
    • BSC (Education) in Physics and Chemistry Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Engineering Technology
    • BSC in Sport and Exercise Sciences
    • BSC in Psychology
    • BSC in Physiotherapy
    • BSC in Nursing Studies
    • BSC (Education) Biological Science with Physics or Chemistry or Agricultural
  3. Faculty of Science & Engineering
BSC in Applied PhysicsBSC in ElectronicsBachelor of ArchitectureBSC in Computer Games Development
BSC in Construction Management and EngineeringBSC in Equine ScienceBSC – Science ChoiceBSC in Computer Systems
BSC in Digital Media DesignBSC in Mobile Communications and SecurityBSC in Pharmaceutical and Industrial ChemistryBSC in Mathematics and Physics
BSC in Product Design and TechnologyBSC in EnergyBSC in Environmental ScienceBSC in Financial Mathematics
BSC in Food Science and HealthBSC in Industrial BiochemistryBSC in Mathematical Sciences

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