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List of Courses Offered by Shannon College of Hotel Management!

Whenever an Ireland’s student think to pursue in hotel management course, a name Shannon College of Hotel Management comes in their mind.

Shannon College of Management is a worldwide known most prestige Ireland based college of business and hotel management, which established in 1951. The main focus of Shannon College is to provide intensive practical learning with business studies and international placements.

List of Courses Offered by Shannon College of Hotel Management!

Courses offered by Shannon College of Hotel Management:

Shannon College offered two honours bachelor’s degrees in business studies and hotel management and one Masters Degree in business and hospitality. All the programs are awarded by National University of Ireland (NUI).

1. Bachelors of Business Studies in international Hotel Management (BBS):

This course prepares students for business management in the hotel industry.

  • Degree Level: 8 Level Honours degree
  • Duration of course: 4 years 9 months that includes 21 months work placement
  • Admissions open : September
  • Seats Available: 85
  • English required at entry level: Min. IELTS level 6.0( or equivalent in English.

2. Bachelor of Commerce in International Hotel Management (BComm):

In this course, student gets a wider knowledge of business discipline along with the international hotel management. Students applied for this course will get a chance to complete their 4th year in the main campus of NUI Galway.

  • Degree: 8 Level Honour degree
  • Duration of course: 4 years 9 months (21 months of work placement)
  • Admission: in September
  • Seats available: 15
  • English required at entry level: Min IELTS Band level 6.0 (or equivalent in English)

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3. MSC in Business and Hospitality:

This program is developed for those students, who wish to enhance their knowledge to advance level on hospitality systems, trends and business applications.

  • The program is designed in 2 parts: full time and part time
  • Duration: 2 year
  • Admissions: online applications in November
  • Requirements at entry level: second class honour (or equivalent degree) undergraduate degree in a related area
  • English required: Min IELTS score of 6.5(or equivalent)

Shannon College degrees are worldwide renowned degree. The structure of these two bachelor’s degrees includes practical training and business acumen combined with professional work placements.

1. Practical Training:

The main focus in Shannon College is to provide a thorough knowledge of business and management education along with practical aspect. In 1st year half of the lectures focus on practical studies where students get a rotation between 5 practical groups: culinary, food science, accommodation services, restaurant services and information technology in every 2 weeks.

2. Business Acumen:

Student gets a strong business education in accounting, marketing, strategic management, HR management, economics and entrepreneurship. Graduates of Shannon not only capable to run a hotel very well but they can also capable to manage a business of hotel so well.

3. Work Placement:

Students undertake 2 work placements in 4 years of the program. First placement is provided in leading hotels of Europe. While working in hotels students get a chance to apply all the knowledge and skills learnt in the Shannon.
At the end of the 4th year, students begin their management career as a trainee in Ireland, UK, Europe and The Arabian Gulf etc.

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Why Shannon College has become the first choice of students to study hotel management

Every student wants to study at Shannon College because their focus is not on classroom studies moreover they make a student learn from practical studies. Below are some specific features of Shannon University that frame it the first choice for students of hotel management

  • Shannon College provides a University degree to students that help them to look their curriculum vitae looks more effective.
  • The student study in Shannon College gets a professional education which helps them in later on in their career.
  • Major studies are based on practical knowledge in Shannon College that helps a student to develop their practical knowledge.
  • Shannon College’s students are passed out with Business degree along with university degree.
  • Shannon College provides 100% placement to their students that too they provide two professional work placements.
  • Shannon College’s most part of course covered with practical studies only that too in Luxurious Hotel.
  • Shannon College helps student to develop their language skill.
  • While working practically student enhances their business skills.

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