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List of Research Topics on Criminal Justice and Criminal Law for Ireland Students

According to well—known research in terms of the assignments difficulty level, criminal justice has taken the honorary second place after general law academic assignments.

It requires high accuracy and definite sources to support the arguments and ideas actively. Like students of Ireland have to perform effectively in their healthcare and nursing assignments like these, they have to focus accurately on criminal justice research papers.

Criminal Justice Research Topics

However, the first and essential step is to select the proficient topic for the criminal justice research project. Choice of the best research topic can put the students in a challenging situation where they have to face too narrow and too broad issues.

What is the meaning of the criminal justice research project paper?

While the regular academic study may get limited to specific educational barriers, choices, and obstacles, it does not mean that social and ethical morals are not relevant.

Students who are learning criminal justice as an academic subject can learn how to study, prevent, analyze, and occurrence of illegal societal facts.

The main aim of the criminal justice research project is to maintain a peaceful existence among the population by adopting some laws. Students have to represent an active project on a criminal justice research topic by following the rules from legislation to court studies.

It is essential to find out a specific topic for working effectively on criminal justice research project paper. There are several topics to choose from. However, the specific one can help the students to write informative content.

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How can students prepare for a criminal justice research project?

Most of the students of Ireland pursuing their educational degrees in law subjects have to deal with the problem solution topics or article reviews to work on a criminal justice research paper.

It can analyze the students with challenges and then offer an efficient resolution. Every college or university professor wants to see the original and unique content from the assignments submitted by the students.

No students in Ireland can take the risk of submitting duplicating or ineffective content in front of their teachers. Students have to format their project structure to a mixture of scientific information by giving some professional contribution.

It is the main reason that students of Ireland have to support each argumentative paragraph with a sufficient amount of resources. Even when the research is expertly done, then also students can help with the analysis method by the use of academic journals.

How to choose an active criminal justice research topic?

Students have to focus on a particular issue, whether it is about the critique of law enforcement actions or a literature review. If ideas do not get implemented accurately, then the paper will no longer remain clear.

Though criminology topics are flexible and limited as well so students, have to select them by studying proper references. Choosing the subject about which the students are confident can help them to defend effectively with the oral arguments or project presentation.

Before starting the project on criminal justice research, the students need to understand the primary difference between crime research assignments and theoretical parts.

While theory cannot include the practical cases of the legislation in history, students have to focus on particular events. Students have first to include the legislative government template and then can compare the case or an event effectively.

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Latest criminal justice research project topics

By selecting the appropriate theme for the criminal justice research project, students can know how the judicial system works in actual practice. Students can compare it with the internal investigation where every mechanism gets analyzed properly.

It is the required part to make an impressive thesis statement, and students can create it effectively by selecting the relevant topic for criminal justice. There are many best criminal justice research topics based on different themes:

Argumentative criminal justice research topics

  1. What are the law codes for mental hospitals?
  2. What are the ethics behind capital punishment in any nation?
  3. What is the importance of eyewitness evidence for solving any complicated case?
  4. What are the limited rights of a police officer?
  5. What can be the causes of violence in different places like schools, colleges, sports, and many more?
  6. What is the meaning of modern music culture?
  7. Discuss the importance of crime propaganda?
  8. Can the government get biased anytime?
  9. How can drug addiction affect the lives of teenagers? Should the use of alcohol and drugs get banned in society?

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Criminal justice research theme based on discrimination and racism

  1. What can be the best topics on criminal punishment?
  2. What is the main reason for discrimination in the negotiation-like processes?
  3. What is the difference between rap music and pop music?
  4. What is the history behind slavery history?
  5. What can be the legislative assembly rules for making the nation develop?
  6. What racial conflicts do students have to face while studying on high school campuses?
  7. How can one influence the culture in the fashion industry?
  8. Do people have to face challenges while taking part in police officer competitions and other fashion industries?
  9. What can be the best punishment for criminals? Is it the death penalty?
  10. What is the discrimination responsible for gender inequality?
  11. Do men and women have to face partiality or bias in professional places?
  12. What is the leading cause of migration of people from one country to different?
  13. How can laws implement help in decreasing criminal rates in society?

Essential topics for a criminal justice research project

  1. Is there any benefit to giving care to prisoners?
  2. What is the history of criminal ethics in society?
  3. What is the leading cause of domestic violence?
  4. How can the national government solve the problem of harassment in the workplace?
  5. What is the procedure of the criminal justice courts in different nations?
  6. What is the effect of war crimes on national harmony?
  7. How can the government take action to prevent crime in schools and colleges?
  8. How can one offend cultural and religious traits?
  9. What are the causes of biasing based on gender in legal investigations?
  10. Can justice in crime reform the changes in society?
  11. What are the methods of human trafficking? How can one solve it?
  12. How can debate get to happen on gun control procedures?
  13. Can strict laws get implemented to save children from getting involved in any crime?
  14. How can parents help their children to give criminal education and its precautions?
  15. How can government laws reduce economic crimes in the nation?
  16. What are the best criminal justice laws to prevent people from facing discrimination?

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Best criminal justice research project topics

  1. What can be the best motives for armed crime groups?
  2. What is the fraud for art cooperation?
  3. How do homeless people feel aggression? How is it harmful to society?
  4. What can be the best factor to explain child labour and abuse?
  5. What is the meaning of violence for the children?
  6. How can police officers find cybercriminals? What is the role of social media in spreading rumours among people?
  7. How can the government remove the problem of unemployment?
  8. What are the best methods for the identification of forensic research?
  9. How can students get aware of the harmful effects of drink and driving? What is the role of social media sites in prevention methods?
  10. Are the rehabilitation centres doing their work correctly?
  11. What laws the government has to make to prevent street situations?

Society and justice based criminology research topics

  1. What is the theory behind social control procedures?
  2. What are the effective methods of social learning?
  3. What is the life of criminals after living in prison?
  4. What is the work of rehabilitation centres and describe their procedure?
  5. What is the meaning of feminism?
  6. How can women’s empowerment change the life of women for getting equality with others?
  7. What are the factors responsible for the immigration of people from different countries?
  8. How do cases like child labour and abuse cases get solved?
  9. What precautions have to get taken while shoplifting?
  10. What is the fundamental difference between reform and implementing punishment?
  11. What are the services started for the protection of the child?
  12. Is the debate on the death penalty useful for society?
  13. How can one deal with the frauds in healthcare programs?
  14. Discuss the offences related to the media?


The students need to keep in mind that criminal justice research projects required a structural form to be healthy. Even if the students have to write controversial ideas, then remaining sensitive can be helpful.

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