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What is critical reflection writing?

The Students of Ireland are assessed on various types of assignments and writings. One of them is critical reflection writing. In general, critical reflection writing is not about writing about the experience, feelings, and thoughts. It involves writing your reaction and learning from the experience. Critical reflection writing is used to assess and improves students’ cognitive skills. In this article, we are discussing all the critical reflection writing.

What is critical reflection writing?

Meaning of critical reflection writing

Critical reflection writing involves writing reflectively on the reactions, thoughts, and the transformations from an experience. Writers are required to write their own values, beliefs, and practices in a structured way. For some students, the effective reflection writing comes naturally. But some students need to work a bit more to write an effective reflection.

Things to keep in mind while writing critical reflection paper

Effective reflection writing requires keeping in mind some of the points. It is important in order to properly convey the experience and its learning to the readers. Below we are discussing some methods in which you can write to make it more effective.

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Write about ‘what’?

  • First you need to recount the whole experience and should be able to answer all the questions. Starting with the ‘what’, write about what the experience is about and what it includes, and explain. Write why the situation of the experience happened that created the scene. Explain how the situation or the experience happened, basically answering all the questions that can arrive in the reader’s mind.
  • Secondly, focus on the impact of the experience on you and how you reacted to that situation at that time. When you write about the significance of the experience it connects the reader to your experience. Explain your emotions and feelings in that situation.
  • Lastly, write about the lessons learned from the experience. Explain how the lessons will influence your future decisions. Explain what would you do differently in that situation followed by why would you do that.

Writing in this way will cover every possible aspect of your experience making it more effective to the readers. Critical reflective writing facilitates the deep and transformative thoughts of the writer. The writers will know themselves better if they write it seriously and properly. Learning from an experience cannot be compared with learning from a book or teaching.

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Some important tips for effective critical reflection writing

  • Be clear in your thoughts and do not leave the reader with doubts or more questions.
  • Use descriptive words rather than using long phrases or sentences.
  • Use ‘feeling’ and ‘thinking’ words like realized, experienced, thoughts, etc.
  • Use the first person to make it more connecting to you like ‘I realized…’
  • Write in a logical sequence and be consistent with the tone.
  • Draw the reader’s attention while mentioning the key findings. For e.g.‘The most important part was…’

So this was a discussion on critical reflection writing, how to effectively write reflection paper, and some quick tips on effective critical reflection writing.

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