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Descriptive Essay Writing Ideas For College Students

Students have to face the issues of assignment and descriptive essay writing during their studying period. Even if the homework writing tasks become challenging, the students still have to complete everything on time their professors give, and they have to learn different styles so that they can meet the requirements.

If the students get asked which of the essay writing paper is easy for them then would say that no paper seems to be simple.

descriptive essay topics for college students

However, descriptive essay papers seem to be quite as simple as compared to other assignment work. By taking the essay writing help, the students can finish every homework task with perfection.

A team of academic helpers offers the students a list of specific descriptive essay topics which can make the problematic college life of students more comfortable.

What is a homework descriptive essay and how does it differ from other essay papers?

A descriptive essay paper is a short paper that describes or summarises any topic like a situation, person, or something which students want to tell about.

When students work on descriptive essay papers, then they have to use their own experiences and thoughts for making them impressive. Without doing any research from online sites and using only self-opinions and self-thoughts can help the students for creating effective descriptive essays.

When the description of different things is simple and clear, then it can create some pictures in the reader’s mind, which makes the descriptive essay more unique and personified as well.

Writing the introduction part about the description of the context in which the entire article gets focused can help the students to make a sensible descriptive essay. Well, a descriptive essay differs from the description in the sense like a descriptive essay paper includes five paragraphs having its style, but a simple explanation involves only one section.

How to create an efficient descriptive essay paper?

When it comes to writing an impressive descriptive essay, then the students must be aware of the structure and format.

As it differs from other types of essay papers, so the students have first to select proper descriptive speech topics in which they have an interest. After choosing the appropriate essay writing topic, the students can further focus on other parts efficiently.

  • In the introduction part, students should include a thesis statement topic that can help to grab the attention of the reader. Students must write an introduction smoothly, and that gives essential background information for the audience to understand the topic much better.
  • Students can use simple table-type arrangements to clear the informative part. Students can create a context of the essay with simple words without using any pictures.
  • The last piece of the descriptive essay paper concludes all the information and gives the necessary summary of the topic chosen.

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Before starting any of the descriptive essays, students must know about the writing topic efficiently. Students can write about any argument based on:

  1. Place essay
  2. Human article
  3. Animal essay
  4. Event essay
  5. Favourite trip essay
  6. Behaviour essay
  7. Occupation essay

How to start a homework descriptive essay?

The first and the primary thing is about thinking about what the students want to write about. Any of the descriptive speech topics like process essay topics or social issue topics can help the students to match the writing requirements of their professors. If the students are not able to find the best writing topic on their own, then they can search from various sources to complete a unique descriptive essay.

  1. Students can take more time to create a draft that can become a close version of the required descriptive essay.
  2. Please list all the keywords in one place and mention them in the essay paper.
  3. It is okay if the students have limited vocabulary because it can help them in clearing their point of view impressively.
  4. Sensory words could be found in online dictionaries like Cambridge, Oxford, or Macmillan. However, the students have to make sure that the new words will touch the descriptive essay topic.
  5. It is necessary to revise the paper thoroughly and edit all the mistakes with the help of online grammar-checking software.
  6. Ordering online papers is also the best option for creating a unique and original descriptive essay.
  7. Before rereading the article, it is essential to keep the mind fresh. Adding or removing any unnecessary sentences can be helpful for the students while preparing for an eloquent speech or essay.

Descriptive essay topics based on place

  1. What is your favourite place in your native country?
  2. Describe the house where you have grown up.
  3. What is a dream apartment for any student?
  4. What is your favourite restaurant where you want to visit?
  5. Name the seven wonders of the world and what in your opinion would be the eighth one?
  6. Is your ideal room perfect for your living?
  7. Would you like to change something in your house to make it look more attractive?
  8. Share a perfect example of spending summer vacations differently.
  9. What is your favourite winter location?
  10. How the college or university could make their working place better?
  11. Describe the place where many people together can see bright stars in the sky.
  12. Name your dream cities that you want to visit alone.
  13. Is your hometown, your favourite city?
  14. What is the most beautiful garden that you have ever seen in your life?

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How do write descriptive essay topics on a person?

  1. For you, who is the most creative person?
  2. Name your favourite singer and dancer.
  3. What makes you appreciate any person whom you met?
  4. Describe your dream character which you would like to watch in TV programs.
  5. List features of any famous person that makes them unique for you.
  6. Briefly describe your favourite role model like whom you want to live your life.
  7. What characteristics make any person act like a villain?
  8. Explain why your role model is better than other people?
  9. Which psychological factors can have a significant impact on a person’s behaviour?
  10. How one can make a best friend with whom you can share all your wellness and sadness?
  11. Why do you think that your dad is the kindest in this whole world?

Unique memory descriptive essay ideas

  1. Help the readers to posturize the best day of your life by explaining all the comparisons, examples, and descriptions.
  2. What is the unique thing that can make any of the usual trips so unusual for a person?
  3. How can one define the ugliest experience of their life through an essay paper?
  4. List the things which you would like to do with your grandparents.
  5. Name the proper words that can better describe your memory of the most loved person in your life.
  6. Is there any proud academic event that makes you proud to share later with your teachers and friends?
  7. Describe the day which has changed your vision about music, art, comic book, hobby, or anything completely.
  8. Have you ever gone to the mountains and how was your experience?
  9. Which is the scariest moment of your life?
  10. Tell me about something that had made you laugh freely if ever happened with you.
  11. Write about the essential things which you would like to do for your best friend’s birthday.
  12. Can people love silent places also? How can it affect their social life?


Descriptive essay topics about things or objects

  1. Is there any object which you think had saved your life earlier or can save in the future ever?
  2. Have you ever stolen anything because you were not able to buy it with money?
  3. How do modern technologies play an essential role in the development of society?
  4. Name the beautiful things which every human must know since ancient times.
  5. Describe any magnificent building or construction like the Empire State Building.
  6. How has the Taj Mahal become the best historical place for visitors?
  7. How is money important for today’s youth? Can money change the status and mindset of people?
  8. Tell me about the pet dogs and how they work as a security guard for any family?
  9. Can fashion sense describe the mentality of men? Why dressing properly become essential for today’s generation?
  10. Things to take while planning for any road trip or sea trip.
  11. Write about how video games affect the mentality of children?

Hobbies, occupation, and processes as the perfect descriptive essay topics

  1. How usually do you end your day? Is there anything special that ever happened at the end of the day?
  2. How can one learn something new quickly?
  3. Describe the way which makes you and your mind more relaxed.
  4. How do drawing and baking help people freshen up their minds?
  5. Can reading and learning habits make the students capable of clearing any exam?
  6. How to start writing as a professional career?
  7. Can private business affect government jobs and their vacancies as well?
  8. Why has the morning walk become the most important hobby of half population?
  9. Tell the way which can influence any person.


While preparing for the descriptive essays, students have to first understand why they are writing them.

With the descriptive essay, students get to practice their writing skills while also learning more about what they are describing. This educational genre is an opportunity for them to write about things that interest or inspire them.

When it comes a time in class to describe something, this gives you a chance of practicing your English with native speakers and receiving feedback on how well you’re doing!

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