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Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

A descriptive essay is a type of essay assigned to the students of Ireland in which they have to write about a place, object, person, event, or any process.

The primary method of assigning the essay to the students is to check their ability of the students that how they express themselves and their experiences.

To be excellent in a descriptive essay, students have to become good narrators along with superior writers.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay

However, the most important for starting any of the homework essays is to write an impressive introduction paragraph.

After that mentioning, the correct thesis statement is essential because it reflects what the descriptive essay is going to highlight further through the speech.

The main goal of Irish students must be to show the tremendous vivid experience by creating a picture in the audience’s minds instead of telling it.

Format & Structure of Descriptive Essay

There are mainly four parts of any proper descriptive essay, Here we are explaining properly how you can write a descriptive essay with the correct structure.

Step 1:  Introduction paragraph:  While Writing a descriptive essay introduction part is very important. The introduction part makes any essay writing look attractive. It can make the first and best impression of the work done by the students so it must be perfect.

After reading the introduction part, the readers can decide whether they have to listen more or not. If the audience finds the introductory paragraph attractive, then they will get excited to look further, and if the starting is annoying, then there remains no scope for any more reading.

The following written tips can help the students for writing the perfect introduction part in their descriptive essay:

  • Choose the right words which can create suspense among the readers.
  • Phrases and some curious questions can get used by the students who make the readers listen to the whole essay to find out the answers later.
  • Mention straightforward points instead of writing several descriptions.
  • Give a hint about the objective of the article instead of clearing the whole piece in front of the audience.

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Step 2: – Thesis statement: It is a kind of single sentence that describes the main objective of the descriptive essay as a summary.

It is like content in the books and can make the readers excited about what they can expect in the article. A good thesis statement includes the main scope of the essay. In addition to it:

  • The thesis must consist of narrow points to clear the actual purpose among the audience or readers.
  • Be short and stable on the points mentioned in the argument.
  • Try to be creative in the choice of words so that the thesis should look more attractive and unique as well.
  • Creating suspense in the essay written can attract many the readers towards listening to the central part.

Step 3: – Impressive body paragraph:  The body of the descriptive essay is the central part constituting the whole essay. Students of Ireland have to mention all the critical points in the essay body. To achieve impressive body parts for an article, students of Ireland have to:

  • Make use of the topic sentences at the start of each paragraph. It can help in making the essay unique and exciting.
  • After mentioning the sentence, the students can proceed further with the description to back up the main idea.
  • It can be beneficial to link the essay with the right transition words.
  • The lengths of each paragraph must be standard. No shorter or longer sections can make the readers excited.
  • Organize the paragraphs appropriately by revising them properly.

Step 4: – Final part-conclusion:  A conclusion serves as the last chance for the students to impress the readers with an efficient descriptive essay.

An introduction part leaves the first impression on the minds of the readers; however, what the readers remember about the article is the conclusion part.

It is the critical section for an essay to which the students have to pay great attention. Use of the powerful words, in the end, can make any of the boring body paragraphs exciting and unique. Follow the mentioned recommendations for writing the efficient conclusion of the essay:

  • Try to make it short but clear by expressing how it played a role in your personal life.
  • Summarise all the essential points given in the descriptive essay in the conclusion part.
  • Make the proper connection between the conclusion and other parts of the article like the introduction, and body paragraph.

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Guidelines for Writing a Descriptive Essay

There are several things that the students of Ireland have to put in their minds before starting the work on the descriptive essay, namely:

  • The selection of the material which the students are going to mention in their article must be systematic.
  • Essay writing should have a purpose that makes the readers capable of understanding.
  • Dividing all the critical questions into the basic and secondary before starting the writing work can be helpful for the students.
  • Students can choose any of the topics from their real-life experience or a lesson that had put a significant impact on life.
  • When the students can collect sufficient writing material for their essay, then they can start their task.
  • Formulating essential ideas and themes in the descriptive essay can be helpful for the students.
  • It can make the article look more original and exciting as well if they pay special attention to the example or illustration material.
  • Never forget about the formatting structure. Usually, there are three main parts of the descriptive essay, and the students can reveal new ideas through their writings.

When the students follow all the essential instructions required for making perfect essay writing, then no one can stop them from building up the interest and excitation among the readers.

Descriptive Essay Outline Writing

Like all the other homework essays, the descriptive essay also requires the students to follow a specific format to ensure the standard quality content.

The outline of the essay contains the essential segments that students have to include in their writing work.

It is the structure of any article that guides the students on how they have to format their essays so that they can meet the requirements.

Before starting any of the essays, it is the primary responsibility of the students to search from various sources to find out the correct topic for the article. Students have to select a suitable item for starting their essays.

The issue can be based upon any of the following points, but it must have the capability of making the readers excited and curious:

  • Education
  • Literature
  • Home
  • Family
  • Fun
  • Middle school
  • Ethics
  • Morality
  • College or university
  • Religion


It is not much difficult to work on a descriptive essay. However, it requires some experienced skills and proficient writing to make any of the articles look more exciting and exciting.

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