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Inductive vs.Deductive Research Approach

In an earlier article, We have read about the research methods, where we have also studied two types of research approaches that are inductive and deductive. Now In this article, we will make a comparison between the inductive and deductive approaches.

Difference between inductive Vs deductive Research

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Let’s first, understand the research approach.

Research approach Definition

The research approach is a process design by the investigator on the basis of belief about methods utilize for performing the study.

Let’s develop an understanding of inductive research approach.

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What is an Inductive Research Approach?

The inductive reasoning begins with observations. In this type of research approach, theories are proposed after the completion of an investigation.  In the context of inductive research approach, you need to analyze the pattern that is essential for reaching a conclusion. An inductive approach to research is mainly concerned with the creation of a new hypothesis using the information. In the inductive research approach, you need to make a broad generalization.

Inductive Research Approach Example

A researcher performs an investigation for analyzing how men have gained knowledge about the biological system of women.  A survey is being performed for gathering the information. In addition to this, the researcher has read few articles consisting of information about the topic. Through research, the Findings of an investigation reveals that it is a biology subject through which man learns about the biological system of women. By analyzing and conducting the research on a particular topic researcher has developed the new theory.  Secondly, the researcher has able to reach a general conclusion.

What is a deductive research approach?

A deductive approach to research mainly emphasizes on testing the existing hypothesis. deductive reasoning also includes the creation of a research strategy for testing the theories. It is the research approach that mainly focuses on the deductions of conclusions from propositions. It starts with the expected pattern which is tested against observations. By utilizing the deductive research approach you can explain the causal relationship between different variables. The deductive research approach helps in the generalization of findings.

Deductive Research Approach Example

Researchers perform investigation for collecting information about women’s perception of Roman men. During the investigation, it has been found that many women perceive a Roman to be mortal.  Before facilitating the investigation researchers have analyzed the cultural theory. The researcher has related the same with the culture of Roman people.  After analyzing the existing theory and on the basis of information gathered researcher has found the fact to be true.

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 Difference between the inductive and deductive research?

Basis of comparisonInductive researchDeductive research
PurposeThe main purpose of the inductive research approach is to create new theories using the facts accumulated through investigation.The main objective of the deductive research approach is to test the existing concepts.
StartingIn inductive research, questions are written for narrowing the scope of the investigation.Deductive research starts with an analysis of the existing hypothesis.
FocusIn inductive research, investigators are more concerned about exploring the phenomenon.In the deductive research approach researcher mainly focuses on causality.
RelationshipInductive research approaches are generally applied in Qualitative research.Deductive research is basically applied in Quantitative research.
UseThe inductive research approach is mainly used in a situation when no existing theory related to the topic are available.The deductive research approach is applied in case the existing hypothesis relevant to the subject or topic is available.
LimitationOne of the biggest limitations of inductive research approach is that it is quite difficult to prove a conclusion.A major limitation is that without theory deductive research cannot be performed.
FlowInductive research flow from broad to a general description of hypothesis to specific observation.Deductive research flow is just opposite to inductive research. In deductive research special analyses of the theory are done and outcomes are generalized.
Nature of conclusionInductive research will help you to draw a general conclusion from the data collected. Deductive research will assist you in reaching the specific conclusion of the study.

After identification of the difference between inductive and deductive research, Lets, develop an understanding of the difference between their procedures.

How is the process of conceptualization different in inductive and deductive research?

Difference  between the procedure of conceptualization in inductive and deductive research approach is :

Basis Inductive research Deductive research
     ProceduresThe process of inductive research includes different Steps these are:
  • Observation
  • Analysis of Pattern
  • Development of hypothesis.
   The process of deductive research approach involves:
  • Analysis of existing concepts
  • Creation of new theory supported by the existing hypothesis
  • Accumulation of  facts to test the theory
  • Analysis of the outcome

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