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Differences Between Methods and Methodology

Researchers writing research papers, and doing literature reviews have to focus on the methods as also mythology sections as these sections are very important from the point of view of research. Researchers do the foundation for their research work by carrying out methods.

Methods are regarded as tools, strategies, and techniques and are often confused with methodologies that comprise theoretical and systemic analysis of research methods. While writing your research paper it is important to comprehend the differences between methods and mythologies.

Differences Between Methods and Methodology

This blog discusses methods and methodologies that are used in writing research papers. It also discusses, in brief, the objectives of writing methods and methodologies.

The blog also provides an informative insight on the tips for writing the methods and mythologies section of a research paper. Besides, the blog provides a comparative analysis of methods and mythologies.

What are methods and what are methodologies?

Methods are utilized while writing research papers. The methods discuss the topic of research so that a deeper and more lucid understanding of the methods section can be set up. Methods are made up of strategies, techniques, and tools that are employed by the researcher to complete experiments and also find solutions to the issues described in the research.

On the contrary, the methodology is a theoretical and systemic approach to collecting as also assess data throughout a research process. Methodologies facilitate researchers to obtain new data about the research topic.

The objective of research methodologies is to demonstrate the validity, credibility, and reliability of any specific method of research.

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What are the objectives of writing methods and methodologies?

Methods that are part of a research paper are just components or tools of research. A particular methodology is regarded as a justification for the utilization of a method.

The methods that are used in research furnish data on participants, research designs, materials, equipment, procedures, and variables. The research methodologies are used to understand the efficiency and accuracy of the methods that are used by the researchers.

Writing methods as also methodology sections in the research

This section of the blog illustrates the points that the researcher requires to consider while writing the methods section and the methodology section.


The following things are required to be considered while writing the methods section:-

The authors are required to cite the sources that assisted them in selecting the methods for research purposes. Besides, the author must also incorporate parameters used in past studies to make the current study relevant.

The participant details such as sex, age, geographical location, and initial conditions should be highlighted in the methods section of a research paper.

While writing a methods section the exclusion and inclusion criteria of subjects are needed to be mentioned.

There should be proper descriptions of divisions of a selected group as also the characteristics of the groups are a vital component of the methods sections of a research paper.

The methods section must also incorporate and explain preparations, study designs, and the software tools and instruments that are used in the research activity.

A methods section must encompass various statistical analyses.


A proper methodology requires incorporating the following things:-

There should be an introduction and there should be an explanation of the various reasons for doing systematic methodical approaches that are utilized throughout the process of research.

The methodology sections of the research document should highlight the credibility, validity, and applicability of methods that are used in the research.

The methodology section must also lucidly describe the data collation techniques and it needs to furnish an explanation of the data analysis.

The methodology sections must also justify the reasoning for choosing research procedures and methods.

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Differences between methods and methodologies

The blog in this section highlights the differences that exist between methods and methodologies that are utilized while writing a research paper in a tabular format.

The objective of the methods in a research paper is to find a solution to the problem stated in the research.The objective of using methodologies is to understand to what extent the methods that are used in the research are appropriate.
Methods are tools or behaviours that are utilized to select a technique for research.It is considered an analysis of the procedures and methods that are used in the research.
They are used in a later part of the research.These are applied during the initial part of the research.
Methods are made up of various techniques used in research and investigation.This is regarded as a strategy (systematic) to find solutions to the various issues related to research.
Methods include conducting surveys and carrying out experiments and tests.Methodologies include various techniques that are utilized while carrying out surveys, experiments, and tests.

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