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8 Types of Essay Used In Academic Writing

Writing different types of essays is very common in school assignments, college applications, and these are a critical part of standardized tests. Writing different types of essay is becoming essential for the students of Ireland to achieve academic success. Students of Ireland often get confused about various essay writing types. There are dozens of essay writings, so Dublin students get confused with all.

Different Types of Essay Writing

However, students can even manage a number of essay writings. Critically, there are four major essay writing types about which students of Ireland need to learn. 

Four Major Essay Writing Types

The goal of students or essay writers is simply a matter to determine different kinds of essay writings. If the students want to share their personal experience, explain any issue, to describe something, or to convince the readers, you can do all through the different kinds of essays. 

  • Tell or describe a StoryNarrative Essays

Students can express a real-life story through narrative essay writing type. It may sound effortless to tell a story, but students need to think critically while writing a narrative essay. Students should try to influence the readers by their interesting stories while writing a narrative essay.

A narrative essay should be written in the first person that essentially helps to engage more and more readers. The words “I” in the sentences engage the readers and make them feel as they are part of your story. 

  • Paint a Picture Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay is a cousin of a narrative essay. This type of essay writing also paints a complete picture with informative words. Students of Ireland may describe a place, person, any memory, or an object of a special significance.

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However, the descriptive essay focuses deeply and communicates a more profound meaning through a complete description of anything. In this essay, Dublin students need to show the entire content by using more informative words and sensory details. The best essay can influence the minds of the readers. 

  • Explaining FactsExpository Essay

It is a kind of informative essay writing which presents a complete balanced analysis of a particular topic. The students need to explain the topic by using statistics, facts, and many reasonable examples in this type of essay.

This type of essay encompasses many essay variations like the contradiction and comparison of the essay, cause, and effect of the essay writing type and it also includes a process essay.

Students do not need to reveal their emotions in this essay type because this type of essay writing is based on the facts, not on the personal feelings or emotions of the person. Moreover, this type of essay is not written in the first person. 

  • Convince the ReadersPersuasive Essays

In persuasive essay type, students need to convince the readers and others to accept their point of view written in the essay. This type of essay writing is entirely different from the expository essay. In this essay, students need to make a case by using their logic and facts. They can also include expert opinions, examples, reasoning questions. Dublin students need to present the argument from all sides but communicate them entirely and accurately. 

Some Additional Academic Essay Types – Students Might Need to Write Up

More academic essay types exist about which students should also know while pursuing their studies in Ireland. Here are four more essay types mentioned that students might need to write up;

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  • Scholarship or Admission Essay

Admission essay helps the students to enter or take admission in the college. Students should do the following to write this article;

  • Completely write all the information for why you choose the particular field
  • Explain thoroughly why you need a degree
  • Show your weaknesses and strengths
  • Write up information on the college you want of your choice

An admission or scholarship essay helps the students to persuade their scholarship agency to support financially.

  • A Cultural Essay

In this essay type, students need to communicate for various viewpoints, beliefs, customs, cultures, religions, and others. This type of essay writing helps the readers to become more inclusive and accommodative. 

  • Process Analysis Essay

A process analysis essay includes information on a particular process of anything in step-by-step guidance. 

  • Informative Essay

An informative essay type describes the particular subject with the help of detailed descriptions, exhaustive analysis, and specialized terms followed by credible facts.

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You may prefer certain subjects over other subjects as a student in Ireland Universities. You may feel some subjects interesting and others not. Various kinds of essay writings give you mixed feelings like you may change your clothes frequently.

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When you compare all types of essays, you need to find a particular essay type that suits you. These are the points where helps you to do so. You may choose the particular one depending upon the length of the paper, the purpose of the essay, and the tone of your writing. 

Students can be overwhelmed with lots of school assignments occasionally. You may want a lump of assignments to do. It seems complicated to do one on another assignment. Therefore, you can also buy different types of essays prepared by the expert writers of Ireland. Professional Dublin writers can write every type of essay within the given deadline. And get your essay written at an affordable price. 


Students of Dublin would find various types of essay writings in this handout, asked by their teachers to make during their academic studies. By the end of the blog, you may be familiar with all types of essays very clearly.

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