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Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation Abstract  Writing Step by Step Guide

Writing an abstract for the dissertation is very much essential for informing the reader about the main concepts covered in the dissertation. College going Students of Ireland found challenging to sum up a lengthy dissertation into few words or sentences.

Do they also have questions that what should be the length of the abstract in Dissertation? When they should write dissertations etc. By reading this article, you will be able to explore the best way of writing a dissertation abstract.

Dissertation Abstract: Definition

An abstract is a summary of the main points in the entire text of the dissertation. It represents the aim and research results so that the reader can develop an understanding of the different concepts in the dissertation.

An abstract is a very much an important element of Dissertation. It is the description of research work.  Writing an abstract is important as it helps you in setting expectations. You should include all the important elements of your dissertation in the abstract section.

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When to write a Dissertation Abstract?

You need to include an abstract when writing the dissertation. It is also very essential for you to include an abstract when you are writing an article for a journal.

You should write a Dissertation abstract after completion of the Dissertation.  By writing an abstract after the completion of the dissertation you will get an idea about the key points. In all cases whether you are writing an abstract for dissertation or journal you should write it at the end.

At the time of writing an abstract you should make sure that it is independent and self- contained text.  You need to write an abstract in such a manner that it is easily understandable on its own especially by those people who have not read the full dissertation.

One of the best techniques for writing an abstract is to imitate the structure of large work. You can consider an abstract as a mini version of the dissertation.  The four key elements in you need to include in the abstract are aim, methods, results, and conclusion.

How to write Abstract for Dissertation?

The four-step of writing an abstract is:

Step 1: Write your aims

At the beginning of the Dissertation abstract you should clearly state the aim of the research.  You should also prepare the Research question in which you intend to get an answer by performing research.

In this section of the abstract it is very much important for you to provide a description of the activities which you intend to perform during the investigation. You can utilize different verbs such as investigation, analysis, evaluate for describing the things you set to do.

You can write this part of the Dissertation abstract either in the past or present simple tense. For example The main aim of the research is the relationship between globalization and digitalization.

Step 2: Describing your methods

It is a step in writing an abstract for dissertation, where you need to specify the research methodology which you will use for performing study on a specific topic. You should write a description of the technique you are going to use for undertaking study in just two or three sentences.

As it is referred to as complete action therefore, you should write this part of the Dissertation abstract in past simple tense.  For example, 20 people as participants in research have been selected through a random sampling technique.

In this part of an abstract, you need to write limitations and obstacles in research, etc.   You are also not required to evaluate the validity of research at this step.  The main objective of the writing methods part is abstract is to provide the reader with a quick insight into the overall approach or processes you will use for performing research.

Step 3: Summarising your results

Here, at the time of writing an Abstract for dissertation you need to provide an overview of research results. You can write this part of the Dissertation abstract in the past or present simple tense.

For example, it has been analyzing from the result of research that there is a significant correlation between technology and productivity.

Extend up to which you should include results in the Abstract is completely dependent on the length and complexity of research.  At the time of writing an abstract for a Dissertation, you should highlight the essential findings as it will enable the reader to develop an understanding of the conclusion.

Step 4: Write the Conclusion

You need to write the conclusion of the research. In the conclusion section of the research you need to provide the state answer to the research question. You should finish writing the abstract by including the main point of your Dissertation.

In case there is some limitation of the study then you need to provide a description of the same in the abstract. As it will help the reader in assessing the creditability of research. In case, you intend to solve any practical issues, then you can provide a few suggestions for the same.

You should also provide suggestions for research which is to be performed in the future.

Note: You should write a conclusion in the present simple tense. For example, we conclude that advancement in technology helps in increasing productivity.

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Tips for writing an abstract

Before beginning to write an abstract for Dissertation, you should keep in mind that it is the first thing which the reader will read. You should also understand that it is an abstract section in a dissertation that will help you in developing the interest of reading in the reader. Below are few tips which will help you in writing perfect Dissertation Abstract these are:

a) Reverse outlining

It is very much important for you to note that abstract written for   Dissertation, thesis, or essays does not contain similar elements.  In case your dissertation has a unique structure then you can utilize the reverse outlining technique for writing an abstract.

You should list one or two sentences or keywords for every chapter or section.  It is very much important for you to list only such keywords that summarise the main argument in your dissertation.

These tactics will help you in getting a framework for preparing the structure of an abstract. It is very much essential for you to reread the sentences for developing connections and demonstrating the way arguments are built.  Rereading or revising an abstract will help you in ensuring that it provides a clear summary of overall arguments.

b) Reading other Abstracts

You can read the abstracts in other articles, by reading other abstracts you will get an idea about how to write an abstract. In case you have already read abstracts of many articles or Journals for writing a literature review for dissertation then you can utilize that as a framework for determining the structure or style of Dissertation Abstract.

c) Writing concisely and clearly

The characteristics of good abstract are that it is short but highly impactful. It is very much essential for you to ensure that every sentence clearly communicates the single point.

You should avoid the use of filler words. You should use simple words to write an abstract so that it could be easily understandable by the reader especially those who are not familiar with the issue or research topic.

d) Concentration on personal research

At the time of writing an abstract you should keep in mind that the main purpose of this section is to show the original contribution of research.  You should not have a discussion on the work of other researchers.

When drafting an abstract for dissertation you should concentrate on demonstrating the relevance of research by including a broader debate. You need not include a citation in an abstract.

e) Checking to format

In case you need to write an abstract for a dissertation or thesis, then you should ensure the proper formatting of an abstract. It is very much important for you to check the University or College guidelines before doing formatting. In relation to APA research paper students can follow APA abstract format.

You need to strict with the word limit at the time of writing an abstract.  It is good to write an abstract for a Dissertation on one page only.


It has been concluded from the above article that abstract is a section which consists of a summary of main points. Another fact which has been found is that by writing effective research you can develop the interest of reading in the reader.

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