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Dissertation Conclusion Writing

Writing the conclusion section in the Dissertation helps you in connecting the introduction chapter with the findings and implications of the research. Masters or undergraduate students often have confusion between the discussion and conclusion section of the dissertation.

Dissertation Conclusion Writing

They also have questions about what should be the length of the dissertation conclusion. In this article, our dissertation writing experts are providing a complete guide on How to write the conclusion for a Dissertation?

Conclusion in Dissertation

The conclusion is the last part of the Dissertation. The main purpose of the concluding chapter in the Dissertation is to:

  • Provide an answer to research Questions
  • Provide a summary of the research
  • To give suggestions for future work
  • Demonstrate new knowledge that you have contributed.

You should ensure that conclusion that you are writing for the dissertation is concise and engaging. Another objective of the writing conclusion is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of new findings or arguments related to the topic.

Before gaining an understanding of How to write a Dissertation Conclusion, you should first understand the difference between Discussion and conclusion.

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Comparison between Discussion Vs Conclusion

Students get confused between both sections of the Dissertation as the conclusion section of the dissertation consist of the same elements as in the Discussion chapter. According to the guidelines of a few universities, you need to combine both discussion and conclusion chapters. In the context of the dissertation, the conclusion is a final chapter that wraps the research and provides the reader with a final impression of the work. In the discussion section of the Dissertation, you need to provide a detailed interpretation of the research results. You are also requiring having a discussion related to research outcomes. Whereas, you need to include key findings in the conclusion chapter of the dissertation.

The discussion section of the dissertation can include new data or information. On the other hand, you should not include any new argument or data in the conclusion chapter.

How to write a conclusion for a Dissertation?

The 4 important elements which you should include in the conclusion section of the Dissertation are:

1. Answer research Questions

At the time of writing the conclusion for the dissertation, you need to answer the research question which you intend to address by writing a Dissertation. Before starting to write the conclusion of the dissertation you should keep in mind that it is the last chance where you can show what you have done. It is very much essential for you to ensure the writing of clear and concise answers in the conclusion section.  At the time of writing a Dissertation conclusion, you should not discuss already discussed results.


In case you are writing a dissertation for solving practical issues by conducting empirical research you should write a conclusion in this manner:

The research aimed at finding effective fundraising strategies for non- government organizations. On the basis of the analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative data you can determine the intention of donation in relation to campaigning material. It has been concluded from the above that temporal and social distancing are crucial factors that need to be considered at the time of designing and targeting campaigning. The research results represent that donors are more receptive to images showing a large social and temporal distance.

2. Reflection on research

In the next step, you need to provide a summary of every chapter in the dissertation. You can use a reflective approach here. It is also very crucial for you to explain how appropriate the methodology is for answering research questions. If you are writing a conclusion for the dissertation then you can write a limitation of the study.



  •  A Limits the generalisability of research results, approach B reveal new aspects of particular issue.
  • The study clearly demonstrate process A, but it also raises the question of B.

Note: At the time of writing the Dissertation conclusion you should mainly emphasize on positive aspects of your work.

3. Provide recommendations

In the conclusion section of the Dissertation, You can provide recommendations for the research to be conducted in the future. The conclusion of the dissertation is a good place where you can elaborate on the findings. You can also clearly state the implication of the research findings.


  • On the basis of conclusions, practitioner needs to consider
  • Better understand the implication of research results, further research could address…
  • Further study should determine the cause and effect relationship between…

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4. Concentrate on the contribution

At the time of writing the conclusion chapter in the dissertation, you need to ensure that reader is left with a strong impression of how research has contributed to the generation of new knowledge in the respective field. Few strategies which you can implement for accomplishing this:

  • Review your problem statement and explain how research helps in solving a specific issue.
  • Refer to the literature review and demonstrate the way your study helps in filling the knowledge gap
  • Facilitate discussion related to research findings.

Note: At the time of writing the conclusion for the dissertation, you should eliminate exaggerating the applicability of the research. If you are writing recommendations for policies or business, then it is the best idea to frame them as suggestions. At the time of writing a conclusion for the dissertation, you should keep in mind the main objective of the research is to explore, inform, and explain things.

What should be the length of the conclusion section in the Dissertation?

The length of the Dissertation is completely based on the type of dissertation you are writing. The approximate length of the concluding chapter in the dissertation is 5 to 7 percent of the total word count of the dissertation. In the context of empirical research, the study has a shorter conclusion which consists of main findings and recommendations.


It has been concluded from the above study that the conclusion section in the dissertation consists of a summary of key findings. Another fact that has been concluded from the above is that it is the conclusion section where you need to include answers to the main research question.

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