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Dissertation  Introduction

Dissertation  Introduction Writing – Step By Step Explanation

Writing an introduction is the initial step in the process of writing a Dissertation. If you are preparing a dissertation for the first time and facing issues in start writing introduction, then you are on the right track. As in this article our dissertation writing professional is providing beginners with proper guidelines about How to write a dissertation introduction.

Introduction Section in Dissertation

An introduction is the first chapter of the Dissertation. You need to write an introduction just after the table of the content page. It is very much important for you to draw readers’ attention by writing a strong introduction. This is a step you need to set the stage for research by clearly stating the objective and direction of the study.

Starting Dissertation Introduction

As the introduction is the first part of the Dissertation, it does not mean that you need to write it first.  You can write a dissertation at last or along with the abstract. The best technique for writing Good Introduction for Your Dissertation is to prepare a rough draft of the introduction before beginning to write a Dissertation. It is very much essential for you to revise the introduction section of the dissertation throughout the writing process. At the time of revision of the Dissertation introduction you need to ensure that it matches the content of the overall dissertation.

You might include the following in the introduction section of the dissertation such as:

  • Topic and Context:  At the time of writing the dissertation introduction you need to first develop an understanding of the expectation of the reader. After that you can begin writing a Dissertation introduction by providing background information about the topic or issue.  You must contextualize research as this will help you in developing interest in reading among the reader.  When beginning to write an introduction chapter of Dissertation you should keep in that you aim to demonstrate the significance of the research topic or issue.  For instance, you can develop the interest of reading among readers by providing evidence such as relevant news items, practical problems, and academic debate.

Example of the topic : The attitude of young people towards climate change.

Context: Example: Present news on children’s Climate strike and increasing significance of youth engagement with climate politics.

  • Focus and Scope: You must specify the aspects of a particular topic which you are going to discuss in your dissertation. This is a step where you need to narrow down your focus. At the time of writing the introduction, you need to clearly define the scope of the study.

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For example:

  1. Specify geographical field you are interested in
  2. Write information about the period up to which particular study will get complete
  3. What demographics are you investigating
  4. What particular aspect of issue or topic you are going to cover in your dissertation.

Example focus: Teenagers in the British are high engage in UK climate policy.

Example scope: Knowledge, perceptions ad actions of students in UK government Climate policies.

  • Relevance and Importance: You should explain the way research fits into existing work on a particular topic.  It is very much important for you to demonstrate your inspiration for performing research.  In the introduction part of the introduction, you also need to provide the information about the technique which you will apply for filling a gap in the knowledge. In the dissertation section, you should specify that you will perform in a detailed survey and would use relevant sources for writing the literature review chapter.

In the Introduction section of the Dissertation you are required to provide complete information about How you attend to solve specific issues.

  • Questions and Objectives: In the introduction section you need to write the research aim which you intend to achieve by accomplishing particular objectives. It is considered to as more crucial part of the research, before beginning to write Introduction for a Dissertation you need to first decide expectations related to complete Dissertation. You need to consider your field before formulating research questions and objectives.  It is very much essential for you to properly write the aim of the research.

When dissertation introduction in or two-line you need to clearly state the research methods you are going to use for answering research questions.  For instance, in case you intend to test hypotheses then you can formulate a theory in Dissertation introduction.  But you will also require providing such a theoretical framework along with a hypothesis that establishes a relationship between different variables of the study.

Research Question Example:  How does youth in Britain engage with government policies related to change in climate?

Example of research objectives: To analyze the perception of people about the government policy of climate change.

Tip: You should not provide much information about the research methodology in the introduction section of the dissertation.

  • Overview of the structure: Here you need to highlight the way each section of the Dissertation contributes to achieving of desired aim.  At the time of writing the introductory part of the Dissertation you need to provide an overview of the Dissertation structure. It is the tactics that help you in clearly demonstrating the way research contributes will help the researcher in accessing different sections of Dissertation.

In case your study is more complicated and does not follow conventional structure then you need to write a paragraph for every chapter. For example, About writing a dissertation in the field of humanities you may include arguments thematically besides dividing results. In case your Dissertation structure is unconventional then you must make it clear how all the variables of the studies integrated.

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From the above article it has been found that introduction is the main section of a Dissertation that provides an overview of content in the Dissertation. Another fact which ha been discovered is that by writing an introduction part you can develop the interest of reading among the reader.

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