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Dissertation Research Results

Inappropriately writing Dissertation research results is very much essential for achieving good grades. Students studying master’s or undergraduate courses often have a question about where to report the key findings of the research?  They also face problems in relating the results with research Questions or hypotheses.

Dissertation Research Results

Students also get confused between the Discussion, conclusion, and result section of the Dissertation. In this article, our dissertation writing experts will help you in identifying an appropriate way to present the research results.

When to write the Research Result section in the dissertation?

The result section of the dissertation may look different that is due to the research methodology which the researcher is using for performing the study. In a few types of research, you can include a separate section for presenting the result section in the dissertation.  For instance, Desk research which mainly emphasizes the interpretation of texts?

But if in case you are writing a dissertation by performing experimental research, it is good to present the results of your study before writing the discussion section for the Dissertation. It is the tactic that will provide the reader with a clear idea about what to find.

You should write research results for the dissertation in the past tense. The length of the result section in the Dissertation is completely dependent on the amount of information that the researcher has collected and analyzed. It is very much important for you to ensure that only information relevant to the research question and research problem is included in the result chapter of the dissertation.

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How do present the results of different types of Research?

One best way to report the research results is to design them around hypotheses or research questions. After that, you should present relevant results for every question. You should also include the information about the process which you have followed for analyzing the information. In the context of Quantitative research, If you have performed any test for testing reliability and validity then you should include the outcome of the same in the result chapter of the dissertation. After that, you need to observe how results are related to research questions. At the time of presenting the result in a dissertation, you can mark the crucial trends.

In a few cases, the results of the research might not be directly relevant for answering research questions. In such circumstances, you should provide the reader with extra detail about the process which you have performed for gathering information. You can use tables, figures, graphs, and charts to systematically present your findings. By using the tables, and graphs for results you can make your research report professional and presentable.

Table and Figures

In the context of Quantitative research, it is very good to include visual elements like graphs, charts, and figures. Visual elements will help you in reflecting on research results.  It is very much essential for you to ensure that you refer to all tables and figures in the text. You can utilize tables and figures for condensing lots of complex information and illustrating a trend as a result. It is very much important for you to provide a clear title for tables and figures.

Example of Quantitative survey

The researcher has test the initial hypothesis by performing simple linear regression which utilizes donation intention is a dependent variable and the independent variable is social distance.  The outcome of analysis demonstrates that social distance has a great influence on the intention of donation.  As there is an increase in social donation there would also be a rise in the intention of donation.

The outcome of regression analysis

Independent variableDependent variableHypothesisB*tPLVRV
Social distanceDonation intentionH1.

Note: Live = left value, RV = right value

Results of Qualitative research

In the context of Qualitative Research, the results may not all be directly relevant to specific research questions. In this case, you need to structure the research results section around key themes that emerge from the analysis of the data.

For every theme, you can make general observations about what data represents.  For instance, you may mention recurring points of agreement patterns and trends. It is very much important for you to mention all responses which are important for your research questions. You need to clarify and support your points by directing Quotations.

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Qualitative interview: Example

When people are asked whether they perceive that video game is an art, many of the respondents stated that Video games are not an art form. But they perceive that creativity is involved in designing video games. The criteria which you can utilize for the identification of artistic video games are design and music. A single respondent stated that there is a difference between the creativity of the popular video games genre.

It has been found from data collected that many consumers think that a few kinds of video games have more artistic potential.

Difference between Discussion, conclusion, and Dissertation Result

The Result section in the dissertation objectively reports the research finding. It only presents brief observations in the context of every research question.  The result chapter of the dissertation does not contain an answer to the main research question. At the time of writing the dissertation result chapter, you should avoid using the words suggests, implies, appears, etc. These words are more appropriate to use at the time of writing the discussion section where you need to interpret the result in detail.

In the conclusion part of the dissertation, you are required to synthesize research Questions into overall answers to the main questions.


From the above article, it has been concluded that systematically presenting the results is very much essential for achieving good grades for the dissertation. Other facts that have been found from the above are that the length of the result section is completely dependent on the amount of data collected.

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