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Reasons Why Too Much Of Homework is Bad

Homework is regarded as an important task given to the students to get them engaged in academics outside the classroom at their home. Homework has various benefits like teaching the students the importance of time management and making them lead an organized life. Moreover, homework makes the students the learning skill and reasoning ability to think beyond the classroom teachings.

homework causes depression

It will help them have a better grasp of the knowledge and keep them engaged to learn something new every day. Although homework is very important and useful for the students, do you know that homework can also cause depression in students? Yes!! You have heard it right!! Homework can also be bad for students as well. Just remember that the more homework students get, the fewer students will do the homework.

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How Homework Is Bad For You?

Homework can cause many negative effects and bad impacts on the students. If the amount of homework is given in bulk quantity and that too every day then it can affect the students’ healthy lifestyle, social lifestyle, and also the grades. Students already spend half of the day in class listening to class lectures and taking down classroom notes.

After a long day at school and college, they already feel very tired. When they come home and realize that there is lots of homework to do then they don’t feel motivated. If they are not been able to complete the homework in the time they go into depression.

Too much homework snatches a student’s personal life. When they spend too much time on homework after school and college then they become socially and physically inactive. This makes their mind and body unhealthy and the direct distress is shown in their grades.

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Too Much Homework Affects Students’ Physical & Mental Health and Social Life

A study was conducted by Stanford University among many students. As per the findings of the study around 56% of students considered homework as the main cause of the depression they are currently facing. When these students get too much homework beyond their means, then they face severe health problems like loss of sleep, severe headaches, tiredness, weight loss, etc.

Moreover, when students get excessive homework they have poor eating habits and avoid eating with their family members. In addition to this, they choose to eat junk food late at night while indulging in doing homework and this is very bad for their health which can lead to various health ailments also.

Excessive homework also has bad effects on the mental health and social life of the students. After school or college when students indulge in extra- curricular activities and social activities like spending time with family, relatives, and friends. This allows the students to refresh their minds and body from the hectic life at their educational institutes.

But if they have loads of homework to do when they spend less time with their near and dear ones and also are unable to get into any sort of physical activity or sports. This load of homework makes them cut off from social life and they feel isolated without any support. In the case of college-goers who do part-time jobs, excessive homework makes then difficult to balance between school/college, homework, and part-time jobs.

So, with no means to socialize and means of relaxation, students become very depressed which impacts both their academic life as well as their personal life. Most of the students have even admitted to taking drugs to beat depression. Failure in academics and also teachers’ scolding also cause depression among the students.

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How Students’ Grades Are Ruined By Homework?

Students spend the whole day in class learning various subjects and coursework. After that, too much homework can make them feel bored and stressed out. This will lead to the student’s unwillingness to do the homework at all and rely upon their parents to do homework. Finally, the true meaning of giving homework is lost and there will be a sudden fall in students’ grades. This will also make the students completloseloss of interest in their studies. Active learning is also not present in homework which will make the students feel bored.  They will also lack the skills to solve any kind of problem.

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Students Can Get Out Of Depression with Parents’ Involvement

Parents are that special person who is the first ones to understand the feelings of their child. They provide the ultimate support which is for the lifetime in the students’ life. As a parent, you must ensure that your child has depression-free study life and homework experience.

You must help your child to solve homework problems and teach and help them as much as possible. Moreover, you can develop their homework routine by making them follow an organized study schedule which will help them tackle difficult and lengthy homework assignments.

The most important thing you can do to take your child out of depression is you must not scold your child for getting poor grades. Instead, talk with them softly and give them tips to increase their grades next time. Moreover, never expect more from them which might be beyond their means and capabilities.

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Online Homework Help to Beat Depression

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