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English Essay Writing Topics for Students

When it is about the students studying in middle school, then they do not have high pressure for working on essay writing. However, the students of the top university or colleges in Ireland get assigned complicated homework writing topics.

The students of Ireland have the right of choosing the problem on their own, which can sometimes make the situation more complicated. Writing an English essay can be helpful for the students in enhancing research and communication skills.

English Essay Topics

Generally, homework assignments or essay papers get assigned to students to improve their skills and make them confident in giving a public speech.

However, the difficult task of writing an efficient essay is first to select the appropriate essay topic. Frequently, the issue does not strike the minds immediately, so the students can think about several ideas and settle on the subject in which they have high interest.

How to Write An Effective College English Essay?

If the students of Ireland think that writing an essay is a difficult task, then they can overcome the situation by assuming that it will improve their writing skills.  University professors expect that the students would perform excellently in their English essays by putting in a complete effort.

However, it can be only possible if the students work with sincerity and disciple. Some the useful tips will surely help the students in creating a fantastic English essay:

  • Creating a word bank can put a high interest in the students for writing homework essays.
  • Select the topic first and start writing an effective thesis.
  • Find out the efficient words suitable to the topic chosen. After that relate the words in a well-formatted style.
  • Start gathering more information about the subject. The more sources collected for writing more efficiently, you can make the English essay.
  • Try to cover much relevant content in a small and organized way.
  • Students can create a topic sentence in the introduction part to summarise other paragraphs perfectly.
  • If the students have to the right both argumentative sides, then it can be beneficial if the students outline their writing.
  • Preparing side by side list of the essential concepts can help develop an appropriate thesis.
  • Even the most fluent English speakers might get stuck with grammar mistakes. It is necessary to recheck the essay written to eliminate any vocabulary or error mistakes.

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Perfect Choice for English Essay writing topic

If the students have vast knowledge about writing English essays, then also they can get confused about the selection of the correct essay writing topic.

There are several topics on which the students can write a proper essay but selecting the perfect one is challenging. Students can choose some of the best items for writing efficient essays mentioned below:

  • Criminal justice
  • Advanced technology
  • Body image
  • Mind techniques
  • Current news
  • Food and eating stuff
  • Entertainment
  • Body image
  • Business
  • Social media and its effects
  • Health and sports
  • Family
  • Fun

Latest English Essay Topics on Body Image

  1. What is the impact of romantic reel life movies on today’s real relationships?
  2. Is there any necessity of changing the way of advertisements for the fashion industry?
  3. Are the contests held for beauty pageants beneficial for women?
  4. Who can be the best model for the fashion industry-one who is like ordinary people or one who is good at acting?
  5. What are the image problems faced by the new generation?
  6. Should women get permission for using plastic surgery to improve their image?
  7. How can a young age develop a healthy body style?
  8. How does media in the fashion industry affect the lives of men and women?
  9. Can adults adapt the fashion industry as their professional career?

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Current New Topics for English Essay Topics

  1. Is news reflecting media and comedy news channels the right way to stay informed?
  2. What do you mean by fake news?
  3. Can unbiased reporting be ever found in the variant news channel?
  4. What is the role of news reports in the world of digital processing?
  5. Can ordinary citizens report the actual and best news to keep people informed?
  6. How do newspapers and online reflecting news companies vary in providing the current story?
  7. Is the news coverage area narrow for spreading great news?
  8. How can facts help in making the people updated for the original information?
  9. How do news reporters influence the political system and government laws of any nation?

Best Mental Health Based English Essay Topics

  1. How can drugs damage the mental stability of people?
  2. Can intake of sleeping pills improve the tendency to sleep?
  3. What is the best treatment ever known for PSTD?
  4. What is the impact of violent video games on the mental health of kids?
  5. How is the internet affecting intelligence power among children?
  6. How can one help a friend or family member who had a high, drunk amount of alcohol?
  7. Should outdoor games get mandatory for the students in every school?
  8. How can parents help their children to overcome depression-like danger?
  9. What is the effect of high study pressure on the minds of university students?
  10. Is suicide a better option for one who is from mental pain?

Technology writing English essay topics

  1. How can 3-D print change the future of the young generation?
  2. Which technology can offer the best help to disabled people?
  3. How has face-detecting software helped in identifying the face of theft and other criminals?
  4. How has the use of practical quantum computers changed the lives of people?
  5. Give the implications related to Cell Atlas.
  6. What is much better- Mac or PC?
  7. How had advanced technology influenced essay writing techniques?
  8. What is the effect of using smartphones on the young generation?
  9. Is there any impact of using high technology on the environment?

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English essay writing topics on social media

  1. Is it correct to judge people by their social media postings?
  2. Can online dating apps form long-lasting relationships?
  3. Should it get illegal to text while driving? What can be the punishments for people who do so?
  4. Discuss the negative impact of using large social networking sites on the lives of teenagers.
  5. Is technology influencing the shortage of attention span?
  6. How is the use of social media sites changing the relationship between parent and child?
  7. How can looking at phones and texting at gathering places become inappropriate situations?
  8. What are the rules made by high schools for banning the use of smartphones in class?
  9. How can family members handle their child who gets bullied through social media?

Motivational English essay writing topics based on entertainment

  1. How can violent music, games, and images impact the lives of people?
  2. Why do kids love to watch Disney movies?
  3. Which shows are best for waiting for the young generation?
  4. Why do horror movies build up interest among teenagers?
  5. Which video game until now has the best storyline?
  6. How cinemas Marvel has changed the universal world of film?
  7. How can students get motivation for watching inspirational movies?
  8. Can a real-life based story enhance the skills and self-confidence of the young generation?
  9. Which movies are best known to watch with the entire family?
  10. How can entertainment channels protect children from being a criminal? What if the case gets the opposite?

Education-Related English Essay Writing Themes

  1. How do students take academic homework- good or bad for achievement?
  2. Which is a much better private school or public school?
  3. Should vaccinations get continued in public schools for students?
  4. How can gifted students receive special and well-education treatment?
  5. How can we compare the educational system between traditional schools and online high schools?
  6. Can schools use digital classes to make several students understand the topic?
  7. What is the best way of making notes at the schools?
  8. How can students get prevention by overcoming the thought of suicide?
  9. Should schools allow students to use e-books?

Business Based English Essay Topics

  1. How can students make teaching line their profession?
  2. Should business companies hire physically and mentally disabled people?
  3. Is not it correct to employ business employers after taking the drug addiction test?
  4. Can business companies and organizations offer medical facilities for people working in their companies?
  5. How can owning your own private business make a better professional career?
  6. Should people have permission to submit parental, as well as family, leave?
  7. How can employers cover their work after taking holidays?
  8. Is medical science a better option for enhancing professionalism among people?


It is an effective way to enhance comprehensive writing skills and speaking skills by writing proficient English essay papers.

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