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FETAC Level 5 Childcare Assignments Example

The course of FETAC LEVEL 5 consists of the tasks of care support, safety, and health at work, care skills, experience, behavioural management, and also caring for people with mental illness.

If we talk about FETAC level 5 childcare then it is the task of doing all-around development of the child. In other words, it is a part of a healthcare course that aims at childcare. Consequently, the FETAC level 5 childcare assignments too comprise intense childcare knowledge and deep research about it.

FETAC Level 5 Child Care Assignments Sample

In this particular assignment task, learners are required to write essays, prepare case studies, and do research on a particular issue related to FETAC level 5 Child Care. Here the learners are required to identify that child who needs health care services.

Normally, in the FETAC level 5 childcare assignments, a learner needs to examine a child and study his or her physical health, mental health, emotions, personality, and social & spiritual needs.

What is a FETAC level 5 childcare skill?

The FETAC Level 5 Childcare skill is a certificate course that is recognized by Ireland’s National Framework of Qualification (NFQ). This is a short-term course of 4- 12 weeks which enables the learners with advanced skills, knowledge, and competence enough to care for the children.

Besides, it teaches you the FETAC levels of older age care also. Moreover, this also helps young children to work perfectly in any health condition. It enables them to stay safe and hygienic manner.

In Ireland, there are various universities and college which provides FETAC level 5 childcare courses mostly part-time or a single module course. This course is perfect for those people who are working in the healthcare sector or those who are planning to make a perfect career in health care.

Furthermore, this also works as an extra credit point and a formal qualification for those who are aspiring to make a career in health care, especially in childcare.

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An Example of FETAC Level 5 Childcare Assignment

You can get an idea from the following childcare assignment example and will be able to write one for your assignment.

Topic: Play Activity Assignment Essay

Introduction of Sample Assignment

This topic of this FETAC level 5 Childcare assignment sample is called Play activity. It is aimed at early childhood education and the overall grade of this sample consists of 30%. This sample task is aimed towards children who are in-between age groups of 0- 6 years.

The workplace where the sample task has been done is at a playschool cum crèche in an XYZ place. This investigation and creation of the sample are done in full-time.

This playschool cum crèche offers all-day services from morning 8 till 6 in the evening. It has all the best facilities like a baby room for infants, toddler room for kids below 3 years of age and also the Montessori rooms for the kids belonging to the age group of 3 to 6 years of age.

It also includes beds and cots for babies along with various toys and books. Moreover, the crèche also has a washroom, changing room, an office, kitchen, and a large garden. The kitchen also provides healthy meals for children and babies.

They have dedicated working staff and also have the facility of First Aid. The area is fully secured and daily logs and passwords are also made mandatory for the parents or the parents’ acquaintances to follow whenever they come to take their babies and kids back with them.

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Your Duties Includes While Making the play activity assignment childcare is as follows:

  1. Signing the children and parents in and out and even keep a daily record of their attendance.
  2. Taking care of the children and babies like feeding them, changing the nappies, playing with them and also involve the kids in various games and activities.
  3. Make the babies sleep and keep checking on them every 10 minutes.
  4. Checking the health of the children and if it is needed to seek medical attention.
  5. Discuss with the parents about their child’s daily activity along with their all-round weakness and development. You are also required to give them feedback and the right solution to solve any kind of child-related problems.


Thus, there is every aspect of FETAC level 5 Childcare assignments explained to you. Moreover, you are also given the sample idea of doing your assignments with the case studies of a particular FETAC childcare assignment taken place at playschool cum crèche.

From the above given FETAC level 5 childcare assignments sample, you might have got an idea about how to write the assignment as well as what to include in it. Still, you can go through the following to get a clearer image of what and how to do.

What do FETAC level 5 Assignments Consist of?

Along with the great knowledge and skills, this course also provides a variety of FETAC level 5 child development assignments that students need to do within a time limit.

The FETAC Level 5 assignments are generally given to the students and young professionals who are studying or working in the sectors of health care & support and nursing.

The topics of the FETAC level 5 child development assignments generally include:

  • How do prepare and maintain a safe and caring environment?
  • How do effective communication with various people?
  • How do improve and pay attention to the eating and drinking habits of the children?
  • How to maintain your hygiene and appearance?
  • How to keep your body temperature under control?
  • How to avoid having a sleeping disorder

Thus, these are some of the types of assignment topics given to the students doing the FETAC level 5 Childcare assignment.

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How To Do FETAC Level 5 Childcare Sample Assignments?

When you are given to write FETAC level 5 childcare assignments, you must focus on 3 important areas which are:

  • What is the care of the child? It means that you need to understand and examine childcare needs. You must also specify which child needs extra attention and care.
  • Determine the correct use of FETAC Level 5 Childcare skills equipment perfectly for better use while creating a sample.
  • Developing skills of support.

Along with these crucial points, also go through some child development assignment examples that you can get in library books or on online websites.

This way, you will be able to compose wonderful and perfect childcare assignments.

Importance of doing FETAC level 5 Childcare Assignment

The assignment sample of FETAC level 5 Childcare is of great importance and value. It helps to understand problems, and issues related to Childcare. Moreover, it also finds remedies to help such children too. The FETAC Level 5 Childcare sample is important for the following reasons. These are:

  1. FETAC level 5 Childcare assignment sample is helpful to find out the requirement of hygiene of the children.
  2. It discusses the method of preventing child-related issues with children and their family members.
  3. It also makes the investigator perfectly and correctly use the right method to solve the patient’s (child’s) problems of health and mind.

Thus, these are some value and importance of doing the FETAC level 5 Childcare assignments sample.

If in any case of difficulty in understanding, you can take help from childcare essay examples which will provide you with an idea for writing your assignment.

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