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First meeting with the Dissertation Supervisor

The first meeting of yours with a Dissertation supervisor can be memorable.  Are you nervous about the first dissertation meeting with the thesis supervisor then you can read the guideline which our providing in this article?

First meeting with Dissertation Supervisor

First Supervisory meeting during Dissertation & Thesis

A supervisory meeting is basically an opportunity for scholars to have discussions about their progress with the thesis supervisor. Such types of meetings are important as it enables both Dissertation supervisor and researcher or scholars to build a strong relationship with each other.

Preparation before the supervisory meeting

You need to take high initiative for planning and organizing meetings with your dissertation supervisor. The preparation which you need to make before the supervisory meeting is:

  • Agree on the date of the meeting

You need to first decide the date and time for the first formal meeting through mutual consent with your thesis Supervisor. At the end of the first meeting with the supervisor, you should decide the date and time for the next meeting. If in case, you want to cancel the meeting then you will need t to inform about the same to your Ph.D. supervisor. You should then also propose and agree with the revised date and time.

  • Set the agenda

You need to set the proper framework for your first Ph.D. meeting with your dissertation supervisor.  Before attending the first meeting with the Thesis supervisor you should prepare a list of issues that you intend to discuss during the First meeting with the Dissertation supervisor.

You should prepare the list of a problem considering the amount of time you have for the meeting. Before preparing the agenda for the meeting. Preparation of the agenda tactics will help you in keeping your discussion relevant.  You can send a copy of the agenda to the supervisor before the first meeting. By sending the meeting agenda in advance to the thesis supervisor you can provide them an idea about what you intend to discuss during the meeting.

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  • Prepare work for discussion

The main objective of the supervision session or first formal meeting is to have a discussion on the dissertation and its progress. You should bring with you evidence of work with you.

The inclusion of evidence of work will help you in getting valuable feedback and guidance related to work. It is very much important for you to understand that the first formal supervisory meeting is an opportunity when you can obtain specific and highly valuable feedback about your work.

Before attending the first meeting with your Ph.D. supervisor you should prepare a list of questions that you want to discuss with them.

How to have a first productive meeting with Ph.D. supervisor

You need to take high initiatives for making your first formal meeting highly productive. Below is good advice for the first meeting with your supervisor.

1. Be professionals

Many researchers or scholars try to develop a friendly relationship with their thesis supervisor. Both scholars and supervisors put all their efforts into developing the potential to work with each other. You should adopt a professional approach during the supervisory meetings.

You should visit the meeting place on time. When attending the first Ph.D. meeting with your supervisor, it is very crucial for you to be honest in the context of sharing information about progress.

You should carefully listen to the suggestions or feedback provided by the Ph.D. supervisor. Active listening is considered as important which will help you in making the first meeting productive.

2. Take the lead

You should start the first meeting with a Ph.D. supervisor by referring to the agenda and listing the items you want to discuss.  During the first meeting with the Thesis advisor you should take the initiative for gathering the information about the expectations of your Dissertation supervisor.

Some of the questions which you can ask during the first formal meeting from Dissertation supervisor can be related to the working pattern, supervising styles, educational background, experience in the particular field, etc.  Asking questions is also very much important in order to make the first meeting more productive and interesting.

3. Prepare plan

Before organizing the first formal meeting with the thesis supervisor, you need to develop an effective plan. You can utilize the plan as the foundation for your first meeting with the Dissertation supervisor. It is the plan which will help you in determining when, how, and what type of supervision you can expect from the thesis supervisor.

4. Balance expectations and advice

It is very much important for both Dissertation supervisor and scholar to balance their own expectations. During the first meeting both should ask each other about their expectations. As developing understanding about expectations is very much essential in order to avoid a conflicting situation in the future

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Things to discuss with your supervisor at first meeting

During the first meeting with a Ph.D. supervisor you can have discussion about how to write a research paper or dissertation. At the first formal meeting with your supervisor you can discuss your goals and ideas. You can also talk about your career.  Graduate students can discuss the problems which they are facing in conducting research for writing a dissertation.

You can also discuss your research strategy during the first professional meeting with a Ph.D. supervisor.  It is very crucial for you to clearly state the objective which you intend to achieve by working on thesis or Dissertation. At the first meeting you can ask your supervisor about their publications or recent researches.

By gathering the information about the supervisor’s researchers and writing you will be able to whether you have choose the right supervisor or not. It is will help you in ensuring that your dissertation supervisor has knowledge about the field in which you are performing research.


It has been concluded from the above is that the first meeting with Dissertation supervisor can be helpful in relation to gaining valuable feedback nor work-related suggestions. Another fact which has been found is that by making a plan you can have a productive meeting with the thesis supervisor.

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