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Government Funded Courses in Ireland

If you are interested to pursue higher education and if you have the means and resources to do that then you surely can do that and you can also acquire new skills. Irish students who are unemployed or looking for a job or career change can select from a wide range of academic training programs that are funded by the SOLAS as well as various government agencies, and departments.

This helps the candidates who appear for such training programs to get various part-time and full-time job options and the candidates can choose any option according to their tastes and interests.

Government Funded Courses in Ireland

In this context, it is important to state that the eligibility conditions for pursuing academic training programs may vary from one course to another. Hence, the candidates need to check out the course details before applying for the course.

In this blog, the audience or the readers can get a vivid understanding of the various government-funded courses in Ireland. It helps the candidates interested to further their studies, and gain new professional skills to know the best options available.

E-Colleges in Ireland

In these tough times when the world is under the negative influence of Covid-19 offline education is not the trend. More and more students are obliged to pursue higher education online.

E-College is therefore offering online courses, temporarily, free of cost. It is offering courses digitally and it is offering courses that help to gain ICT as also business skills along with certifications.

Students who are affected by the Cocid-19 restrictions can apply to e-college, provided they are aged above 18 years.

Besides, the candidate applying for the course is required to have already completed FET courses but is not employed and wants to enhance skills.

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Academic and training programs

In this section of the article, the audience or the readers can gain useful insights about various academic and training programs that are funded by the Irish government.

Vocational training opportunity schemes also VTOS

If you are not employed in Ireland then this course helps you to come back to full-time academic activities. The different courses under VTOS are designed so that they meet the training and education requirements of unemployed youth in Ireland.

Back educations programs

This course helps Irish individuals, with opportunities to go back to full-time or part-time academic activities while continuing to receive support (monetary) such as back to education allowances or social welfare payments. To avail of this course, you must be receiving social welfare payments and you are also required to meet certain criteria.

PLC or post leaving certification courses

Such courses are offered to adult students and such courses incorporate a mix of academic work, practical work as also work experiences.

FET courses

FET is an acronym for Further Education and Training. Such courses are offered to candidates who want to upgrade or develop their skills, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors. Such courses are offered to students if they are unemployed. Most of the FET courses are free of cost. The students pursuing such courses can obtain allowances based on certain criteria.


WPEP is an acronym for Work Placements and Experiences Programs. This program offers job-related experiences to the candidate (male or female) if that person is not experienced or has lost his job. To avail of this program, the candidate must be obtaining social welfare payments. Candidates eligible for this program are entitled to obtain weekly WPEP allowances.


The springboard course offers eligible candidates (unemployed people) to avail free higher education. Candidates pursuing a springboard course are entitled to keep their social welfare payments while the course is being imparted to them.

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Skills for Works

This course provides education and training options for those who are engaged in full-time and part-time jobs. This course helps the students to enhance fundamental skills that are required in the workplace like IT skills, literacy, and numeracy.

 Skill net Ireland

This course is designed to help groups that are employed with private companies within Ireland to establish training networks and impart a wide variety of acknowledged training programs. This course is designed to furnish free-of-cost training to unemployed youths.


If you are a youth aged between 15 and 20 years, if you have stopped going to school and you don’t have any formal qualifications then this program (Youth-reach) helps you to obtain personal development, basic education, and work experiences as well as vocational training.


FIT is an acronym for Fast track to IT. This is a training program that is offered to individuals in Ireland who are obtaining various social welfare payments. The courses that are offered under this training program incorporate programming, web designing, PC maintenance, and broadband communications.

Workshops by Departments of justices in Ireland

If you are a part or not a part of the prison system in Ireland and require education and training, then you can find an appropriate course under the Departments of Justices Workshops which is run by the department of justice in Ireland.

Apart from the courses that are mentioned above, there are also night courses that are self-funded and these courses are organized by universities and colleges as also by local ETBs.

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