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Let Us Help you Find Good School for your Kids

A school is the first place where a student starts learning things. Whether a child will go to a primary school or will go to a secondary school, choosing the right place for their education is a primary concern for every Irish parent. All parents want the best and good school for their child.

A school is a place where a student spends his bulk time and learns how to behave socially and personally in terms of manners, so choosing the right one is the biggest complicated decision for every parent.

We will help you to find Good School for your kid

Whenever an Irish parent chooses a school for their child they will come up with so many questions like:

  • Which is the better option a community school or a vocational school
  • Is the mixed school is better than the single-sex school
  • Is the local school is the best option or is the private one
  • The school that has great academic results is better than the one which has a fantastic basketball coach

The entire Irish parents take this school decision very seriously. Research conducted by our experts found half of the parents want the best and nearest option for their child other than that half select school based on some factor.

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Factors involved in choosing a school for their kids:

    1. Location: This is a very practical consideration in choosing a school. So many parents prefer the school which is closer to their residential area because it involves very less time to travel and is easily accessible. Choosing the closest school has so many benefits, but if one’s priority is the location then selecting the one would be easy for them.
    2. Mixed-sex versus single-sex school: This is again a big point of consideration for parents. Studying in both (single and mixed) environments has its unique benefits. This is a quite controversial topic which one is the best for their child.
      Some studies say that both girls and boys do well when they study separately, while others say that girls do better in single-sex schools and boys perform well in mixed-sex schools. Some say that if they study separately girls learn in a less challenging environment and boys get a more active environment.
      While the debate on single versus mixed remains continuous. Research conducted by our experts shows that when students get a chance to study in a mixed environment they will get so many personal and social benefits including improved self-confidence and a better ability to make more friends.
    3. School size: This is again becoming a point to consider for the parent. When a student enters in school that is very big, they will not able to cope with a new environment.
      A study done by our experts shows that size doesn’t matter for a student if a student accompanies his friend or his sibling then it would be easier for them to get settled in a new environment.
    4. Student-Teacher ratio or class size: Teacher-student factor is the biggest factor that affects the quality of education of students. In Ireland, an official teacher-student ratio is one teacher for a maximum of 29 students. However, a recent study presented that some schools have a heavier ratio and others have a low ratio. A study presented that the lower the ratio the higher the quality of education to the student because a teacher gets more time for an individual.
    5. The cultural ethos of a school: Ireland is becoming a culturally diverse society. When choosing a school, it is considered whether the school caters the respect for the student’s culture or not. However, in Ireland, there is a growing group of schools with multi-dominations schools. A school that caters to a single religion always prefers to the children have the same religion but these schools should give a permit to the other religious child also.
      A student should not attend any religion class or a student should withdraw their child from such schools.
    6. Irish language: The Irish language is an integral part of a study in many schools but a study done by our team presented that a parent doesn’t have much interest in having their child study the language.
    7. Other activities: Does the school provide any facilities and activities to enhance the student’s interests.

This is a list of the factors while considering these points a parent might get help in the selection of a good school for their child. Parents can get benefits from taking with the parents or students who are already attending the school. They can share their experience with you.

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