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How to Begin a Conclusion for an Essay

The conclusion contains a summary of your paper. But while summarizing, Irish students generally commit some common mistakes by including irrelevant content in it. Students of Ireland try to write every single point of their research in the conclusion paragraph. Or sometimes they missed out on many essential points including maintaining its length.

It is very commonly seen that there is very little difference between the introduction and conclusion paragraph of research, as written by the Dublin students. But students must understand that the introduction part gives the reader an account of what you are going to explain in your article. On the other hand, the conclusion paragraph contains the final finding of your research, a summary, any solution to the problem, and even the moral.

How to Conclude an Essay

How to conclude an Essay?

The conclusion paragraph must be attractive as it is the heart of any article. During the shortage of time, readers mostly prefer to read the introduction and the conclusion paragraph. So it must be desirable as it leaves its impression on the reader’s minds. Here in this handout, there are proper guidelines for the students of Ireland regarding the conclusion paragraph. It would help them in minimizing the common mistakes which they have done while writing it. Along with that, students can now also be able to write every vital point in a specified length.

What is the best way to end an essay?

What is the definition of a conclusion? On the surface, the question appears to have a straightforward answer. Isn’t it the last paragraph (or so) of your essay that you bring your article to a close by restating your main points? Easy. We’re prepared to guess that if we asked you to come up with a few synonyms for an essay conclusion, you’d come up with words or phrases like “recap,” “summary,” “restatement of your argument,” and so on. And, indeed, you’ll probably discover all of these in the conclusion of an essay.

How can you avoid a bad essay conclusion?

Before we answer the topic of what an essay conclusion is, it’s helpful to consider what an essay conclusion isn’t.

  • It isn’t a repetition of your opening remarks.

Every university professor has seen an essay where a student has copied and pasted their introduction at the bottom of their paper virtually word-for-word. It should be self-evident that this is pointless. By repeating the same material over and over, you’re simply consuming words. And there would be no purpose in concluding the article with a conclusion that was just a repetition of the start. You might just end with your final argument in the body paragraph. Alternatively, if you wanted your reader to go back and read the introduction to refresh their memory on your main points, you could simply state, “See the introduction”!

  • It’s not merely a summary of your main points.

Another typical mistake students make is to regard the essay conclusion as merely a recap. They wrap up an essay with a short overview of all of the points they’ve made. This type of summary might be a vital component of your conclusion, especially if you’ve presented a succession of complex arguments in your essay. However, just like repeating your introduction, wasting valuable word count to rehash what you’ve already said is pointless and has no rhetorical or persuasive purpose.

  • It’s not the place to make fresh arguments or contribute new content.

Yes, your essay conclusion should not merely be a rehash, synopsis, or recitation of what you’ve already stated in your essay. However, rather than beginning to introduce something new, it is a place where you reflect on the points you’ve made.

What do you understand by a conclusion paragraph?

Writing a conclusion paragraph is a way to finish your article in a new package and bag it up to your reader. It is a way through which students of Ireland can attract the mind of readers towards the main argument, thesis statement, or any other issue of their research. It is the central part of your study that everyone wants to read.

It demonstrates to the readers what the students of Ireland have set in their research. The conclusion paragraph is the last part of any work, but it is the one that influences readers the most. It must be kept in mind by the students of Ireland that they have to bind the central idea of their research in the conclusion paragraph.

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Way to write a conclusion

It is a summary of what students of Ireland have written in their article. For writing an attractive conclusion paragraph, students must have to focus on the main idea of their research. The Dublin students must include the thesis statement in their conclusion paragraph along with the central idea and solution to the problem if any.

There are some guidelines for the students of Ireland which help them in writing a fabulous conclusion paragraph. Firstly, Dublin students have to read their introduction section carefully, and they use it as a guide map for them in writing of conclusion paragraph.

It is known to everyone that in the conclusion paragraph, it is of immense importance to write every main point in it. So to overcome this problem, there is an idea for the students of Ireland. As we all know, while writing an article, there are many paragraphs or sections. And students have to pick out a critical point from all these sections or paragraphs and write them down in their conclusion paragraph. In this way, students of Ireland can write every crucial aspect of their research.

And along with this, the length of the conclusion paragraph is also maintained. Irish students must keep in mind that their conclusion paragraph is sufficient enough to leave the reader to think about the topic. Your conclusion paragraph must be left in its footprints over the reader’s mind. There must be an impact of your conclusion on the reader’s brain.

A conclusion paragraph must contain

Some points must be included in your conclusion paragraph. Without these points, students of Ireland are not able to write a practical and attractive conclusion paragraph. It must be noted that Dublin students have bound up their whole research in just one conclusion paragraph. There is no space for new ideas in the conclusion paragraph.

Here you will write only the points which are being written earlier but in summarized form. Irish students must write their thesis statements and leave an impact on readers’ minds. After doing all these students of Ireland are done with their conclusion paragraph. At last, they have to read it thoroughly to avoid unnecessary grammar mistakes or to rewrite any missed out important points.

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A conclusion paragraph should not be confused with the introduction section. This end section of the paper allows you to wrap your final findings, sayings, morals, and a concise view of your research.

To maintain its length, you are not allowed to skip any significant point to include in it. It should be much more attractive as sometimes due to the shortage of time; your readers may directly jump on to this section to get a summary of your writing. Students of Ireland can also consider taking professional help to submit quality work to their professors if they are facing any problems in completing it.

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