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From Where You Can Find Dissertation Resources

A dissertation is a very common word among the Irish students studying their Masters, Doctorate, PhD and even Bachelor’s from an Irish university. Writing a dissertation is the most crucial task, an Irish student undergoes in his academic life. Dissertation writing procedure consists of many steps and chapters which made it a lengthiest procedure. One of the most important and time-consuming steps of dissertation writing is dissertation research. Research is a step which is conducted to find resources and information for the dissertation.

Once you’ve selected a topic of your dissertation writing the very next step you do is, conduct the research. Research of a dissertation can be done in many forms such as you can take interviews, read book, journals, experiments etc.

In this blog, we will discuss how we can find the resources, information and data for the dissertation.

  1. Libraries: The library is a traditional way to collect information where one student can find numerous books on the topic and its relevant areas but most of the students forget to take advantage of it.
    Instead of researching on the internet or somewhere else, if the students look for the library then they will overwhelm with the huge number of information related to their dissertation topic.
    Many universities including University College Cork, Ireland has their own online library where they have a very rare collection in it, where you get a chance to browse the shelves easily.
    Aside from the university library, a student can search dissertation resources from the public library, council-run library, where you can make a membership card and borrow the resources.
    Using libraries as the search resources for your dissertation can be boon for you where you can find a sea of resources for your dissertation writing.
  1. Journals: Journals are considered to be a very good resource for dissertation writing. Most of the journals are now available online and you can get hard copies of it in your college library. Many journals are produced online, while others are printed yearly, monthly, quarterly and weekly.
    Students can download many journals free of cost in PDF format. You can draw different viewpoints from the journal and use to create a strong argument for your dissertation.
    You may find a huge number of journals; you can select the appropriate one using proper keywords. You should precisely select the journal because there may be many with lower quality. You should thoroughly read the journal before selecting and taking quotes from it. Make sure you will not take any information from an unreliable journal or poor journal because it can abruptly affect your dissertation paper.
  1. Previously written dissertation: Study the past student’s dissertation paper is a good way to take the idea in the initial stage of dissertation writing. You can find a good dissertation written by past students, in your college library. These can be extremely helpful as they can provide you with a good example of how to write a dissertation paper and you can get clear idea on Do’s and Don’ts while writing a Dissertation.
    And you can get a clear picture of what type of work your examiner and professor is expecting from you.
  1. Bookshop: Another good way to find the information for dissertation writing. Whether you visit a large chain of bookshop like Crossword or you go to one small quirky bookshop, you can find a treasure of resources which you may not have seen previously.
    Though the internet is a good source, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of bookshops. You can make new discoveries if you go through with the bookshop.

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  1. Audio-visual material: If you want to master dissertation on your dissertation paper then you will have to think out of the box. Usually, every student thinks that only textbook, written information and internet are the source to get the information for dissertation but if you consider audio-visual material such as films, television serial, radio interviews, music and podcasts then you can get results beyond your expectation.
    Don’t feel afraid, get information from wherever you can relate to your topic and make an outstanding dissertation paper.
  1. The internet: The web is the biggest and valuable resource for dissertation research but before selecting any, you need to be aware of the unreliable and unauthenticated sites and information.
    There are many open websites such as Wikipedia and cyclopaedia which are open for everyone and the information is written by the public, so better not select any information from them.
    Whenever you will include any information from the internet then keep a record of the website address and date you have visited the site, you need to include that in the bibliography section to protect your dissertation with plagiarism.
  1. Interview: A great way to research on the dissertation is to take interview of the people. You can take the interview in numerous ways; the method totally depends on the topic of your dissertation.
    The quality of information totally depends on the interviewer and the person being interviewed.
  1. Observation: Observation is another good resource for dissertation research. This is used in some specific condition such as if you want to know what certain group of people do in specific circumstances then the simplest and effective way to get information is, do watch those people under those circumstances.
  1. Questionnaire: The questionnaire is another important way to collect information if your dissertation question is require collecting information from a group of people or needs a standardised comparison from a number of people.
    The questionnaire is most suited in the case when you need to measure certain parameter for a group of people or to make comparisons between groups of people.
    These are some resources from which you can select the information for your dissertation paper. Many students select only one resource but you can choose 2-3 or even more resources to research the information for the dissertation paper.

Whenever you use some internet resource or any other published resource for your dissertation paper then you should always note down the main source of that resource because you need to include at the end of the dissertation paper in the bibliography section.

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