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Comparative Essay Writing

In 2016, a comparative essay became part of the study design. So being new to the concept, it is not clear to all students. Students come to know everything about a comparative essay in this handout. How to write a comparative essay is a package for knowledge regarding the comparative essay.

Firstly we start with its definition and then move toward the guidelines on How to write a comparative essay. Students of Ireland must read this handout carefully, and then all their questions concerning the comparative essay are cleared. After reading it, Dublin students will find it easy to write a piece of this type.

How To Write A Comparative Essay

Meaning of the comparative essay

To know the proper definition is the foremost thing to do while learning any topic. If Irish students directly jump to the guideline part without knowing its meaning, then, this will not be the correct way to understand it. Knowledge without proper definition is always incomplete.

Dublin students certainly should understand what a comparative essay is when they get to compose. The comparative essay is a multi-paragraph structure that attempts to clarify how two topics are either comparable or distinct. Such articles focus on examining & contrasting different elements of the issues concerned.

Steps to writing a comparative essay

Pay close attention to the subject.

Always remember that Dublin students must know precisely – what they are asked to do with the subject. The subject may encourage a wide-ranging thematic comparison, requiring a thorough knowledge of how a specific topic gets examined in each of these texts.

Other issues concentrate on an element of the building of the documents. Students come to know about the representation and positioning of the various topics. Dublin students also get to know how to demonstrate knowledge of the type and style of the texts in a comparative essay.

Students of Ireland might also find a subject comprising single or just two phrases. This sort of matter requires a quite comprehensive understanding of their texts. Students need to acknowledge each quote’s background and recognize the basic idea that gets discussed in each quote.

Try to give almost equal weightage to every text

A comparative essay gives weightage to both similarities and differences. The pairing of each document has been thoroughly selected to provide points of contrast. While students of Ireland might prefer one text to the other, which is vital, they do not permit the debate to be limited in scope.  In the planning phases, this can be achieved, offering Dublin students prosperity of content to be used in the essay.

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Type of approach for the comparative kind of essay

Irish students are already acquainted with the broad framework of a comparative essay, and it consists of an overview, multiple body paragraphs as well as a summary. The outline should provide a strong statement alerting the audience to your answer to the subject, as well as the primary concepts that will get explored in the article written by the writer. Students must include references for both texts. For the Dublin students, there are mainly two fundamental body choices: a woven strategy and a block approach.

  • Block approach: This strategy includes dedicating one or two paragraphs to each document, investigating how both of them approach the theme’s thoughts. The final sections of the body combine this content and address the resemblance and distinctions between the attitudes of the texts to the critical concepts discussed in the essay
  • Woven approach: The woven essay attracts proof from both writings in each body chapter using a more advanced framework. Subject phrases concentrate on an aspect of the concepts posed by the subject instead of on individual writings or personalities. So that Irish students can explore content from both sources of information throughout the section freely.

Concentrate on the differences as well as the similarities.

We have a strong tendency to notice similarities across texts, which are usually easy to spot; however, it is often the differences that lead to the most interesting discussions. These provide you with the chance to compare and contrast different circumstances and points of view, demonstrating your understanding of the texts and the concepts they present.

Make use of connecting words and phrases.

Use appropriate linking words and phrases to maintain fluidity and continuity while transferring the discussion between sources, regardless of the overall essay structure you’ve chosen. These connections help your reader grasp the relationship between the ideas you’re talking about, whether they’re similarities or differences.

Similar words and phrases include: similarly, likewise, in the same way, also, along similar lines, and in the same manner.

In comparison, on the other hand, unlike, despite, nonetheless, conversely, on the contrary, nevertheless are phrases that can be used to show contrast.

Examine a variety of elements

Consider a range of textual aspects in your conversation to offer depth to your response. While the topic may lead you to concentrate on character or theme, you will be able to add more depth to your response if you can incorporate other parts of the texts into your discussion. You could analyze the impact of the narrative voice, how structure impacts a reader’s responses, the impact of genre on the texts’ development, or differences in style or authorial purpose. All of these factors allow you to think about the texts as constructions, resulting in a more complicated and comprehensive analysis.

Guidelines for writing a Comparative Essay

  • Targeting the similarities and differences: Students of Ireland should try to be quite alert about the resemblance between texts that are generally comparatively easy to define. However, the first and most exciting debate will often depart from weighing the distinctions. Many such provide Dublin students with a chance to discover unfavourable circumstances and viewpoints, thereby showing their commitment to both the writings and the thoughts they put forward.
  • Using specific linking sentences and phrases: While shifting the debate among both texts irrespective of the general essay framework, Dublin students must use suitable quotes and sentences to keep language proficiency. These connections assist the reader in recognizing the link between the concepts; Irish students are talking about, even if they have resemblances or differences. When used intentionally, these phrases and expressions assist in navigating the reader into your debate. It will make sure that they know the connection between both the writings and the thoughts discussed in the reply of Dublin students.
  • Researching the range of elements: Students of Ireland should start considering a range of textual components in the debate to add interest to their answers. Whereas the subject may trigger Irish students to concentrate on personality or storyline. If you can pull other elements of both texts into your debate, your reaction will be more profound.

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Comparative essays are debatable essays. In this Irish students have to focus on both (similarities and dissimilarities) for each text. As it is a new concept, students can also consider taking help from online experts.

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