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How to Write a Research Paper?

A research paper is a kind of academic paper that enables students to perform surveys and collect information about the topic. It presents an original thesis. The main objective of writing a research paper is to increase knowledge about a particular subject or topic. In the context of the research paper, students need to identify questions and answers for the same.

How to Write a Research Paper ?

Step 1: Understand the assignment

Before writing the research paper it is very much important for you to develop an understanding of the assignment. After that, you need to review the guidelines provided by professors, as this will help you in determining the requirements for writing a research paper.  Developing an understanding of the assignment is very much important as it will provide an idea about how to start a research paper?

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Step 2: Selection of topic

It is a phase where you need to select an appropriate topic for writing a research paper. You should select the topic according to your interests. At the time of choosing the research topic, you should look at the university guideline.

Note: You should not select the technical topics for writing a research paper. Students can make use of the Internet for searching topics. You can choose specific issues faced by the organization or people in society as a research topic.

Step 3:  Execute the preliminary investigation

This is a stage when you will need to gather information about how to research for a paper?

It is a phase when you need to conduct the preliminary research for identifying the relevant sources for gathering information. Before executing the preliminary investigation, you should formulate certain research questions. It is the tactics that will help you in developing an understanding of the type of information to be searched.

Step 4: Organizing research

After the execution of an investigation, you need to prepare an outline for a research paper. It means that you are required to make notes of important points, these tactics will help you in properly organizing your research.

In simple words, you need to group your main ideas systematically and logically.

Step 5: Formulate a thesis statement

It is a short statement that consists of a one-line explanation of the fact that the authors intend to explain.

For example, you can write, my paper includes an explanation about the behavior of a human in a different situation.

Create a comprehensive outline with a thesis statement to help with the clarity and article’s organization. The thesis statement will provide you with guidance throughout the writing research procedure.

Step 6: Write an introduction for a research paper

It is a phase where you need to write an introduction. You should include the background information, purpose of research, thesis statement, etc. In the beginning sentence of your research paper, you can write unusual facts, Questions, etc. as this will help you in developing the interest of the reader. The introduction section should not be too lengthy.

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Step 7: Write the main body for the research paper

It is a step where you need to analyze the facts gathered from different sources. Here, you should include the main argument relevant to the topic. While writing the main body section, you should emphasize the thesis statement. Begin every paragraph of the main body with the topic sentence.

Before writing the main body of the research paper you need to create an outline and review guidelines. You are required to write a research essay considering your objectives. At the time of writing the main body, you need to integrate the sources in the discussion section of the research paper.

After completion of the research paper, you should make sure that you’re research essay that you are writing revolves around key points. After that, you need to provide a summary and perform an analysis of the research paper before finally submitting it.

Step 8: Write a conclusion for the research paper

At this stage, you need to provide a summary of key arguments. If in case, you have not demonstrated the importance of your study then you can include the same in the conclusion. You can also include suggestions about a similar topic on which further investigation can be performed. While writing the conclusion for the research paper you need to include a detailed consideration after that general consideration.

Step 9: Revise, proofread, and editing

While revising, and proofreading the research paper you should focus on the following things such as sentence formation, transitions, the flow of ideas, the structure of paragraphs, etc. During proofreading and revising you should make sure that all ideas are included in the research paper, and it also consists of supporting evidence.

After making the changes or editing, you need to again proofread the sentence to ensure that all sentences make sense. In the context of editing, you need to remove unwanted words, phrases, or sentences. Small mistakes such as punctuation and grammar mistakes should be addressed and eliminated.

Step 10: Organization of research paper

It is considered one of the keys to effectively writing a research paper. You should systematically arrange all your ideas as it will help you to write a good research paper.

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Other Important Things you must consider while writing a research Paper

Below are a few things to consider while writing a research paper. As it would assist in obtaining higher grades.

A) Concentrate on research procedure

Before start writing the research paper, you should conduct a preliminary investigation about the topic. It is the tactic that will help you in developing an understanding of the issue.

By investigating at an initial stage you will get a rough idea of the key points you can include in your research paper. Preliminary research will also assist you in the identification of sources from which you can gather information.

After, the accumulation of facts, you should note key points. This strategy will help you in organizing your research paper.

B) Preparing an outline before writing

Before writing the research paper, you should prepare an outline. It will help you in the organization of ideas or thoughts in a logical manner which is important for writing a good research paper. Outline research provides guidance related to the writing procedure. A research paper outline is a list o what is to be included.

At this phase, you need to provide appropriate headings for each section. It is very much essential for you to prepare a research outline before starting to write a research paper.

C) Paragraph structure

it is very much important for you to develop an understanding that paragraphs are the important elements of the research paper. While writing paragraphs for a research paper, you need to mainly emphasize a single idea that will help in the establishment of arguments.

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