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Abstract Format For Thesis Writing 

The most common mistakes committed by Irish students while writing an abstract for their thesis & research papers are – either they try to include unnecessary points in it or skip essential points to include maintaining its respective length. Both cases affect the quality of their thesis abstract and hence, overall research work.

The students of Ireland must keep their strict focus on covering every important aspect in their abstract and try to delete less important points if there is any. Your abstract should be much attractive and efficient for your readers. It is sometimes the first most or the only thing that your readers consider to decide whether the entire paper reading would be worth their purpose or not.

How to Write an Abstract for Thesis

What Do You Mean by the thesis abstract?

A significant part of your thesis is abstract. It is probably the first substantive description of your work read by an individual investigator, presented at the beginning of the thesis. You should see this as a chance to set the precise expectations. A comprehensive summary of the whole project work is known as abstract. In abstract, the students of Ireland must write each aspect of their research in extremely condensed form. An abstract often operates as a stand-alone document along with the title of the thesis.

Abstracts appear in the bibliographic indexes like those of Psyc Info, without the complete text of the thesis. They might be provided in dissertation examination announcements. An abstract is indeed not an overview to start preparing the reader for the thesis in the sense of a preamble, preface and advance planner. Concerning a specific feature, if there are spare time and room for the complete text, it must be able to replace the entire thesis.

Writing an Abstract

It enables prospective readers to recognize rapidly what your article is all about and assess whether it is worth the read. A summary of what the students of Ireland have done in their research is written in the abstract. Below mentioned are some points which must be added in your abstract:-

  • The topic of your study along which aim and primary objective.
  • A short description of the methodology used by the Dublin students.
  • A brief account of the main finding or result.
  • And at last, the conclusion.

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Students of Ireland must keep it in their mind that the abstract should be added at the beginning of the research. But it should be written in the last when the whole of your research work is done. While doing your research, students must prepare notes in which they write everything regarding their project in brief. And at last when they are done with their work, then those notes will act as a guide map and help them to write the abstract.

The abstract is written after the acknowledgment & title page but should be before the page of the table of contents. The abstract is written in almost all the research work, dissertation, thesis and anything written for an academic journal.

  1. Length of abstract: It is highly variable depending on your topic and writing content. Dublin students must remember that in abstract they are not going to elaborate any of the points, and generally, it’s the length in about 150-300 words.
  2. Aims and the main topic of an abstract: Firstly, the students of Ireland must start writing the abstract by clearly stating the purpose of their research. The abstract should further include what type of solution is being given in your research regarding a particular problem. It consists of the importance of your study or why it is necessary to research your topic. And what you want to find out from your work is also added in the abstract. Students of Ireland can also include brief information in regards to their topic of research from the social and economic background. It must be noted that students should not go in-depth on social and economic history.
  3. Methodology: A brief description of about one or two sentences must be written in the abstract about the methods used by the students of Ireland. It includes what type of strategies and techniques being used by the Dublin students in finding the desired result.
  4. Result and conclusion: After writing all this, now, it is the tie to write your outcome. Depending upon the duration of your research, you might not be able to conclude all your results here. But it should be noted that at least the main conclusions must be written here.

Finally, Irish students must conclude their research work. Also, the solution to the problem or issue being raised through your research must be written here. After this, the central idea of your study must be evident in the minds of readers through your abstract.

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The abstract is the most crucial element of almost every academic paper. It gives a precise view of your more considerable work. It should be written after completing your entire research work and should be placed at the beginning. It is sometimes the only and first most things that your readers consider to decide whether it would be worth reading the entire paper or not. Dublin students should not try to skip any vital aspect to include as it may affect the efficiency of your work.

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