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Academic Essay Paper Structure And Introduction

The students must know skills for writing an academic essay in Ireland because it will help them throughout their life. If any Dublin student wants to continue his career in the educational field, an academic essay plays a crucial role for them, to know the way of writing an academic essay. In childhood or during the learning stage of Irish students, supervisors have been guiding them about the criteria for writing an essay.

However, unfortunately, Dublin students don’t pay much attention to the advice given by the professors.

So in this handout, all the rules and guidelines that must be known by the students are written here. After knowing all the rules for writing an academic essay, Irish students then can quickly write it without any stress and tension. The scholars must read this handout carefully and apply the methods described herein in their academic essay too.

How to Write an Academic Essay

Carefully follow the given guidelines for the assignment

Every student should read all the instructions and guidelines quickly and thoroughly that are demanded by their supervisors. It is necessary to check for which type of essay you are going to conduct your research. Even the writing styles of every kind of article (compare & contrast, argumentative, analytical, etc.) are different. In argumentative essays, Irish students need to present their strong arguments and have to conduct a study with proofs that they are going to show concerning their cases.

Guidelines also include the formatting style that the students of Ireland have to follow in their academic papers. A common mistake committed by most of the students is that they take this section for granted or consider it as an ending task. It can make the process cumbersome. So students should follow the recommended format from the starting. If not specified, they can either ask for the one or use the default format. The recommended citation should also be formatted appropriately in either style (APA, MLA, Chicago).

Start your research for the selected topic

The most critical and exciting on the same side activity in writing any academic essay is research. Students of Ireland should keep track of the accurate sources while doing their research. It is totally up to the students to prepare their reference list along with or at the end. If students decide to write it after completing their entire research, then they must create rough-notes of all sources for their later use. It will protect their content from getting plagiarism.

Students should start their research from the sources provided by their academics. They should try to gather most of the data from there. If there is any need to go for further details at other places, then they should research books, newspapers, magazines before going online. They should start their online research in the end. While creating the reference list, it is necessary to follow the recommended format. Sources can be either primary or secondary. There should be a transparent partition between both types of sources. Moreover, an essential factor is to mention the complete reference in the bibliography instead of just describing the source head name.

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Create the essay

After collecting the data to write in your paper, it’s time to write it down on the paper. It is recommended to firstly prepare a thesis statement according to the subject and topic of your academic essay. The thesis statement should be much attractive to grab the attention of the readers and much effective as further content is going to revolve around this statement only. Students must include the thesis statement with a short overview of the proof you will use to help your thesis towards the end of your introduction.

Students of Ireland should prepare an outline after narrowing down their topic. Organize your thoughts in the proper order in which you are going to write the researched content. After outlining correctly, it’s time to present your ideas and arguments on the paper. It is the most critical part, as it is the outcome of all your efforts. It is necessary to support your points with possible pieces of evidence and examples. Analyze the data and structure it properly. Try to simplify the language by keeping in mind the type of your readers.

Prepare the introduction, decide the number of paragraphs for the body section, and at the end, give the summary of your paper. Give the main focus to the introduction and conclusion sections as sometimes readers just read these only. Rest of researched data goes with body section in multiple paragraphs.

Revise the essay

It is essential to give a final revision of your paper to improve its accuracy. Students should do editing and proofreading to rectify the standard errors. Read your article multiple times or ask someone else to read it for you and edit the content if there is any need. Polishing the essay is required to enhance efficiency.

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As the rules, methods, or guidelines described in this handout are beneficial for the Dublin students. It will help them to write a persuasive academic essay. A final revision of their essay is must as after this last revision, many common errors from the essay would have vanished. An errorless essay would give a good impact on the minds of the readers.