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Essay Writing Guide For Beginners

Students are very much acquainted with the word essay as they have gone through this word many times during their academic life. But still, they do not know the appropriate way of writing an essay. It is very commonly seen that the Dublin students make many silly mistakes in their article, which is not expected by their professors. Scholars thought writing an essay would be very easy, but in reality, it is not that much easier. There are a few guidelines that students of Ireland must follow before start writing an essay.

When students of Ireland are assigned an assignment on writing an essay, they take it very lightly and do not make efforts to complete it. Irish students mostly sought the help of their elder cousins, family members or also from the internet. But, this type of support to the students by their relatives contribute zero in their learning process. So, the students must know the proper way of writing an essay. Here in this handout, there is a stepwise guideline for students which can help them in writing a useful and attractive composition.

How to Write an Essay

Understanding the essay subject

It is the first step for writing an essay. First of all, Irish students must read their topics or assignment carefully with the utmost attention. It is necessary for the students first to identify the type of essay it is, i.e. critical type, narrative type or an argumentative type. After this, there will be a framework for your essay writing in the minds of the students of Ireland. One of the common mistakes that Dublin students do during essay writing is that they do not try to understand their topic deeply. Students mostly start writing their essays in an unordered manner. There is not any idea in their minds in this regard.

Dublin students also seek the help of their elders in the proper understanding of the topic. During reading your assignment thoroughly, students of Ireland must narrow down the content of writing in their essays. Now, before Dublin student jumps to the next step, the primary purpose of this mind should be clear in their mind. So in a nutshell in this step, there will be a clear cut understanding of the topic in thoughts of the students before they move on to the next stair of essay writing.

Planning and organizing the essay

At this point, students are transparent with their topic and with what they have to write in their essays. Now, it is time for the scholars to start research on their topic. Dublin students can approach the books relevant to their essays and also access to internet sources. After surveying the sources, there will be a lot of matter in the hands of Dublin students to write in their essay. Now, students have to synchronize their data and write it in a meaningful way.

Students of Ireland must pay attention to the thesis statement as a thesis statement is the central point of attraction for the readers. This statement itself tells the reader about the main idea behind your essay. Any question which is being answered through your essay, any main argument or any solution to the significant problems of the society, become your thesis statement.

While surveying your research through different sources, students of Ireland must have to make rough notes. These notes will help students in summarizing their data according to the length required for the essay. You can do as many amendments as you want to do in your rough notes. And after this, all these students of Ireland are left with a framework of their desired essay.

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Draft the essay

There are many sections in the essay; firstly, there is an introduction part. This part provides an overview of the context of the essay. After the introduction, there will be a central part of the essay where Dublin students are going to write about the main argument, thesis statement and also counter-argument if any. Students of Ireland must keep it in their minds that they have to clear their central argument in the essay properly. Along with all these Irish students must write some lines on the source of information too. At last, at the end of their essay, they have to write a summary or conclusion of their essay writing.

Final revision

Now, it is the revision time. It is necessary to revise the whole essay thoroughly after completing it. Because of this, students may face grammatical mistakes which left a wrong impression over the minds of readers. So this step is the finishing step where scholars proofread their essay and try to vanish out all the possible errors in their essay.

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Essay writing is not as much a typical task as it seems. It becomes even easier if students follow their basic guidelines step by step. Understanding the subject correctly, planning and organizing the essay, draft it, then make a final revision. Students of Ireland can also take professional assistance if they are any need. Their main focus should be on writing an effective thesis statement for their essay.

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