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Writing Group Assignment for Irish College & University

Group essays or assignments are part of the college or university curriculum of a student in Ireland. Often in Irish colleges or universities, the students are asked to contribute collaboratively as part of a group in doing assignments.

Writing group essays require any one student to work in groups with other students to create essays for assessments. The purpose of writing group essays is to encourage students to work as part of a team. Group work also enhances collaborative thinking using co-authorship.

How to Write Group Assignment : Comprehensive Guide to Irish University Students

This is a blog that features the various steps that are involved in writing group assignments. The blog also provides information on helpful strategies for doing group writing.

Step By Step Guide for Group Assignment Writing

In collaborative essay writing or research paper writing the members of a group has to participate. Often the participation is equal implying that the members of the group contribute equally to the collaborative writing process.

Sometimes, the participation of the different members that are within the group may vary. The important thing while accessing group assignments is to give credit to group members who have actively participated in writing assignments.

This section of the blog features the different steps that are involved in group assignment writing or collaborative assignment writing.

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Step 1 -Pre-writing process

In this step the different group members can engage in brainstorming, they can share notions, formulate arguments, and draft a thesis. In this stage of collaborative assignment writing the group members can ponder about the assignment they are working on, they can also ponder on the final product and try to understand the purpose of the product, decide on the audience which is best suited for the product.

Step 2 – Logistics and planning

This is one of the important steps when it comes to writing assignments in the group. The participants in the group writing process have to decide on the role of the contributors in group writing.

They require having a clear knowledge of the tasks that they are supposed to do. The participants need to discuss the final product and they require arranging meetings for the same.

The participants of group assignment writing require to discuss the frequency of meetings, they are also required to discuss the time and place of meetings. At this stage of group assignment writing, the participants require knowing about the deadlines for the submission of the final product.

They also require knowing about the deadlines for the submission of drafts related to the final product.

Step 3 – Data collection and research

For writing assignments, it is very important to research as also collect data. In this step, the assignment writers must refer to sources like books, newspapers, journals, and websites for data relevant to the research activity.

The writers who are part of the group require consulting among them to understand the person who should be in charge of reading as also processing the information that is found during research.

It is also important for the writers to do critical thinking about the various reference sources that are utilized in the group assignment writing. Most importantly, the writers participating in group assignment writing require analyzing the data that is sourced during research.

Step 4 –Writing or drafting

The different members that comprise the group have separate responsibilities when it comes to writing content for group assignments. The members of the group often meet to work collaboratively.

In this context, it is relevant to add that each member of the group has his or her, own writing style. However, care must be taken to make sure that the sentences that make up the group assignment write-up are clear and free from ambiguity.

Step 5 – Editing, revising, and proof-reading

This step is very important when it comes to group writing. In this part, the different write-ups are required to be merged to form a single document. Next care should be taken to make sure that the flow of writing throughout the write-up is uniform.

The document requires to be revised well and any spelling or grammar errors should be addressed properly. Care must be taken to make sure that the evidence that is presented in the group assignment write-up is very much in a logical order.

When it comes to proofreading the document needs to be carefully checked for grammar errors, and spelling issues.

Perfect Writing Strategy for Group Assignments

In this section of the blog, certain helpful strategies for group assignment writing are discussed.

1. Attitude is important

Group assignment writing can be a challenging task but the participants in group assignment writing must be enthusiastic in contributing to group work.

While engaging in group activity it is important that you respect fellow members, and discuss and contribute.

2. There should be adequate time for revising

If the group assignment has a certain delivery date then as participants you require to make sure that the writing part is completed as soon as possible and that there is adequate time for revising or proofreading.

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3. A proper strategy for scheduling

Organize meetings to discuss group assignment writing. There should be proper strategies when it comes to scheduling meetings.

4. The effective and proper way for sharing files

The contributors to group assignment writing require using appropriate file-sharing mechanisms like dropbox, email attachments, and Google documents.

5. Separate the tasks of proof-reading and revising

The tasks for revising and proofreading must be handled separately. If required these tasks need to be handled by separate group members.

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