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Why Homework Is Important for Irish Students?

Homework is a set of tasks given to the Irish students by their teachers or facilities, which is supposed to be completed, outside of the school, usually at home. Homework generally required reading, writing, or typing projects or some other skills too. So in short Irish students are not much excited with the homework they got assigned by their schools because they are much more fascinated with other options available but we can’t sidestep homework’s importance in Irish student life afterwards.

Why Homework Is Important for Irish Students

Homework plays an important role in Irish students’ development. It helps students to succeed and built a lifelong habit of learning. It also gives a chance to parents and students to work together, interact with each other, and spend a little more time with each other. It also helps parents understand the overall development of their child.

Homework is not a waste of time

Students think that Homework is waste of time but if a student gives a couple of hours to the homework and take their homework seriously they come to know their strengths, their weakness and the subject they need to focus on and give more attention to.

In today’s scenario sometimes the problem is not that, the student doesn’t want to do their homework but the main problem is that they want to spend their full time on gadgets, cell phones, social networking, and exciting video games.

Some parents and students think that going to school for such a long day is enough than coming back to school, sitting down and dutifully doing the homework do make not much sense, but in a long run, it’s worth doing it.

Purpose of Homework

The purpose of giving the homework is to reinforce the learning of students that was taught in the classroom. The successful students are those who efficiently give attention in the class and give extra little hours to their work at home.

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Is Homework necessary at the primary level

Homework is a learning process that starts from a student’s primary level. In early childhood age, the world seems to them one unity and they are very active in exploring things. At this age of learning, new things are exciting for children and they easily forget the thing which is not repeated. Homework Helps them to practice and recall the things that are taught in the class and helps them to improve their writing habits and make them disciplined.

Benefits of Homework

Homework is an important extension of classroom studies. It helps to inherit the ideas which are taught in the class and helps students in many ways.

  • Improve child’s thinking ability and memory: Homework provide students with an opportunity to remind all the things which are taught in the classroom that helps students to increase their intellectual ability.
  • Time Management: Students learn to complete/assignments within a specific time limit because homework is not the only thing that they need to do after school.
  • Independency: Student has to complete their work on their own. They learn to complete their work independently.
  • Make students responsible: Completing their homework on their own is students’ responsibility provided by their teachers. It gives a chance to become responsible.
  • Develop writing skills: Generally, the student has to write or type their homework. When they will be coming to higher standards they will get essays and assignments as their homework where they have to write a lot on a specific topic, so it helps students to improve their writing skills.
  • Improve research skills: To finish their assignments or essay student has to gather a lot of information, so they have to surf on internet and books that help to increase their research skills.
  • Test preparation: Sometimes students are asked for a surprise test. If a student is consistent towards his Homework then only he is always prepared for any test.
  • Make them originating: Homework gives chance to students to make their own short stories and narrate a specific word that helps them to become innovative, imaginative, and creative.
  • Integrated learning: Sometime in completing their science or mathematic projects students has to apply many different skills to the same task.

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Homework is considered to be an important part of student learning. It should be balanced in nature, relative and straightforward. The amount and the complexity of homework given to primary class students vary, but the consistency of homework should be there in schools.

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