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Inductive Vs Deductive Approach in Research

The inductive approach is the opposite of the deductive approach.  College-going students studying for Masters’s or bachelor’s often have confusion related to the inductive and deductive approaches. Deductive reasoning operates from the broadest to the narrowest level of abstraction.
Inductive reasoning moves from individual facts to broader generalizations and ideas in the other direction.

Inductive Vs Deductive Approach

In this article, our research paper writing team is providing the differences between inductive and deductive research approaches for helping students in avoiding confusion.

Inductive research approach: Meaning

The inductive research approach is also known as inductive reasoning begins with observation and theories which the researcher proposes at the end of the research process.

An investigator analyzes patterns, regularities, and resemblances in experiences for concluding. Inductive reasoning has great importance as a Scientific method. It is a technique that most scientists utilize for developing hypotheses and theories.

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An inductive research approach researcher generally uses for executing Qualitative research. Researcher generally utilizes inductive reasoning when they have no idea about research results. It is inductive reasoning which enables the researcher to provide a proper explanation of the occurrence of a particular situation. Investigator also applies an inductive research approach for such for executing research on such topics on which there is no existing literature.

Example of inductive logic: The coin which boy pulled from the bag is a penny. That coin is a Penny. A second coin from the bag is a penny.  Therefore, all the coins in the bag are pennies.

Example 2. An Airline has 100 flights which have flights which you have observed. All flights get delayed.  After a continuous delay of 100 flights, but still, you can’t make the assumption that 101 flights will also be delayed.

Deductive Research approach: Meaning

Deductive reasoning is a research approach that is based on the general idea of creating particular situations. It is a research Approach that is related to Positivism research philosophy.

At the time of applying the positivism research philosophy, you need to determine the hypothesis. The deductive research approach researcher mainly utilizes for performing scientific research. Deductive reasoning enables scientists to apply various theories in specific circumstances.

Note:  During making a selection of specific research approaches you are required to consider research objectives.


  • It is a myth among Chinese community that Man is mortal which is premise.
  • Jemmy is a man which is basically a second Premise.
  • The conclusion drawn from above premise is that Jemmy is mortal.

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Difference between the inductive and deductive approach

The main difference between inductive and deductive reasoning are as follows:

Inductive Approach Deductive approach
It mainly emphasizes analyzing the patterns.It is based on facts and evidence.
Inductive reasoning helps in making general conclusions about evidence that has been observed.Deductive reasoning provides solid and repeatable conclusions.
Inductive reasoning might not always have strong conclusions about the validity of its hypothesis.Deductive reasoning always has strong conclusions in both cases when the premise is valid or invalid.
Inductive moves from observation to the idea.It moves from idea to observation.
It moves from more specific to the journal.The deductive approach moves from general to more specific.
An inductive approach helps in measuring the probability that a specific argument is true.It is a research approach that has an unassailable conclusion that is based on assumptions that all premises are true.
The inductive approach mainly emphasizes the generation of new theories by using the facts which the researcher accumulates through research.The deductive research approach mainly focuses on testing hypotheses to make sure that a particular observation is true.
You need to apply the inductive approach when there is no hypothesis that is present related to the topic on which you are performing research.Deductive reasoning is applicable in a situation when the theory related to the topic of investigation exists.
The process of applying the inductive research approach includes 3 different steps these are:

1. Collection of information

2. Analysis of facts

3. Development of theory

The  3 steps  which need to follow for applying the deductive approach to your research are :

1. Creation of hypothesis

2. Analysis of information

3. Determination of hypothesis

The main advantage of the inductive research approach is that it enables the researcher to explore new aspects of the study.

Another key advantages of the inductive research approach are that it provides researchers ease in the generalization of research findings.

Deductive reasoning mainly concentrates on causality.


The main advantages of deductive reasoning are that it helps you in defining the causal relationship between two or more variables of the study.

The biggest limitation of inductive research is that it is very much difficult to prove the conclusion.The important limitation of the deductive research approach is that deductive reasoning can only be true in a situation when all the premises are true and all terms are clear.
The researcher mainly uses an inductive research approach for executing qualitative research.Investigators use a deductive approach for performing Quantitative Research.


from the above article, it has been summarised that the deductive approach is the opposite of the inductive research approach. Another fact that has been found is that in deductive approach is utilized for testing theory and the inductive approach is mainly concerned with the formulation of a new hypothesis.

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