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Is Childcare Course Hard?

There are so many students in Ireland who want to take the Early Childhood Care and Education Course, but they always ask “Is the childcare course hard?” Well, now we’re spilling all of our beans about what it is really like.

The Irish students looking for a job should read this article. Often before stepping into an early care education course, students ask: Is childcare difficult? So with that question driving us towards telling you more about how good your future will be if you get involved in this industry!

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Now, for both FETAC level 5 and level 6, Childcare courses are predominant. Enrolling in these courses is an arduous task. It’s not only that the student has to worry about their grades, but they also have to manage to study and work at the same time which creates a lot of confusion for students who are juggling learning with job responsibilities.

There are no lectures in this Early Care & Education Practice 5N1770 (QQI Level 5) course because it is delivered entirely online.

This course may be completed in 8 weeks, which is plenty of time, and students can begin it at any time during the year that is convenient for them. Students can request an extension from the institution if they need to extend this period for any reason during or near the end of the course.

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Is Childcare Course Hard for Irish Students?

The answer to this question is that Childcare Courses are hard if not practised properly. Without effort, each and everything seems to be hard. But, once you step into it, there is no looking back. So, for students who want to pursue Childcare as their career, they must. Also, after completing Childcare courses learners can avail some great job opportunities and move ahead in their lives.

Is it difficult to work in the field of child development?

Teaching toddlers, like other careers, involves a balanced blend of acquired and innate abilities. Continue reading to learn what our experts have to say about the sticky, sweet, and necessary elements for working in the field of child development.

The sticky stuff

It seems like kids always have glue or jam on their hands. It doesn’t matter if there’s any glue or jam in the neighborhood; gooey hands still happen! Working with small children, on the other hand, can be sticky and perplexing at times. If you want to be sure you’re ready for a job in child development, you need first to understand the pitfalls of teaching early childhood education (ECE).

The good things

If you can make it through the bad stuff, you’ll be rewarded with the good stuff! Nothing compares to the nice, fuzzy feeling you receive when you help someone who is in need. When you have the chance to mold the future leaders of your community, double that by two.

The essentials

Every recipe calls for a few key ingredients, such as flour, baking soda, or yeast, to keep it all together. In the same way, some characteristics are required for a successful profession in child development.

Purpose of Childcare Course

Before taking up the Childcare module one must know the in and outs of it. The Childcare module aims at providing complete knowledge and skill to the learner so that he can implement the learning programs in the future. Also, the modules are designed in a way to makes learning fun. It helps in imbibing practical knowledge regarding childcare and education and draws a relationship between practical knowledge and theory.

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Childcare Module: Aims

The major outcomes of Learning from the Early Childhood Care and education programs include knowledge about Early Childhood Education, various programs concerning childcare, development, implementation, and assessment of the effectiveness of this program.

While undergoing Child care courses the mentors and trainers try to make the sessions interactive. This process also includes giving assignments like storytelling assignments and childcare. The motive here is to make the learner self-sufficient in all streams of childcare and education.

Some colleges that provide Childcare courses including distance learning, and vocational courses are:

National College of Ireland, Dunboyne College of Further Education, Childhood Course by The open college, Kerry College of further education, etc.

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Childcare Module: Complete Process  (5N1770).

This QQI Early Care & Education Practice module is designed to provide the student with the personal skills and information necessary to work professionally with children, parents, and coworkers in the home or a daycare centre. Its goal is to encourage good practise in early childhood care, as well as equality of opportunity and respect for differences in lifestyles, religion, and culture.

The Early Childhood Care and education module are disintegrated into segments. Each segment aims at a learning outcome. The planning and scheduling of these sections are done appropriately. Also, at the end of the module, an assessment is conducted for learners. This assessment includes three parts i.e. Project, Learner Record, and Skill demonstration. A part of the assessment begins as and when the module starts.

Topics Covered

Unit 1: History and Development of Services Unit

Unit 2: Key Legislation in Childcare Unit

Unit 3: Equality and Diversity Issues in Childcare Unit

Unit 4: Working in Childcare Unit

Unit5: Professional Development for Childcare Workers is among the topics covered.

Learners who complete this course will be able to:

1. Understand the history and current state of childcare in Ireland

2. Recognize the significance of specific personal characteristics and values for individuals who work with children

3. Recognize the rights and obligations of a childcare worker.

4. Promote equality of opportunity and respect for diversity in the childcare environment

5. Recognize the importance of continued professional development in childcare, based on personal reflection and experience.

6. Recognize the value of good collaboration with parents and as part of a childcare team.

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Should I take a Level 5 or a Level 6 childcare course for ECCE?

All childcare workers must have a Level 5 Major Award in Childcare before they may work in a registered childcare centre, according to Childcare Legislation. Individual ECCE Sessions will only be eligible for subsidies if the ECCE Room leader has at least a Level 6 Major Childcare Award.

In brief, if you need to complete a Major Award in Childcare, we recommend

  • Starting with the Level 6 Major Award in Childcare or any Level 5 Major Award Childcare course if you have a Leaving Cert.
  • If you don’t have a Leaving Cert or any Level 5 Major Award, start with the Level 5 Major Award in Childcare. You can progress to Level 6 Childcare courses after completing the Level 5 Major Award in Childcare.
  • This course leads to a National Framework of Qualifications Level 5 award. This credit can be applied toward the Level 5 Major Award in Early Childhood Care and Education – 5M2009.

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