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List Of Abbreviations In Dissertation

List of Abbreviations in Dissertation – Meaning & How to Use

List of abbreviations is a list where you can include a short form of long sentences which you have to utilize during writing dissertation. At the time of preparing a list of abbreviations for Dissertation College going students having certain questions such as Where to put the list of abbreviations?

How to use abbreviations and acronym in the Dissertation etc. In this article, our professionals are providing you with guidelines consisting of answers to all your questions related to a List of abbreviations in dissertation writing.

List  of Abbreviation

In case you have use numbers of abbreviations in Dissertation then you can provide a list of such sentences along with definitions, it is the tactics that will help in enhancing the readability of the Dissertation.  This is the strategy that also provides the researcher with ease in addressing unfamiliar abbreviations.

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Where do you put the list of abbreviations?

You need to include a list of abbreviations at the starting of your dissertation.  It is very much essential to include a list of abbreviations just after the table of contents in the Dissertation.

If there are only a few abbreviations in Dissertations then you are not required to include any kind of list.

Example of a list of abbreviations

Now list see an example of the way to define abbreviations in the dissertation

List of abbreviationsExamples
AAAlternation of Assonance
ACSAccrediting Commission for Schools.
IKEAFundamental of science

Honk Kong examination authority

Utilizing Abbreviations and Acronyms

Some rules which you need to follow at the time of utilizing Abbreviations and acronym in Academic writing, at the time of utilizing Acronym which you have a design using the initial letter of every word in a phrase. You are requiring writing the full form of the first phrase then you are requiring writing Abbreviation in parentheses quickly. After that you can utilize an acronym throughout the Dissertation.

Example: In the present research, the researcher is performing a detailed analysis of Customer relationship management in an organization.  A business entity is utilizing customer relationship management from last so many years. After completion of research, it has been found that customer relationship helps the firm in maintaining concentration in establishing contact with customers. Results of research represent a great improvement in contact with customers.

 Abbreviation in APA

In the context of a List of abbreviations in APA style, there are other requirements for using the list of abbreviations in the Dissertation. As per the APA style, you can only utilize an Abbreviation its standard indicates something which is repeating frequently in Dissertation. It is the tactics that will help you in saving you space and time.

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When to use Abbreviations?

As per the APA guidelines, you can utilize abbreviations in limited cases such as:

  • The abbreviation is Standard and would not make content difficult to read or understand.
  • Utilizing it would save space and will help in eliminating the repetition of phrases in the dissertation.
  • In the context of Quantitative research, you can only abbreviate statistical indicators and measurements when they are accompanied by numerical values.

When not to use Abbreviations?

You should not use abbreviations basically at 3 places these are: In the title of your dissertation or Research Paper, in research Questions and the examples.

If an Abbreviation is commonly understood, you can utilize it without formality introducing it.


It has been concluded from the above that including the abbreviations list in the dissertation will help in increasing the understandability of the document.  Another fact which has been discovered is that About APA style of abbreviations, you need to fulfill additional requirements.

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