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Best Narrative Essay Ideas for High School & College Students

Usually, high school students or university students of Ireland get assigned homework assignments based on their personal experiences and their own lives. Of course, students can select the topic which they have done in the class.

Choosing the correct narrative essay or presentation topics can have an impact on the academic grades of the students. A well-informed essay should capture the attention of the audience or readers and get them involved to understand the events mentioned in the story.

Narrative Essay Topics

When the students of Ireland do not understand the writing structure of the proper essay, then they have to face severe problems with their academic writing.

However, students can create a new or exciting essay paper by making up a true story or describing a memorable part of life. It is only about selecting a suitable topic that can amaze the readers with the story.

How can scholars of Ireland select a proper narrative essay topic?

Writing about something in which the students are passionate, and ambitious can help in scoring in the top academic ranks. However, the main problem still has to get solved, and that is about choosing the right topic for a narrative essay.

For beginners, it can be useful to select the best narrative essay topic from a memorable moment in life. Students can choose one fantastic memory of the experience and can create it in an incredible story.

Moreover, there are infinite memories in everyone’s life that can get written in the form of a story. Life stories told by another person could better fit the definition of writing a personal narrative essay.

When Irish students start feeling like they cannot write any real story, then they have to start thinking about fictional stories. In many tough situations, it can be better to relate any of the memory or event that happened in life to write about something new and innovative. Another top way of finding the right topic for a narrative essay is to check the list of items from social sites.

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Popular tips for writing an effective narrative essay or speech

A significant difference between the narrative essay and other essays is that the former students can give a brief description of the address so that the readers or audience can reach a specific conclusion.

For the students of Ireland to impress the audience, they have to prepare a well-structured essay that should contain all the necessary components.

  • Before starting work on a narrative essay, students have to keep in mind that any topic can influence the outcome represented by the narrative.
  • After selecting the perfect essay writing theme, students have to identify all the details and events that they want to include in their essay papers.
  • Using simple and easy descriptive words can convey the correct message to the readers.
  • It is better to spread out the best narrative ideas between the different paragraphs of the essay.
  • Writing in the form of first-person instead of the second person can be beneficial for the students to narrate the events effectively.
  • After completing the narrative essay or speech, it is necessary to revise it. Revising again gives the students a chance to eliminate any grammar mistakes or to make any corrections where it is required.

Why is it essential to come up with the best narrative essay writing ideas?

Frequently, when the students of Ireland get assigned the writing task of the narrative essay, then they have to choose between the two options, that is, to use the topic that their teachers have asked about or to come up with their ideas.

A successful essay topic determines the success of the whole narrative essay or speech. However, there arrived some problematic situations in which the students have to take help from expert writers.

No matter how challenging it is to complete the narrative essay paper, by taking professional writing help, students can find it interesting to write about something new. Essay writing is a fantastic way that allows writers to expand their creativity and imagination as well.

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Experience-based unique narrative essay topics

By writing a narrative essay related to personal experience, students can learn how to tell their own story in a literary manner.

To write an impressive piece, students of Ireland have to go through the positive and negative impacts of the experiences which can help them in describing their thoughts better.

  • What is the most embarrassing experience of your life?
  • Is there any moment that helped you fight cowardice?
  • Tell about any of the unpleasant experiences you have ever had.
  • An event that told you to appreciate what anyone has in their life.
  • Write about the memorable events spent with the family members.
  • What is the teaching experience that showed you the value of life?

Attractive childhood ideas for narrative essay

Childhood is the period in which the kids start facing their first experiences. As children are heartfelt, so they tend to involve in some ridiculous situations.

For sure, everyone has something interesting regarding their childhood years, which they can express in the narrative essay. Some of the best writing themes based on childhood are the following:

  • Who was your role model when you were a kid?
  • What happened when you went playing in the playground for the first time?
  • Is there any memorable birthday party in your childhood? Discuss why it is unusual for you.
  • What was your favourite game during your childhood days? Moreover, why?
  • Have you ever been involved in a fight with friends in childhood?
  • Discuss the childhood fairytale shows and characters that entertain you the most.

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Innovative friends related ideas for preparing the best narrative essays

The life of almost every person is closely connected with their friends. Everybody has some personal memories with their friends, out of whom some are exciting and entertaining.

Writing a story about friends gives an eternal source of fresh themes to Irish students.

  • Write about the most heartbreaking friendship you have ever experienced.
  • If you have experienced a ridiculous misunderstanding with your best friend?
  • Tell me about the most special person that you do not want to lose ever.
  • Have you experienced rejection for any friend’s party?
  • How was your experience of spending much time with your faithful friend? Is there any impact of true friendship on you?
  • Discuss trustworthy and most loyal friends of your life.
  • Is there any of your friend who is like your family member?

School days make creative narrative essays

Ireland Assignment Help offers expert writing services that help the students to find creative ideas for preparing a narrative essay. School years help the students to gain essential knowledge and vast experiences that contribute to enhancing the personality of the students.

That is why writing about the school experiences gives the student a better theme for crafting a unique and original narrative essay.

  • Discuss the first day of your school.
  • What was your favourite subject when you were in primary school?
  • Is there any teacher who had become your role model?
  • How was your experience when you took part in any non-academic activity like dance, or music?
  • Tell me about your favourite teacher with whom you can act like a friend?
  • Is there any contribution of your teacher in becoming who you are today?
  • What is the most disgusting moment that ever happened to you during your school years?


Morality related fresh narrative essay ideas

People often have to follow some of the basic rules maintained by the national government. However, along with the federal laws, there are some fundamental ethics or principles in everyone’s life that they have to live on. Morality can help people in finding the correct solution for many unsolved problems. Essay topics based on honesty are a successful choice because they can create high interest for the readers.

  • Tell how morality can change the personality of any person.
  • Is there any big lie that you have ever spoken about in front of your parents?
  • What can be a negative example of cowardice?
  • What is the correct way of treating strangers?
  • Have you broken family rules for living a happy lifestyle?
  • What is the role played by school teachers in teaching the students the basic ethics of life?

Impressive travelling based narrative essay topics

Every place where one goes to travel has a story. When one goes on a trip, every stage or spot is full of impressions. No matter how many times people visit the place but every time there is some unique memory with the site.

  • What is your favourite place to visit?
  • What is the best mode of travelling, in your opinion?
  • Describe your most friendly trip.
  • How do you want to travel with your family or friends?
  • Is there any trip that you had experienced bad moments?


Using professional homework services helps the students to select a topic that the students are passionate about. With the best narrative writing ideas, students can write a more exciting story quickly.

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