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Importance of Online Theory-Based Exam 

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)  every year conducts examinations and assessments of the students in various forms.

Importance of online theory based exam
  • They have many online courses as well as associated with courses that are being offered in the colleges and universities. There are many online courses and certificates awarded by QQI and also assessment is taken online.
  • The online courses and exams by QQI enable the examiner to scale up their evaluation process by minimizing the cost of labour and saving time. Such an assessment also provides better security and privacy.
  • This online exam helps the assessor to judge the performance of the candidates, their ability to recall and application of theory, and their understanding of concepts.

Different types of online examinations

Aside from competitive entrance exams, term/semester exams, campus placements, online mock tests, and other assessments for the education sector are some of the most popular exams delivered through online platforms.

Benefits of Online Assessment 

Both the exam candidates and the organization conducting the assessment appreciate the advantages of an online assessment. The types of advantages gained will vary depending on the assessment software utilized, but one overarching benefit is that organizations minimize the administrative load of organizing and administering tests significantly. This isn’t an entire list, but here are four major advantages of online testing to consider:

1. Take an examination Candidates are accustomed to working in a digital environment.
Instead of utilizing pen and paper, exam candidates might work on a computer in a style that is natural to them. Candidates who do not have access to computer editing tools when writing, such as cutting and pasting text or utilizing a spreadsheet for accounting, are at a disadvantage. When you’re used to working digitally, switching to pen and paper can be difficult, and it can be exhausting over time.

2. The administrative burden is reduced.
When exams are conducted online, the administrative load of organizing and administering exams is considerably reduced. Printing and distributing tests on paper, as well as coordinating the delivery of completed scripts to markers, is a time-consuming and expensive process.

3. Results are marked and issued more quickly.
Marking online is substantially faster, and candidates appreciate obtaining results soon. If you use auto-scorable questions, you can get results right away.

4. It is less harmful to the environment.
It is more environmentally friendly because it uses less paper, printing, and transportation.

Assessment technique of students by examiners 

  • To demonstrate that one has reached the standards of knowledge, skill, and competence the learner has to complete assessments. There are various tools devised by the examiner to assess the learner’s abilities and skills. (Ex. Project, assignments, exams)
  • The examination provides a means of assessing a learner’s ability to recall and apply knowledge, skills, and understanding within a set period under specified conditions.
  • The examination may be conducted in four patterns with different structures of questions. The four types of assessment under an examination are:-

1. Practical exam

2. Interview style

3. Aural testing

4. Theory-based exam

  • Theory-based examinations comprise a range of question types such as –
  1. Short answer questions that require a response of limited length and can take many forms. Specific words or phrases are used in response.
  2. Structured questions are divided into several parts. It requires the learner to demonstrate more in-depth knowledge and understanding of a topic. It seeks evidence of cognitive skills such as the ability to discuss, compare, analyze, evaluate or translate or solve an issue.
  3. Essay-type questions focus upon one particular area of knowledge and seek evidence of cognitive skills.
  4. MCQs are used to test factual knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, problem-solving, and evaluations. These are not open-ended questions so they cannot assess the communication skills of a person. This also does not show the ability to organize or express information.

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4 courses that offer an online theory-based examination by QQI

  • Nursing Theory and Practice (QQI Level 5) 

It is an online distance learning course supported by fully qualified tutors and accredited by QQI.

QQI credits in Nursing theory and practice introduce a person to nursing Level 5.

The assessor devised an online theory-based examination that assesses the candidate’s ability to recall and apply knowledge and theories by his understanding. It includes responses, a range of questions, short answers, and structure. The medium could be oral or written.

The assessment also includes skill demonstration. It includes measurement of temperatures, recording of pulse, blood pressure, respiration recording, and also fluid balance.

  • Economics (QQI Level 5)

This subject includes concepts, theories,  principles, and economic policies. There are two types of assessment (1) Assignments and (2) Theory exams (40%).

The type of questions asked is:- microeconomics in the context of candidate vocational area eg. demand and supply, market structure concept and theories, domestic and international economies, fiscal and monetary policy, and international trade practices.

  • Car Driving Instruction Theory Level 6 

The theory-based online examination is set and administered through the Road Safety Authority. It comprises 100% assessment criteria. This is an MCQ-based exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge of driving legislation and regulations. It tests his driving skills and knowledge of procedures.

The exam has 5 parts that test knowledge in different areas –

  1. Driver Testing Procedures and Documentation
  2. Road Safety Precepts and Practices
  3. Pedagogy
  4. Basic mechanics and maintenance of vehicles
  5. Category-specific
  • Business Law (QQI Level 6)

The assessment under this course has two procedures- (1) Assignments (60%), and (2)theory (40%).

The internal assessor has devised an online theory-based exam that assesses candidates’ abilities to recall and apply theory and understanding via lectures. It has self-directed study and homework-style exercises. The selection of questions in the exam is based upon case note questions and critical analysis of a legislative enactment.

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The above-written sample discusses the structure of questions, types of assessment, and various QQI courses providing the facility of theory-based online exams.

This sample might help the QQI level 5 and 6 students in understanding the pattern of online exams and the types of questions asked in them. It may also help you to complete assignments on QQI courses and exams.

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