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How to Pick the Best Report Writing Topic

A report is a written account of something that has been observed, heard, done, or researched. It is a well-organized and systematic presentation of the facts and findings of an event that has already taken place somewhere.

We can use a report as a form of written assessment to find out what you have gained from your reading, study, and training and to provide you with the knowledge of an important skill that is commonly used in the workplace.

Report Writing Topics

At some phases of academics, students are free to choose their topic for report writing by applying the appropriate format considering the type of report writing they are going to undertake. At that time, they find it challenging to choose the best one. After following the guidelines given in the handout, you can quickly start your work.

List of some generalized report writing topics for Dublin students

There are several reports writing topics for college students, but if we consider today’s life, the best topics to write a report on are:

  1. Use of Smartphone and web: It includes an average number of people using mobile or smartphones and the internet, the number of young children using mobile phones, internet impact on other social media, etc.
  2. Reduction in the number of girl child: It may include the number of abortions performed in particular years/months due to the gender of the baby is girl, decrement in the number of the girl child, preventive measures and their effect in increasing the number of girls child, etc.
  3. Health issues: It involves the number of people with serious diseases, i.e. Attack of chest, leukemia, swine flu, etc. Blood pressure rise, cholesterol level, tobacco effect, alcohol and cigarette effect, etc.
  4. Cases of rape and women’s safety: It includes the percentage of cases of rape reported now a day, cases of suicide due to rape, preventive measures taken, etc.
  5. Environmental factors: It includes the percentage of trees decline, caution to be taken to prevent tress loss, rain effect, pollution, etc.
  6. Farmers suicide and its causes: It involves the year-round wise reduction or increase in farmers suicide cases, government-led preventive measures, etc.

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How to Choose A Proper Topic For Report Writing?

A report is a file that has observed spoken, heard, done, or researched details about something. We may give oral summaries of the report, but a complete report is in the form of a written document.

If you are at a stage that allows you to pick your research paper subject before beginning the project, there are some important areas to consider:

  • Your level of interest: Research papers consume more time; you will spend countless hours researching the topic and related topics, finding many primary and secondary sources, and bringing everything together in a paper that is cohesive and fulfils your goals. If you don’t choose a topic you’re passionate about; the process will be much more tedious, with the result that the result could suffer.
  • Your level of experience: It’s nice to be interested in a subject, but it’s even more useful if you know something about it already. If you can find a topic with which you already have some personal or professional experience, the amount of research needed will reduce to a greater extent, and the entire process will become much easier.
  • Available information on the subject: Please be sure to select the subject which also has numerous sources to compile your research from along with some interesting facts. A researchable topic with multiple potential sources gives you access to the information level you need to become an authority on the topic.
  • Your Audience: An interesting topic to you may not be interesting to your teacher or whoever is reviewing your document. Until you start, consider the level of interest of the person(s) who will be reading it. When you write a persuasive or argumentative paper, add your views on the subject as well.

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