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Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Research

In the earlier article, we have developed an understanding of types of research. The previous article also consists of information about Qualitative and Quantitative research. Now in this article, we will explore the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative research.

Difference between Quantitative and Qualitative Research

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Before knowing the difference between qualitative and Quantitative research, you need to first understand the meaning of both.

What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative research is a type of investigation which is performed for gathering numerical data related to the topic. Such type of researches is mainly executed for the collection of hard facts that is numbers.

Quantitative Research Example

You have performed an investigation for identifying the average height of cricket players in the Indian.  You can arrange a survey for gathering information.  By making the call to every player you can accumulate information about their heights. You can visit the house of each player for measuring their height.  After gathering all the data you can perform calculations using the mathematical technique for identifying the average height of players.

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What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research is an investigation where the researcher is more concerned about gathering non-numerical facts. The main purpose of performing such a type of investigation is to gather facts for describing the subject.

Qualitative Research Example

The research intends to Perform for analyzing the experience of employees working for a specific multinational company. A researcher by using Interview and Questionnaire can gather the information. An investigator can include  Open and close-ended questions in the Questionnaire form. After obtaining the information investigator can analyze the common answers provided by participants and could easily reach a conclusion.

Now after understanding the meaning of Quantitative and Quantitative research, let’s have look at the difference between the two.

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Comparison between Qualitative and Quantitative research

Basis Qualitative research Quantitative research
DefinitionIt is the scientific technique in which the factual information is gathered through observationQuantitative research is an empirical investigation conducted for collecting numerical data related to subject or topic.
Objectivity and subjectivityYou can expect subjectivity.High level of expectation related to objectivity.
Type of data collectedFacts, images, words, etc.Only numerical data.
Kind of data analysisResearchers mainly analyze the themes and Patterns.An investigator analyzes the statistical relationship between different variables.
FindingsFindings are less generalize,More generalized findings.
Nature of observationCharacteristics and attitudes are observed in a natural setting.Special types of arrangements are made by the investigator for studying behavior.
BenefitThe main benefit of Qualitative research is that you can gather a huge amount of information about the subject.

By conducting the qualitative research you can easily develop an understanding of the attitude of people.

the benefit of quantitative research is that you can easily reach the decision by making the comparison between data.

You can ensure the high accuracy of the result.

Techniques used for data collectionYou can apply semi or unstructured for gathering facts related to the topic.The researcher mainly uses interviews and Questionnaires technique for the collection of data.
VariablesYou can study all variables in Qualitative researchin Quantitative research.  students can study Only a particular type of variable

After identification of the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. Let’s look at situations when you can apply Qualitative and Quantitative research.

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When to apply Qualitative and Quantitative Research?

The difference between the applicability of Qualitative and Quantitative research are :

Basis of differenceQualitative researchQuantitative research
Formulation of hypothesisYou can perform qualitative research for collecting a huge amount of detail about the subject.

You can use Qualitative research for analyzing the information. In Qualitative research, a researcher using an inductive research approach can develop the hypothesis.


You can apply Quantitative research for proving a solution to the problem is effective.

In Quantitative research,  you can use the deductive approach for testing the hypothesis.

Validation of hypothesisIn Qualitative research, You can make use of evidence for proving your hypothesis to be as Quantitative research, you can utilize statistical analysis techniques for proving the hypothesis to be valid.
Finding common answersIn Qualitative research, there are fewer participants. You will be able to get the few answers for a research question that can be helpful in making a decision.Qualitative research involves a large number of participants. You will be able to get the number of responses. Decision making can be quite difficult.
Incorporation of human elementsYou can include Open-ended questions in the Questionnaire for enabling respondents to share their views and opinions.Quantitative research, survey questionnaire form mainly consist of close-ended questions. By facilitating such type of research you can’t get information about people’s opinions.

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