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Reflective Writing For QQI Course Assessments

Are you enrolled in any of the QQI courses and are looking for help in writing reflective learning assessments? If Yes, then we are here to provide you with the best reflective essay writings and guide you with help on writing assignments for your QQI courses.

writing assignments for your QQI courses | QQI courses like Nursing, Health Care, Child Care

Now, students pursuing the QQI courses like Nursing, Health Care, Child Care, etc. often come across assessing their practical skills. This is a part of the Skill demonstration and project sections of the assessment. Students are asked to prepare a reflective piece of writing on say: Early childhood education and play. Then, in this particular scenario, the  student has to focus on

  • Describing the situation
  • Complete Analysis and Evaluation
  • Drawing the outcomes
  • What is his overall learning?

Accordingly, let us now find out what is reflective writing and how to write it.

What is Reflective Essay Writing?

Briefly, reflective essay writing is a technique in which the learner writes his own experiences associated with a particular task or situation. Usually, these tasks are provided in the assessment process in QQI courses. Reflective essay writing also aims at establishing a relationship between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Reflective essay writing aims at the complete analysis of the expected and the actual result. Also, some students find difficulty in writing reflective essays. Because, the QQI courses like Nursing, health care, child care, etc. are vocational courses. Thus, there is a short period in which students have to develop reflective understanding. Hence, most of the learners seek help. In that case, you can take the help of our expert writers in writing your reflective assessments. We provide plagiarism-free content and that is too cost-effective.

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How to Write Reflective Essays: The Structure

The structure of the reflective essay is trivial. It aims the analysis the situation and jotting down the outcomes of learning. The basic structure includes:

  1. Description:  It involves deep thinking about the given topic. The catch here is to gather all the possible ideas and thoughts, to begin with.
  2. Analyzing:  Now, it involves inspecting all the possible aspects of the given situation. The writer should have the ability to explore the circumstances from different angles.
  3. Building a strong Start: Consequently, based on the above two points the starting of the essay should be strong and effective. Also, it should aim at explaining the situation clearly to the examiner.
  4. Results: The results that the learner draws from his experiences are influenced by reality. One also has to draw a comparison between the practical and the theoretical knowledge that is imparted to him during the module. Thus, results or conclusions are the most important part of reflective essay writing.

Format of Reflective Writing

Reflective essays are written by people who have experienced a particular event or set of events to recollect what happened and how they felt. They often discuss their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and impressions about the experience to ensure that others can learn from them. Reflective essay formats vary depending on whether you’re writing for an academic target audience or more broadly as part of a general piece of writing for magazines etcetera (although there is usually one purpose: tutors want students to think deeply). Here are some typical examples of reflective essay format styles that you may be asked to write:

  • A form of a reflective essay that focuses on personal growth Fluently used by tutors as a tactic for teaching students how to analyze their life events to encourage emotional growth and development. The essay allows the learner to gain a deeper understanding of themselves as well as their actions.
  • A focus on the literature: In this type of essay, students must present a synopsis of the book before applying it to their own life experiences.

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Different Types of Reflective Writing Techniques:

Further, different QQI courses ask for varied reflective writings. But, most students are supposed to write reflective essays. Thus, if you are one of them, then, you can reach out to us for help in writing your reflective essay assignments. Apart from the essay writing, reflective writing includes :

  • Journals
  • Logbooks
  • Learner Diary
  • Notes
  • Peer Reviews
  • Tasks of self-assessment

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Role of Reflective Essay Writing in QQI Courses:

Precisely, the QQI courses are vocational. Reflective Writing is an integral part of these courses. That is to say, the students that undergo assessments at the end of the modules, have to perform reflective essay writing on topics given to them.

Now, some children may face problems in writing reflective essays. The reasons can be many. Like, vocational courses are short span courses, therefore, a learner may not develop the insight or reflective understanding. Secondly, they might struggle with the topic assigned to them.

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To summarize, reflective writing focuses on establishing a relationship between theoretical knowledge and practical results. Students tend to write about their learning and experiences. However, if you find reflective essay writing difficult, you can reach out to our team of proficient writers. We can help you in writing reflective essay assignments in a user-friendly manner.

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