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Relevance in Research – Meaning, Importance with Example

The relevance of research means an investigation that is suitable for accomplishing specific objectives. Students studying research subjects in colleges have a question what is relevancy? They also have a question on how to maintain the relevancy of research. In this article, our expert team is providing you with guidelines on research relevancy.

Relevance in Research

Research relevance: Meaning

Relevance in research is an extension up to which findings of the research can be applied to a real-life situation.  It is referred to as the interrelationship of one topic with another.

In other words, relevancy in research means that study which you are performing should be useful for others as well. High relevancies mean research which you are performing have great potential to fill a gap in knowledge.

For example, if you are performing market survey then the information which you have collect from it should be useful and valuable to company.

Example 2: If you select unemployment as an issue for conducting research. If you have executed research for addressing the main reason for unemployment in the country then in such case the information which you have collected through survey could be useful and valuable for policymaker.

Importance of relevance in research

Relevance in research has great importance in research as it provides ease in maintaining the momentum.  It is the factor that enables the reader to gain confidence that information gathered would help in accomplishing of desired goals. A high level of relevancy of research is very much crucial for obtaining approval.  Maintaining a high level of research relevancy is important for generating accurate research results.  It is also very much important for eliminating ethical issues and risks.  By maintaining high relevancy of research you can easily demonstrate that the research which you are performing is useful.  Research relevance is very crucial for justifying investment which you have made on research. It is also very much important to guide strategic research planning.

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Types of research relevancy

The 4 types of relevance in research are:

1. Academic relevance: It is an extend up to which research perform by investigators on specific topic assist in achieving desired objectives.

2. Societal relevance: Level up to which study facilitates by researcher helps in gathering the information about the society. It can also be referred to as an extent up to which information gathered through research helps in developing understanding about society.

3. Practical relevance: This means that degree up to which findings of the research can be applied to real-life situations.

4. Scientific relevance:  It is a degree up to which you can fill a gap in knowledge by performing research on a particular topic.

How to maintain the relevancy of research?

The 3 different step of maintaining relevancy in research is:

Step 1:  Select the research question which is relevant to the field and support it with real arguments.

Step 2: Choose the correct research methodology.  The selection of the right method for performing investigation is very much crucial for maintaining the relevancy of research.

Step 3: Convey research findings to policymakers and managers. You to know what is relevant to your field you should attend conferences, meet with the manager at the campus.

Tip:  You for maintaining the high relevancy should include all participants in research. By involving the participants in research you will get ease in addressing the problem and in the identification of the solution.


It has been concluded from the above that maintaining the relevancy of research is very much crucial for getting research papers approved. Another fact which has been found is that the high relevancy could be maintained by involving participants in research.

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