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Reports Vs Essay – Key Differences

During the academic period Irish students have to write various academic paper like assignments, articles, dissertation, and thesis and among them is report writing and essay writing.

Universities and colleges in Ireland assess and evaluate the students on various bases. The motive and format of the report writing and essay writing are different and sometimes the Irish students are allowed to choose the form among both to write the answers to their research question.

Differences between Essays, Reports and Journals

Despite having so many differences, sometimes the academics ask to write a mixed version of both if students of Ireland are asked to write one they end up mixing both forms of the writing. Students seek assignment help in such a scenario as it is not acceptable if the forms are mixed when you are not asked to write in just one form.

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of both writing and the differences between them.

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Basic Difference between Reports and Essays

There are a lot of differences between both forms of writing and some of them are

Essay writingReport writing
It starts with the introduction of the topic followed by the body of the contentIt starts with the introduction of the topic followed by the list of aims and objective
Essays do not include a table of contentReports do include a table of content
It does not include any recommendations for the futureIt does include the recommendations for the future
The writing style depends upon the research question whether it is to be written in the argumentative style or descriptive styleIt is written with help of a table, figures, graphs, and illustrations
It is written for no specific audience in mindIt is written keeping a specific audience in mind
It is based on ideas, arguments, and descriptionIt is fact-based and informative
You are required to have opinions, arguments, counter-arguments, and evidenceYou are required to describe the key findings and analyze them for future studies and use
Essay topics are generally originated from the academic and practice-basedReport topics are originated from outside the academic environment and the results are used for the work

These were some differences between the essay and report writing concerning format, motive, and objective. It can be very difficult for the students of Ireland sometimes to not mix forms but the learner can take the assistance to write my essay in cheap and get better in the academic writing and the grades eventually.

Apart from the basic difference between Report and Essay Writing, there are different types also.

 Essay and a Narrative report difference

An essay is a brief piece of writing that provides information. An introduction, a body of at least three paragraphs, and a conclusion are all included. Although the tone of an essay changes depending on the type, the goal of an essay is to communicate a specific argument and inform readers.

Any narrative delivered in the first person through the recounting of a series of events is referred to as a narrative. In fiction, the story might be conveyed in the writer’s voice, through the eyes of a fictional character, or via the voices of a group of characters who change by chapter or section. Outside of literature, the phrase is used in a more abstract sense.

Essay Vs. Book Report difference

A thesis, or a claim that you are attempting to prove through a logical written study, is required for any essay, whether descriptive or expository.

Instead of making an argument about a book, a book report concentrates on delivering a synopsis of it. The goal is to include concise descriptions of the story, characters, setting, and topic, as well as other essential information like the author’s title and name.

 Essay and a Business Report difference

Essays can be prepared on almost any subject a writer chooses to research. For example, a writer can write an essay about a fictional character, a local election, or a recent scientific discovery as long as the essay follows the required format and structure to meet the definition of an essay.

A business report is focused on capturing very particular details about a company. A business report, for example, may need to include information about a company’s profits and losses, difficulties the company has faced and ideas for solving them, and future estimates based on the facts in the report.

Purpose of Report Writing

Report writing is more of a practical research and analysis type of writing. The report writing starts with an objective and aims of what you want to achieve or examine. You can also include a discussion section in your report after confirming the guidelines with your tutor.

Purpose of the Essay Writing 

The essay includes research on the existing knowledge and compiling them in an order which can answer the research question or support the topic. It does not include the analysis of any kind, it just includes the theories which are already been told.

The similarity between report and essay

The introduction, main body, and conclusion components of both a report and an essay are comparable. Reports also have a regular structure and incorporate methodology and analysis in the main body.

The structural difference between report writing and Essay writing

Report Writing

 1. Contents of the book
Each report section’s number, title, page number, and any sub-sections are displayed in your contents. The section title, not the margin or the number, is where the sub-section numbers and details begin.

2. Executive summary or abstract
The last item you generally write is a quick summary of the report.

3. Introduction
Your introduction states the report’s purpose, explains why it is required or valuable, and specifies its specific goals and objectives.

4. Review of the literature
This section, which is frequently incorporated into the introduction, describes current research and thoughts about the problem or research question.

5. Methodology or Methods
The techniques or processes used to gather your data are described and justified in this section.

6. Conclusions or Findings
This section contains the research’s findings (or processed data) and may mostly consist of tables, charts, and diagrams.

7. Analysis, interpretation, or discussion
This section examines the findings and assesses the study project.

8. Final thoughts
The conclusion summarises the report and, in most cases, refers back to the study’s goals and objectives.

9. Appendices 
If necessary, you might include raw data or items that your report refers to in the appendix. Charts, graphs, and tables are frequently used to convey data.

Essay writing

  • Introduction
    Your essay introduction establishes the backdrop and background information for the topic or questions being covered, as well as the scope of the essay.
  • The main body
    The body of your essay is divided into paragraphs. These paragraphs aid in the creation of smooth-flowing prose.
  • Conclusion
    The essay’s main themes are summarised in the conclusion. In your conclusion, avoid presenting fresh facts.
  • Reference list or bibliography
    This is a list of the sources you utilized to write your paper. The authors’ surnames are usually listed alphabetically.

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