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How to write Research Findings

Research findings are an outcome of the research. Students pursuing masters or bachelor’s face issues in presenting the research findings. Sometimes their research paper gets rejected by the professor because of the appropriate way of presenting the findings. In this article, our research paper writing team is providing information about how to present the research findings?

Research Findings

Research findings: Meaning

Research findings can be referred to as key outcomes of the study. It is an important fact which the researcher discovers during research or survey.

For example, a researcher has performed a study for analyzing the influence of digitalization on the customer relationship management strategies of the organization. The findings of the research reveal that many of the companies in the retail sector are adopting digital technology for the purpose of marketing. It has also been found that there has been a great increase in sales of the organization which has implemented digital strategy at workplace.

The main purpose of research paper findings is to provide the reader with ease in developing a detailed understanding of the research. Another objective of writing the findings section is to represent the research results logically.

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How to write the findings of the research?

Every academic paper is unique therefore it is very much essential for researchers to apply unique strategies for writing the findings section in the research paper.  The 5 steps which you need to follow for writing the research findings are:

Step 1:  Review the guidelines of your research paper

Before starting to write the findings of your study, it is very much essential for you to first review the guidelines or instructions provided by the tutor. You can also read an existing research paper, as this tactic will help you in determining the best way of presenting the findings of the research.  By reviewing existing research papers or guidelines you will be able to address the requirements which you need to consider when writing the finding section of research.

Before beginning to write the finding section you should consider the length and limitation of your research paper.  If you are writing a lengthy research paper then you can include the interpretation of your findings in a separate discussion section.

Step 2: Emphasize experimental results and Other Findings:

Reflect length of research results in the context of the basic need for writing the research finding section in the research paper. It is a step where you need to emphasize experimental results and other findings that are directly relevant to research questions and objectives.  When presenting the findings of research you can use the headings and subheadings.

As it is the technique that will help you in avoiding the extra detail. The utilization of headings and subheadings will help the reader in developing an understanding of the findings. You can include raw data in the appendix section of the research paper. At the beginning paragraph of the research paper, you are required to write research questions again.

You are required to provide a summary of key findings at the end of a specific section.  As it is the tactics that will help you in establishing a smooth transition between interpretation and discussion. You should analyze the research questions or hypotheses. It is the strategy that will help you in determining the structure of the research finding section.

You can arrange your research finding section in a chronological or hierarchical structure. Some researcher also creates different themes for systematically presenting the research findings.  The best way to organ size-specific section is to present the findings, provide explanations and after then you should state what you have analyzed.

Tip: While writing the research findings section you need to consider 3 things these are the audience, evidence, and research objectives.

Step 3: Create Good visual presentations of research paper

By designing a good visual presentation you can improve the presentation of your research paper. You can use all tables, charts, and graphs for presenting the findings of your research. But before including the graphs and charts you should review the guidelines once again. After including the graphs, charts, or figures for presenting the research findings, you should properly number them.

Tips: You should include self-explanatory figures and graphs for presenting research findings.

The writer can prepare figures and tables before writing a finding section. As it is the tactics that will help you provide clear and informative findings.

Step 4: You must write the research paper results clearly and precisely.

It is a step where you finally need to start writing your research findings. You need to write the findings of the research paper objectively and factually. When writing the finding of your study you should consider that the main objective of research findings is to communicate information in a logical, precise manner.

Tip: You should utilize an active voice for writing the research finding section.

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Step 5: Examining the study paper’s findings section

Reviewing the finding section is very much important to address the mistakes and errors which can significantly influence research outcomes. When reviewing the findings section in the research paper you should mainly concentrate on ensuring consistency and accuracy of data. It is steps where you need to make sure that the order which you have selected for presenting information provides the reader ease in analyzing the way the research process helps in achieving desired objectives.

Techniques for presenting the research findings

You need to consider the type of research you are performing before applying any technique of presenting findings.  If you are performing Quantitative research then you will require collecting and presenting quantitative data. In case you are facilitating the quantitative research then you need to present the facts.

A) Presentation of Quantitative data

The main objectives of the research result section in the research are to present the findings of the research.  Regarding the presentation of quantitative information, you can utilize tables, graphs, and charts. The table and graph which you utilize for presenting information should include the following:

  • A location element
  • A summary of the information which you have present in the figure
  • A highlight statement to point out is the importance of all information present.

Example :  By analysing the information present in (fig, 6 and table 4) it has been found that there is variation   of .0007 in the metal atom concentration which is consider to be as overlap.

B) Presentation of Qualitative information

You can design various themes for presenting qualitative facts.

For example: A thesis on Doctor of education

5.4.2. Themes design from information collected through interview technique

After analyzing the data, the researcher has addressed 2 themes. Those two themes are challenges of working and complexity.

In the context of schools and colleges, working with children in the field of the profession helps in providing a high level of satisfaction. It can also create a few challenges. By analyzing the information that researchers have to gather through interviews represents that all people are trying to identify the best technique for improving pedagogy and accomplishing success.

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Significance of Research findings

The finding section in research has great significance as:

  • It helps in developing in-depth knowledge about the issue.
  • Findings in the research paper are a section where you can gain knowledge that whether the hypothesis is accepted or rejected.
  • By analyzing the finding section you can easily identify the correlation between various variables of the study.


It has been concluded from the above that the findings section in research consists of a summary of results. Another fact which has been found is that by writing research findings you can easily demonstrate the importance of the specific issues.

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