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Research Paper Introduction

Beginning with the introduction is a vital step in writing an academic paper. This section creates intrigue and sets the tone for what will come later, so it’s essential to get it right! A good starting point is knowing why people read introductions at all: they want more information about your topic than you’ve given them yet.

To capture their attention early on, make sure that this section gives readers enough thought-provoking material to pique their curiosity–this can be done by including compelling statistics or anecdotes from experts who are knowledgeable about your subject matter as well as evidence of how much research has already been conducted into this area before yours was started (including books published recently).

Research Paper Introduction Writing

Best way to start a research paper

The introduction to a research paper is where you introduce the reader to your topic and strategy. Its main objectives are as follows:

  • Introduce your topic and pique the reader’s curiosity.
  • Provide background information or a summary of previous studies.
  • Create your strategy.
  • Describe your research problem in detail.
  • Give an overview of the structure of the paper.

It Should be included in the introduction:-

The things which you should include in the introduction section of the research paper are:

  • Summary of content in a research paper and its significance in the educational field.
  • Objectives of investigation and application of findings.
  • Potential issues and techniques for resolving them.
  • Target audience and sources of literature

Purpose of the introduction in a research paper

  • The main purpose of the introduction in an academic paper is to provide the reader with ease in getting an idea about the issue.
  • It is the section that intends to demonstrate the importance of the research paper.
  • This section also aims to represent the objective of writing an academic paper.
  • The objective of the introduction section in an academic paper is to direct the reader from the general problem to the specific.

When you should write the research paper’s introduction?

You can write the introduction part of a research paper after completing the methodology, results, and discussion part. It is always advised able to write the introduction before the conclusion.

Let’s look at an example of an introduction in an academic paper.

Research Paper Introduction: Example

Globalization has bought a big transformation in the business world. It has bought drastic improvement in the way various actives are executed. Globalization is basically a phenomenon that involves the integration of the economy.

It is the phenomenon that has given rise to stiff competition in industries. Many companies in the retail industry are facing difficulty in concentrating on core business functions and maintaining profitability.

The aim is to identify the issues faced by a firm due to globalization. The objective of the study is to find a specific solution for issues faced by the firm due to globalization.

The qualitative investigation will be used for conducting an investigation to identify the main issue faced by the firm. A survey is the technique would be utilized.

How to write a research paper introduction?

Let’s understand the step-by-step procedure of writing an introduction. The  7 step procedure will help you in writing a good introduction for the research paper.

Step 1: Select and define the topic 

you need to define the topic. You need to just write the topic and link it with some specific problem. It is one of the best strategies for gaining the attention of the reader. You should start an introduction by providing basic information and then narrow it down to specific aspects of the problem or topic.

At this step, you need to clearly define the aspects of the topic. At the time of writing the introduction, you should first demonstrate a knowledge gap. You should also state  Why there is a need for filling it.  Finally, you need to define how the knowledge gap will be filled.

Tips: While writing the starting paragraph of the research paper you should consider that an audience will judge the quality of selected arguments on the basis of the introduction section.

You can start the first paragraph of the introduction from hook sentences. As it will provide you ease in capturing the attention of the reader. Hook sentences can be inserted in any form such as Quote, Anecdote, Quote of a popular person.

  • While writing the introduction part of the research paper you should make sure that it answers mainly two key questions these are:
  • Why investigation on specific topic or subject is executed for bridging the gap in scientific knowledge.
  • Another question of why specific gaps should be filled.

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Step 2: Write background information

It is a step, where you need to provide background information about the topic. This is a step where you should demonstrate the way your research work is relevant and the same as an investigation conducted by other researchers. You should only include crucial information related to the topic when writing an introduction.

Step 3: Writing aims and objectives

Defining the aims and objectives is very important while writing an introduction part of a scientific paper. You need to clearly state What you intend to accomplish.  You need to highlight techniques that you will apply for conducting research. The aim and objectives should be very much specific.

Step 4:  Explain the types of investigation

In the introduction section of the research paper, you should define the types of investigation that you will execute. You should also specify the reason for performing a particular type of research. At this step, you also need to provide some key information about techniques that would be utilized for performing an investigation.

Step 5: Write a thesis statement

If you want to develop an understanding of how to write a compelling introduction, so the answer is that you should include a thesis statement in the introduction. At this step, you should provide a complete explanation about the first and other research on a specific topic.

The introduction will have no meaning without a thesis statement. While writing the introduction in APA. You need to begin a paragraph with a thesis statement. In the next two paragraphs of the introduction section, you need to define the issue.

Note: While writing the thesis statement in the introduction, you should consider that it consists of the following :

  • Background information about the subject or problem
  • Significance of the problem on which discussion has taken place.
  • Precision and engagement

Step 6: Write a reason for research

It is a step where you need to provide a proper Explanation of the Research method selected for investigation. You should also justify different methodologies applied in research. The strength and limitations of each method can also be discussed at this phase.

Step 7:  Write the significance of the issue 

While writing the introduction, it is very much essential for you to state the significance of the investigation. You need to relate specific issues to a case study. For demonstrating the importance of your study.

You can include other things such as the outline of content, the definition of the complex term, recent observations, etc. A few lines about the history of existing literature on a particular topic can also be a part of the introduction section.

After developing an understanding of how to write an introduction to an academic paper? Now let’s develop an understanding of When to write the introduction part of the research paper?

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