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List of Research Paper Ideas & Titles for Irish Students

Some of the students say that the most challenging part of writing homework essay papers is to start it. However, selecting a problem is the most challenging task.

Activity writing takes much time even sometimes; imagination does not work for the students. Writing a compelling research essay topic requires high interest and potential on some ideas which can create quite an excitation for the readers.

For preparing the perfect research paper, it is essential first to know what is the research essay or speech. Students get assigned with many research-based articles, so they have to find the proficient skills of finding the correct topic for research essay papers.

Latest Research Paper Topics For Ireland Students

Some of the students have the potential of hiring expert writing services that can help them in finishing their tasks on time. However, those students who are not able to afford the top writing services end up their search on the internet for the best writing topics.

Start from your interests and then make it perfect

If the students get confused with the lots of topics from different sources, then they have to select what interests them the most for writing a creative essay.

Most of the students get stuck to easy writing topics so that they can complete their task quickly; however if the students have given the opportunity of choosing the writing topic on their own, then they have to focus on something new and innovative.

Students can make a list of interesting topics and then can break down every idea into specific essay writing topics.

Reading the different points according to the interest can benefit the students of working on the most exciting and most entertaining question regarding the research essay papers. It can help the students by expanding their knowledge and improving their skills for writing efficiently.

What are the crucial points that students have to note before writing a research essay?

Before starting work on the research paper, the students have to find whether they have suitable information for the content writing or not. Students can use textbooks, articles, and other sources to deal with the scientific explanations of their research essay.

There are a few main points that the students have to note before formulating the efficient research essay paper:

  • Comprehensive and careful observation of any event, subject, phenomena, trait, and many more to characterize every essential point in detail.
  • Investigate the described patterns or aspects properly and see whether the writing is causing any change in the variable or not.
  • Compare the similarities and differences between the two or more subject entities.

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What is an ideal research paper topic for students?

Some of the best features suggested by paper writing help provide the students with quite an information for selecting the best research essay topic.

Here is the list of tips that help the students for choosing a good research topic, namely:

  1. Search the writing content on which the essay paper gets written uniquely.
  2. Expect the results from the readers and work according to the expectations of the readers.
  3. Topics must be relevant for keeping the excitation and interest among the readers and reviewers.
  4. Emerging issues sparkle more benefits due to unexplored potential among the readers.
  5. Choose the topic that can put a positive impact on society and the community.

Fresh research essay paper topics on education

  1. Who makes more money-graduate students or postgraduate students?
  2. What is the relation between social network and students? Why the use of mobile phones gets banned in schools?
  3. How is advanced technology helping in lesson planning?
  4. How to manage students having the habit of a bully and what strict actions should get taken to eliminate bullying from the educational institutions?
  5. In which cities education can become cheaper?
  6. Can modern technologies change the teaching way in the upcoming future?
  7. What is the creation of specific learning methods made of blind children?

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Unique research essay topics on business

  1. What is an e-commerce marketing business? Is it affecting other companies?
  2. How is cybersecurity helping in the security of people?
  3. Similarities and differences between entrepreneurship and family business.
  4. How start-up business can become a successful one?
  5. Is there any effect of climatic changes on the strategies of international trade?
  6. How can a small business get promoted to the most successful business?
  7. Is it worth to expand a private firm in a new country or region? How can it affect existing businesses?

Special research essay topics based on medicine

  1. What are the usefulness and damages of using vaccines for kids?
  2. Which milk is healthy for human body-cow milk or buffalo milk?
  3. What are the advantages of being a vegetarian on children’s health?
  4. What are the causes of obesity and how it affects human health?
  5. How to eliminate animal testing from the country?
  6. How to treat drug-addicted people?

Best writing themes on literature topic for research essay papers

  1. How harry potter has become the ideal every time it has studied?
  2. Can fiction become a reality ever in life?
  3. Benefits of knowing proper English words for studying in top high schools.
  4. How can novels improve the thinking capacity of humans? Is there any disadvantage of getting addicted to stories?
  5. What is fan fiction? Is it considered as independent literature?
  6. What is the dawn of high research on today’s society?
  7. Can youth find any profession in the field of modern study?

Exclusive research writing essay topics on environment

  1. What is global warming and how to reduce it from the situation?
  2. Can any country manage the overpopulation for the ecological balance?
  3. How are humans affecting the forest? Discuss the ways of increasing afforestation.
  4. How to stop wastage of different products like food, paper, water, and many more?
  5. How is nuclear power affecting today’s generation?
  6. Causes and impacts of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and many more.

Modern research paper topics on sports and entertainment

  1. Can online sources of information replace newspapers?
  2. Explain the fields in which women can compete with men.
  3. Are social networking sites good for the welfare of society?
  4. What are the effects of violent video games on kids and adults?
  5. How beauty contests affect beauty standards?
  6. Name the television programs spreading wrong messages to society. Should illegal programs get banned?
  7. How social media like Facebook, Instagram, and many more affecting the self-esteem of today’s generation?

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Innovative research paper topics on politics

  1. What is the drinking age in different countries?
  2. Should the law of the death penalty get assigned for criminals?
  3. What are the effects of ethnic killings, and how can the national government stop it?
  4. What would be the effect on the world without wars?

Latest research paper topics for science and technologies

  1. How doctors use light for treating cancer like dangerous diseases.
  2. What is Nanoscience? How can Nanomedicine extend the lifespan of human beings?
  3. What is the evidence telling that Mars has water and maybe life as well?
  4. How can alternative energy replace fossil fuels effectively?
  5. Can interactions of wild animals with human beings be beneficial?

Best research paper themes on psychology

  1. What is child labour? How to control child violence?
  2. Effect of insomnia on human health.
  3. How to shape our forecast behavioural patterns?
  4. Is positive stress necessary for human beings or harmful?
  5. How bad dreams affect moods? Can dreams become a reality for once?
  6. How to deal with people having mental break downs?
  7. What is depression and how it affects the immune system?

Crime and law-based research paper writing topics

  1. What is mass communication law?
  2. Can drinking before the legal age become a criminal case?
  3. Strict requirements should get applied to the attempts of suicide.
  4. Please give a detailed analysis and procedure of criminal cases, and the criminal punishment made for them.
  5. Impact of drug addiction on youth and how laws can help in removing their dependence?
  6. What would be the minimum drinking age for adults?

Innovative research paper writing topics on culture

  1. What is the actual origin of racial discrimination?
  2. How modern arts used for advertisements and commercials?
  3. What is the influence of remarkable cultural achievements on society?
  4. Name the most entertaining and exciting cultural activities taught to students in schools.
  5. How pop culture influence today’s youth?
  6. Can past events help in making modern culture more advanced?
  7. How history affect today’s period in every aspect like socialism, culture?
  8. How cultural activities and popularity related to each other?

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Themes based on math for research paper writing topics

  1. How had math changed the outlook of the world?
  2. How algorithms got influence?
  3. Why is ‘x’ used in math to find the unknown value?
  4. How are math geniuses able to understand the complex and challenging problem of math?
  5. Is there are a relationship between math and music?
  6. How can math use in real life? Is there any trick to learn math formulas quickly?
  7. What are the most complicated math problems? How can students solve challenging math equations rapidly?
  8. Is there any effect of math contests used in schools and colleges?


The students can select a particular research paper writing topic from the list mentioned above.

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