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Types of Research Paper

A research paper is the final product of a student’s learning process, critical thinking, and source assessment. This means that it not only provides valuable insight into a field but also allows students to hone their professional skills along with knowledge on the subject through practise in writing such papers.

different types of research papers

7 main Types of Research Paper

  • 1st: Argumentative Research Paper:  In this kind of research paper you aim to convince the reader with your point of view. In this research paper, you need to support your argument with logical facts and statistical data. Usually, a student will present two sides of controversial issues in the paper; analyze both sides and presents the pros and cons of both sides, and support one side of the argument.
  • 2nd: Cause and Effect Research Paper: This is the simplest type of research paper. This research paper includes a thorough study of the defined topic, organizing the research process, and writing the paper with citations and references.

This research is done to assess the expected results on a particular topic in a logical progression way, which is understandable by the readers. This type of paper simply answers the “why and what” questions. The answer reflects the effects and the causes.

This kind of research paper is assigned to high school and college students. The main of assigning this type of research paper is to teach the students how to write a research paper.

  • 3rd: Analytical Research Paper: This research paper has aimed to provide as much information as possible on a topic. This kind of paper doesn’t support any point of view. The student will provide much evidence and information to support his argument equally and allow the reader to form his conclusion.
  • 4th: Definition Research Paper: This is a paper where you define a topic with several points of view, and present many complex and easy definitions of a topic. In this research paper, the writer aims to describe a topic from an accurate perspective so a reader can understand it. These research papers are e most informative and self-explanatory papers.
  • 5th: Compare and Contrast Research Paper: This kind of research paper is written to compare topics, subjects, viewpoints, or other criteria; how to relate, what are similarities, and what are the differences in both points.

In this paper, the author doesn’t support anyone’s topic or doesn’t persuade the reader with an opinion but he enlightens both topics physiologically and philosophically.

This type of research paper is commonly given to Social Science, Philosophy, and literature students.

  • 6th: Report paper: This research paper is an organized and detailed form of the research paper, where an author chooses a topic, researches it, covey the information to the reader using different evidence in form of graphs, charts, lists, examples, interviews, and experiment, etc.

Report papers are often used when an author needs to write a memorandum or business events. These are usually written to outline a case study situation. A Report paper is a logical summary of a case or situation.

  • 7th: Interpretative Research Paper: This type of research paper is based on the author’s opinion. This type of paper is often required in social science, literature, and humanities. A student is present theoretical knowledge gained in a specific case study or a specific course of lecture example a business situation in a management course or a poem in literature.

A student uses the learned theoretical knowledge to write this paper and present a thesis Writing statement using supportive information and presenting the finding.

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Above are the seven main type of research paper which is widely given to the students. Although understanding all of them is quite a daunting task, when you start writing it you will understand their differences more clearly such as how to write a research paper and how to structure a research paper.

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